05 September 2012 @ 09:46 pm
Characters: EVERYONE
Format: Whichever you guys choose!
Summary: SHADOW EVENT IS LIVE! But basically, Izanami sends out her fog and that creates Shadows that then cause trouble
Warnings: LOTS of personal issues!!!

[Disappointment. Izanami had never felt it as strongly. To watch the other residents struggle with themselves, with the parts they deny, strength faltering. It's too much. So, the goddess has decided, it's time for them to receive a little push.

She'd gone to the cafeteria in the dead of night, just around when midnight would be. And then it's simple--to just allow the fog to spill out and cover the tower, filling every nook and cranny it can find. With it will come the Shadows, and her fellow prisoners will be forced to face themselves and grow, realize their potential or die.

It will certainly be interesting to watch.]

[[OOC: There will be threads for the days of the week! You CAN tag outside of this with Shadow stuff, though. This is just to make all the beginning things nice and tidy!]]
29 August 2012 @ 04:04 am
Characters: Kidou, Mami (BoF), Ryuunosuke, Reno [AU], Momotaros, David Lalonde [AU], Kairi [AU], Elena, Allen [AU] and YOU.
Setting: Cafeteria as a start, then around the floors.
Format: Action
Summary: Lezard picked at random a few test subjects, it's to say the nine characters mentioned above. Only to see if his potion that transforms people into demons works in the tower. And it does work! Party time? You can meet them while they are under the potion's effect.
Warnings: Good people growing stronger, getting more resistant and going totally mad/feral. Or even worse, turning into full-fledged blood-thirsty demoniac creatures. Lots of pain before, during and after the transformation. Deadly random encounters if you happen to meet them. Heart-wrenching mercy kills. Aside from that? Nothing really.

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22 August 2012 @ 05:51 pm
Characters: AU7!Kairi and YOU!
Setting: Floor two, but also the cafeteria.
Format: Prose, but I can match.
Summary: After Monstro's Revenge, Kairi finds that both Tifa and Aerith from her world are gone. She then has a sad. c:
Warnings: None...?

Floor Two )

The Cafeteria )
19 July 2012 @ 06:52 pm
Characters: April and anyone
Setting: Floor 3, Floor 27 and Floor 15
Format: Brackets to start with, but I can match you!
Summary: April has some projects she needs to work on, so now it's time to research and maybe try to build stuff.
Warnings: None, besides April being a dork.

Floor Three: Library )

Floor Twenty-Seven: Laboratory )

Floor Fifteen: Workshop )
16 July 2012 @ 04:55 pm
Characters: Ruler/Jeanne ([personal profile] faithstaynight) & YOU!
Setting: Dormitory Floor Two -> Cafeteria
Format: Action, but I can do prose too!
Summary: An unhappy Servant wakes up in a place where she shouldn't be.
Warnings: N/A

Dorms )

Cafeteria )
16 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
Characters: AU7!Kairi ([personal profile] inheritedlight) and YOU.
Setting: Starts out on Floor Three, but moves into empty hallways.
Format: Prose, but I'll do action!
Summary: Kairi decides to do some exploring to get used to her surroundings. Unfortunately, this means that she runs into some creatures - specifically Heartless.
Warnings: ...not sure? Keyderps being keyderps, I guess.

she performs her duty, no matter the cost. )