22 January 2014 @ 11:42 pm
Characters: Ishtar [personal profile] xroyal_bratx, Kazuma Kuwabara [personal profile] ainohenshin, Tear Grants [personal profile] melodyoftheabyss & everyone (CATCH IT ALL LOG!)
Setting: Various Locations and days in the tower. Feel free to choose your location day and I’ll play by it!
Format: Either (you pick I follow)
Summary: All three characters are out and about the Tower doing their own thing, so feel free to approach them as you see fit. It can be for talking, chatting up, harassing or even sparring. It’s an open log!
Warning: No Warnings right now

Tear Grants )


Ishtar )


Kazuma Kuwabara )
11 November 2013 @ 02:29 pm
Characters: Kazuma Kuwabara (OU) [personal profile] ainohenshin, Asato Kido (OU) [personal profile] shadowpractice & You! (first thread is closed but rest are open!)
Setting: Floor 25; Meadow, and Floor 14; Media Room
Format: Either is fine with me
Summary: Kuwabara and Kido train together + I added an random media room thing where they can be chilling or playing video games, which will be open :D
Warnings: PG-13 content mostly, because delinquents, language and violence!

[ FLOOR 25 | closed to Kido ]

[ Kuwabara was stretching out his limbs waiting for his friend to make it to the meadow. It's been a long time since he could actually spar with someone and he wanted Kido to be able to fight his way through the Tower. He knew that Kido wasn't a fighter and that his fighting was limited to his abilities, thus he wanted to assist in any way he could.

He knew that Kido would not be too happy about all of this, but he was willing to still give a shot. He stretched another limb as he grinned. This was going to be something. He's extremely excited and he didn't even notice it on his own face. The large cat next to him, meowed as she curled in a ball in the flowers. This floor seemed to be as safe as it looked, for now. ]

[ FLOOR 14 ]

[ Kuwabara was on the game consoles beating some computers to a bloody pulp, while chewing on a piece of bread. He was still in his sleep clothes. It was one of those lazy days.

He didn't know where Kido was, but he wanted a game or two with the guy and other people if they showed up! He's trying to be happier about things. ]