Characters: Sebastian, Elizabeth and, maybe, Ciel?
Setting: Sebastian is heading towards Elizabeth's room. They will speak privately there.
Format: Action.
Summary: Sebastian needs to be filled in.
Warnings: Stiff British Victorians?

[Sebastian considers himself quite lucky. As he turns off the communicator - still bemused by its very existence - he uses his heightened senses to race towards the lady's room. She had seemed...upset, which doesn't surprise him. Their new situation is...odd. Perhaps that is putting it lightly.

Upon arriving at her door, he raps politely, adjusting his jacket and gloves. It won't do for him to look shabby in front of such an important member of the Phantomhive family.]

My lady, I've arrived. [She might be securing her door to strangers or unwanted intruders.]
19 October 2011 @ 06:43 pm

Characters: Ciel, Lizzie, and whoever runs into them
Setting: Starting in the dormitories, feel free to run into them at any floor you choose as they explore
Format: we're using action, but feel free to do whatevers comfortable!
Summary: The two young English nobles have awoken to find themselves in the Tower, and are quite bent on figuring out where exactly they are.
Warnings: Ciel is a jerkbutt.

((ooc: the conversation between the two will continue on in the log here, assume any thread you start is set afterwards :3 Approach wherever in the tower you choose! protip: the more technology the area has, the more luls to be had at the bbs expenses.))