04 June 2014 @ 04:52 pm
Characters: open
Setting: floor 101/hidden floor; June 2
Format: action brackets, please
Summary: Something arrives.
Warnings: psychological horror, physical horror, violence

[The thing arrives on the twenty-third floor where no one is around to see it. But even if there was anyone except the retrieval units there, they would hardly have a chance to spot a single shadow, as the Tower pushes around and caresses the thing, hiding it away. The Tower ripples, then, and delivers the thing up and up, skipping floor after floor.

Floor one-hundred and one goes dark, and the glamour fails entirely. There's a thing lurking about in the darkness, approaching the way to the hidden floor. It can't be seen in this gloom, but it can be heard taking heavy, laden footsteps.]
18 May 2014 @ 11:56 am
Characters: Everyone.
Setting: Anywhere.
Format: Party style.
Summary: Post-Ex Machina catch-all mingle.
Warnings: See individual threads.

[After a long, drawn out battle, the infiltration team returns to the residential portion of the Tower, weary, battered... but victorious. Some catching up is in order.]
27 April 2014 @ 06:16 pm
Characters: Riki and the infiltration team
Setting: administrative levels
Format: any
Summary: Riki's efforts must be sabotaged. Stealth is the name of the game and time is of the essence.
Warnings: psychological horror

Though the chipped unit does not follow, he sees to it that the team advances the rest of the way. At the end of the lit corridor is a set of double doors, heavy-duty polished metal with small windows set into each one.

Through the windows, a massive machine is visible, connected to thousands of holographic screens that are hard to make out at the speed at which they're being manipulated. The machine sits in the center of the room and is networked to four elaborate terminals stationed along the walls via a complex tangle of panels, wires, and towers. Each of these terminals controls its own set of floating screens; the sheer amount of holographic monitors in the room is disorienting, and really, it's hard to tell what's connected to what.

In the chair in the middle of the enormous set-up is Riki, maneuvering all of the screens with the same ease with which most people breathe. His back is to the doors that lead into the room, and for the moment, he is utterly engrossed in his work.
25 April 2014 @ 10:07 pm
Characters: MM!Link and YOU
Setting: Room 1-12, then the Cafeteria
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: A familiar start to the story: the hero wakes up. But... Wait, he's done this before. Hasn't he? How long has he been out? Link is up and on his feet and looking for answers. Also? Oatmeal.
Warnings: None thus far, but BACKDATED to the start of the month, 'cause I'm a loser.

welcome back )
16 April 2014 @ 06:04 pm
Characters: Marty
Setting: See prompts!
Format: Starting in prose, feel free to switch
Summary: Marty's been out of the Tower for a LONG time...
Warnings: Marty has a few shocks in store so he might curse a bit.

Dorm Room 2-10, Backdated to April 10th )

Lab, April 10th )

Workshop, April 10th )
Characters: Waver and/or anyone; this is meant to cover throughout the week starting from the 16th, and I'll add in prompts if any are needed!
Setting: Hidden floor: one prompt for Waver specifically and another for talking amongst your fellow potential infiltrators.
Format: Any
Summary: Waver has information to share and the populace has tactical espionage action to plan; this is also meant as an overall information-sharing/strategic planning mingle so have at it!
Warnings: Nothing yet.

fliege höher, laufe viel schneller )
21 March 2014 @ 05:37 pm
Characters: Romeo and you
Setting: Everywhere, Tower of Jenova plot 10th-22nd March
Format: Either, all
Summary: Romeo catch all for plot, up until the kill switch. Details of his mutations and behaviour is here
Warnings: Illness, body horror/mutations, despair and dooms-saying. Romeo won't be physically violent but there might still be injury/death. Also note that the closer you are to Romeo/the more he has supported you before the worse he will be (in the last two prompts)

Don't you know the world is doomed? )
10 March 2014 @ 08:14 pm
Characters: [OPEN TO ALL] Sephiroth via Tower of Jenova Phase #1
Setting: 10-22nd March, Starting in the Dormitory Levels, spreading around the Tower via those Infected
Format: Prose and/or Action, Mingle-style. Please put date and/or relevant locations in the subjects!
Summary: Sephiroth releases his will and manages to envelop the Dormitory Levels of the Tower, Side effects commence shortly after in certain individuals. Meanwhile, he begins to siphon energy into his very core. Feel free to use this post for plotting.
Warnings: Sickness, mutations, copious amounts of Geostigmatic black goop and generally bad feels including but not limited to homicide, suicide, hallucinations. Eventually.

Now or Never )
Characters: David "Little David" Puskás, and all youse guys!
Setting: All day March 9—Residential Floors, Floors 1, 14, 39, and 100
Format: Matching tagger's choice, but starting with Prose.
Summary: In the morning, martial arts training at the gym. Later in the day, David seeks out Waver and Diarmuid and chills at the Media Room. Toward the evening, David "visits" home on Floor 100. Also, random encounters in the Cafeteria.
Warnings: None come to mind!

Option A: Floor Thirty-One (Gymnasium, Morning)
Wax on, wax off. )

Option B: Dormitory Floors (Especially Floor Two, Afternoon)
You're such a troll, Zo ... )

Option C: Floor One (Cafeteria, Morning/Noon/Evening)
... but this is MUCH better than zucchini pancakes with lavender syrup. )

Option D: Floor Fourteen (Media Room, Afternoon)
Long ago, in days untold ... )

Option E: Floor One Hundred (VR Memory Floor, Evening)
I'm coming home, all I need is a little guiding light ... )
02 March 2014 @ 07:50 pm
OOC: Catch all mingle thread for the roommate shuffle. Characters have woken up in a new room (or in the same room with new roommates.)

React, meet your new roommates, argue, draw partitioning lines on the floor!

I figure first person to post from a room put the number in the subject line, I'll add links to this post as they happen for easy organisation!

Mod post is: Here and Room assignments are Here

1-05 (1-07) | 1-06 | 1-11 | 1-12 | 1-13 | 1-16 | 1-18 | 1-20 | 2-02 | 2-04 | 2-06 | 2-08 | 2-12
22 February 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Characters: Anyone. Everyone.
Setting: The few days after the event, throughout the Tower as you will.
Format: Mingle! Assign your own dates/locations/etc, tag yourself, do as you do.
Summary: Jason's dead. So are a lot of other people. Fallout and picking up the pieces.
Warnings: Discussion of death and cannibalism inevitable.

[Catch-all for events following the Event. Discuss Jason's death and its consequences, come back from the dead, party?, quiver in fear?, take a long, hot bath. Whatever it is you do, do it here.]
23 February 2014 @ 01:06 am
Characters: Ruana
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: prose
Summary: Ruana finally appears.
Warnings: graphic description of cannibalism, gore, horror

'cause she's liable to grow up mean )
Characters: Jason, open to characters who are in the labyrinth
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: party-style
Summary: Fighting Jason and other fun labyrinth activities.
Warnings: violence, gore, disturbing content, Animus event
Note: Most of this thread will be used for fighting Jason. Doing things in the labyrinth that are not fighting Jason is perfectly fine, just use the subthread here!

I have taken control )
16 February 2014 @ 09:52 pm
Characters: Minglelog for anyone not involved in the event
Setting: During the first part of the event, in the media room or near any terminal
Format: Whatever!
Summary: As Ruana's chosen dogs set out to hunt and/or run, the rest of the tower watches.
Warnings: very possibly mentions of violence and character death? Will update as needed!

LJ cut text )
09 February 2014 @ 07:39 am
Characters: Brunwulf and YOU
Setting: February 9th
Format: Starting action, can match
Summary: Brunwulf goes a wandering within the Tower
Warning: Possible angst

Floor Ninety

The lagoon greets the Nord's surprised eyes with relish. Water. Something Brunwulf missed since being within the tower. He misses swimming deep beneath the cold waters of Skyrim. Feeling the sharp, icy prick of water all around his warm skin, when entering the frozen lakes. Can the water feel the same here? The Nord sits on the edge of the lagoon and dangles his feet in. The water feels inviting.

Yet, there is always something at the back of his mind. Is the water safe? What creatures lurk beneath the calm waves? He had known never to trust the tower and it's surprises. This was no calm haven, but a world full of death and despair. Brunwulf decides to test his doubts. He let out a loud Dragon shout and wonders if anyone else will hear the shout. If so, he has his sword and strength to face any evil, if any evil decides to face him. For now, he is complacent to let his feet soak in the cool waters.]

Floor Seventy Six

The greenhouse always greets Brunwulf with a blast of hot air within it's stuffy interior. He was never one for flora and fauna much, but always appreciated nature and respected it. He moves to pluck a few plant leaves and place them in a leather pouch at his waist. He is collecting herbs to make healing potions. Something, he had spoken to Reno a few weeks before about, when he spotted the red head sitting within the greenhouse. The Nord wonders how many others use the greenhouse for gathering herbs and berries. Others must do surely?

How else can someone heal wounds when attacked by grotesque monsters? There is no help to be found within the tower. None at all. They want everyone to die painfully. This is what Brunwulf believes anyway.]

Floor Eighty-Eight

[Brunwulf steps into the new room and discovers that it looks like some sort of drinking area. A different version of an Inn. There are stools and a bar top of some sort. The room is also filled with stale, acrid smoke. How many people visit this room and do they have a drink? The Nord finds himself wandering close to a strangely shaped object with balls sitting on the top of it. Of course, Brunwulf has no idea that this is, in fact, a pool table. Something alien to the Nord. He pushes one of the balls with his finger and watches it fall into a white net at the corner of the table.

How odd. He moves to sit at the bar top and wonders if there is anyone serving any ale or mead. He could use a drink.]

Service! [He slams a strong palm onto the bar top and awaits a response.]
31 January 2014 @ 12:09 am
Characters: anyone who signed up to be hooked into the machine for the Recharge? event
Setting: a void
Format: party style
Summary: Those who chose to hook themselves up to the machine find themselves wandering around a void...
Warnings: standard Animus warnings; please put anything specific in subject lines of threads
28 January 2014 @ 11:13 pm
Characters: Anybody and everybody
Setting: Floor 1, before noon
Summary: Riki's offered a way to help keep the Tower powered a little longer. Obviously this is going to cause a lot of discussion and debate so let's CONSOLIDATE
Warnings: Nothing as of yet. Possibly eventually, so keep an eye on subject lines and I 'll try to change to reflect any developments

[No doubt Riki's announcement would be polarizing, but the instructions themselves were clear: Floor 1 at noon if you want to help out. And if you want to meet people, try to talk them in or out of it? Or hell, maybe even just talk about the revelation on who is behind those explosions? Well, this is as good a place as any for that too.

Just remember to be careful near the staircase]
Characters: David "Little David" Puskás, and all youse guys!
Setting: Floors Three, Eighteen, and Nineteen (Libaries and Study Room), then Floor One (Cafeteria), and later any floor.
Format: Matching tagger's choice, but starting with Prose.
Summary: David's doing some library research and looking for whoever's writing up a book on heroes. Then he gets lazy.
Warnings: None come to mind!

Option A: Floors 3, 18, and 19 (Libraries and Study Room)
Revenge of the Dewey Decimal System! )

Option B: Floor 1 (Cafeteria)
Wherefore art thou, Romeo? )

Option C: Any stairways/floors
Best use for flying powers ever. )
26 December 2013 @ 08:46 pm
Characters: Waver and open
Date: December 25th, 26th, and 27th
Location: mailroom, laboratory, dorm floors
Format: starting in brackets
Summary: The wonderful thing about Nasuverse magic is nothing. Nothing is wonderful.
Warnings: None yet.

[floor 78; 12/25]

i may watch you go )

[floor 27; 12/26]

there'll be no value in the strength )

[dorm room 03-10; 12/27]

of walls that I have grown )
24 September 2013 @ 12:55 am
Characters: Anybody on Floor 101
Setting: Floor 101, in the immediate aftermath of event start
Format: Any you like
Summary: A general reaction log for the immediate aftermath of this for those characters who didn't get trapped in the dorm rooms. The post will start with a prompt for Dani herself, but if anybody wants to make use of this log as well rather than spam the comm, feel free. Also a reminder that powers do not work on floor 101 since a lot of us forgot orz
Warnings: Nothing yet, I'll change it if this does

Read More )