Characters: Thor, Loki and YOU.
Setting: Dorm 2-04, and can probably be heard the next floor down because Thor.
Format: Whichever you're more comfy with~
Summary: Thor and Loki have a rather loud wake up. You should come tell them to shut up.
Warnings: None that come to mind~

No more running from the hangman )
02 July 2012 @ 12:24 pm
Characters: Saki and YOU
Setting: All around the tower! Starting in Room 2-05
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: Saki has woken up in the tower, and she is relieved to be alive.
Warnings: There will probably be Adachi in here, being a creeper

A new day )
Characters: Ganondorf and you
Setting: Everywhere in the tower, Cathedral, Art Gallery and Music Floor
Format: Starting with Prose, but will match you
Summary: Ganondorf takes advantages of the situation to spread his roots throughout the Tower, Mafia style. He is also preparing his attempt to take over the Tower's Control Room (see here for more information). In this post, Ganondorf will either:
a) Try to socialize with the tower's people in order to have more relations. He'll be nicer than usual and more prone to speak.
b) Offer his service to those who are in need (there will be a list of offered service at the end of the post if you wish to pick one) without asking anything in return. Spoiler: it's a trap.
c) Try and recruit people into working for him.
d) Try and manipulate some derps strong young people into joining SS Link's group who will attempt to naively bravely break into the pods.

Warning: The name Ganondorf is a warning in itself. Put in the header if you have any preferences for how it shall go.

Ganondorf in the Tower )Cathedral )Art Gallery )Music Floor )List of Sevices )
Characters: Sayaka Miki and any who encounter her.
Setting: Floor 31.
Format: Prose or action, I like either~!
Summary:  Sayaka needs a copy of Meditation for Dummies. You can bug her earlier or later on in her failed crusade of calm.
Warnings: Hinting at PMMM spoilers, also it's just kinda angsty whoops...

Previously, on Floor 31 - )This week's episode of Floor 31: the series. )
17 May 2012 @ 08:28 pm
Characters: Kafuka and Spidermom
Setting: Some random hallway on May 17th
Format: Action
Summary: Spidermom is hungry. Spidermom gets fed.
Warnings: Huge spiders, death

feed me all night long )
Characters: Kafuka Fuura and YOU!
Setting: Floor 31.
Format: I'll start with Action but I'll match you.
Summary: You know what this tower needs? Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles! Also, welcome your new cheer brigade, current members: one.
Warning: Kafuka-levels of optimism. You've been warned. Also, BUCKETS. BUCKETS OF SOAPY, BUBBLY FUN!

I'm pleased to meet you but I swear we've met )