Characters: Tara, Minami, Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, Terui, Suzaku, Fran, Hei, and Xehanort. Guest starring Momotaros.
Setting: Various floors throughout the Tower
Format: Whatever the comments feel like in the subthreads
Summary: A snapshot of the patrols during the night
Warnings: None yet, but they will be added as it comes up.


OOC: For now characters are divided into pairs for easy tagging. Your characters don't have to stay on the floors they're assigned, but the threads only need to start out there. As for if encounters are made, that is entirely up to you guys. The point is to get some CR and have some fun together, that's all.

You can also encounter Momotaros during the night specifically to be confused for a monster. There will be a subthread for this set up.

Groups and floors, as decided by the Random Number Gods:
1). Fran and Hei; Floor 24
2). Suzaku and Sephiroth; Floor 16
3). Minami and Zack; Floor 32
4). Tara and Terui; Floor 26
5). Cloud and Xehanort; Floor 10
6). Encountering Momotaros
OOC questions, complaints, crit, and comments about this can be directed to THIS FAQ I set up for the Night Watch. Let me know any feedback so I can improve the way things run for next month.
 Who: Hei [OU] and Minako Arisato [OU]
When: 5/22; night
Where: Floor 11
Summary: Hei tries to kill a Deathclaw in a subtle manner...too bad someone ruins it for him.
Rating: PG-13 for violence

It's time get down and bloody! FIGHT! )
16 May 2012 @ 06:21 am
Characters: Kohaku and a game of fill-in-the-blank. in, you fill in the blank.
Setting: Dormitories, floors quickly accessible from the dormitories.
Format: Prose, but I like action brackets too.
Summary: The real question is "what now?"
Warnings: If you haven't seen Kohaku's opt-out thread yet, take a gander.

'Let's all be happy here.'
Kohaku's smile hadn't twitched as she read over the letter again, and it remained fixed as she calmly folded the document back up, and laid it beside herself upon the bed. Absently she smoothed out some of the wrinkles she'd created in the cover from getting up earlier.

"Maybe the apocalypse happened when I blinked my eyes.. that's really inconvenient."

'Inconvenient' was a light word. For a while, Kohaku stared at her hand, trying to work out what to do next past what she'd done automatically already. Looking over the letter was something she'd done the day she arrived, but that was at least yesterday - reading it again had just been a strange affirmation. She'd probably do it again the next morning.

What next..? The door to room 2-07 clicked behind her, and the hall provided no more ideas than the back of her hand had, save a direction to walk.