Characters: Urotsuki and OPEN!
Setting: Dormitory hallways, cafeteria, floor 49 (mirror maze).
Format: Action.
Summary: Kidou goes missing. Guess who doesn't take it particularly well after her search for him turns up nothing.
Warnings: Nothing for the first prompt, for the second one gore, use of a chainsaw. Possible harm for characters but not very likely, see the ooc note!

because i am stupid and blind. )
01 February 2013 @ 11:30 am
Characters: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and YOU
Setting: A few places on various days.
Format: You pick!
Summary: A couple of things have been weighing down on his mind lately, but hey - there's new stuff to explore, so he might as well make himself feel useful and check them out instead of sulking.
Warnings: Probably violence on the classroom floor due to Ishimaru being a dumbass. Classroom shenanigans should probably all be kept to the same thread.

Floor 53: Classroom )

Floor 77: Sauna )

Floor 95: Ball Pit )

Floor X: Elsewhere )
16 January 2013 @ 12:56 pm
Characters: Ishimaru [replies from [personal profile] eyebrowsareforever] and You
Setting: Various places in the tower
Format: Your pick!
Summary: It's been ten years for Ishimaru, and he's mellowed out a little. The tower's obviously worn him down, but he keeps on trucking! And with all these new arrivals coming in, he figures he should help them settle in. If only he could find those informational pamphlets he wrote up years ago...
(Feel free to establish some kind of pre-existing TYL relationship!)
Warnings: Depends on who shows up.

Floor 19, 18, and 3. )

Floor 1. )

Floor Seven. )

Tower. )
07 January 2013 @ 02:01 am
Characters: AU!Ishimaru Kiyotaka and YOU!
Setting: room 4-18, dormitories, and the library
Format: action prefered but I can match what I'm given!
Summary: Ishimaru investigates his new surroundings and leaves an ominous note for his OU counterpart
Warnings: This Ishimaru is kind of a general walking warning label

room 4-18 )

Dormitories/outside room 2-04 )

Library )
Characters: V/V and you!
Setting: Flour four, time not concurrent with Nunally's party
Format: Action starting, but will match.
Summary: V/V organizes a cuddlefest.
Warnings: None

Except copious amounts of cute. )
Characters: Hidetoshi, and rest of you lunatics, post open to whoever.
Setting: Floor 45, and anywhere else if needed.
Format: Actionspam to begin with. Either is fine by me, but be warned that using prose equates a slower tagging time from me.
Summary: Hidetoshi's post-October event reaction is to do his best to pretend it never happened beyond apologizing to the people he attacked under the mistaken assumption of them being monsters he desired to cut into bloody pieces, and then go and practice at chucking knives at makeshift targets. Brilliance!
Warnings: Post-death angst? Mentions of death and violence.

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02 November 2012 @ 06:46 pm
Who: Naegi and Kirigiri (Prompt A) ; Naegi and You! (Prompt B)
What: FLASHBACK TIME (A) and also Post-Event reaction. (B)
When: Early Parts of November
Where: A Hallway (A) & Anywhere you want it to be! (B)
Format: Actionspam, but I'll follow yours!
Warning: Death, Strangling, ANGST, Insanity, and other PTSD things I guess.

I want to kill her so bad that my hands ITCH with anticipation! )

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Characters: Chihiro Fujisaki and YOU!
Setting: On 17th October (the day his boyfriend, Mondo dies); Dorm hallways; Daytime
Format: Both styles are fine~
Summary: Mondo dies because he's been giving his candy away, mostly to Chihiro. Chihiro feels guilty about being alive at the cost of Mondo's life and thinks about giving up on his candy search... Help him find the will to live on?
Warnings: Suicidal thoughts?

A little bunny sat at the side of the road and cried... )

16 October 2012 @ 06:02 pm
Characters: Colette and YOU!
Setting: 16th-20th
Format: Will match any.
Summary: Colette hunts for candy to give to other people!
Warnings: None so far!

 [Having heard about the Halloween event, Colette was looking for whatever sweets she could find. While she was not forced to wear a costume and therefore not in danger of suffocation, she could felt horrible at what was going on and decided to see if she could help!]


Floor Three )


Floor Six  )

[She turns around to glance at the rest of the forest]...Maybe the other trees have some? 




Floor Thirteen )



14 October 2012 @ 10:27 pm
Characters: Rat ([personal profile] rainscented) and YOU.
Setting: Libraries, mainly the third floor one. 14th-ish
Format: Your choice! I'll follow you.
Summary: Four mice raid the library.
Warnings: foul language, probably.

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14 October 2012 @ 05:48 am
Characters: Mondo Oowada and yoooou
Setting: All around the tower
Format: Starting with action, but I can match
Summary: Trying to be a good guy and help everyone live through the event
Warnings: Possible violence/death/etc for the 18th-19th and 20th-22nd options

October 10th - 17th

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October 18th-19th

Read more... )

October 20th-22nd

Read more... )

Who: Makoto Naegi & You!
What: Despair, despair and despair!!!
When: 10/11 -> 10/20
Where: Everywhere
Format: Prose for opening, I'll follow your style though!
WARNING: Insanity, voices voices voices, manipulation, despair, suicidal tendencies?

Slowly losing myself, I turn towards the only comfort I have left. )
05 October 2012 @ 07:18 pm
Characters: Ishimaru and YOOOOU
Setting: A couple of places.
Format: Interpretive Dance. I mean, whichever one you want.
Summary: Another dazed and confused new arrival...
Warnings: Slight concussions and probably gross sobbing at least once.

Room 2-04. )


The Dorm Halls. )


Aaand cafeteria. )