18 April 2014 @ 05:01 pm
Characters: Enoch and open
Setting: Various places throughout the month
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: Enoch returns to the tower, tries to make the nutrition bars taste better, starts a fire, and then gets a reveal shoved in his face.
Warnings: Angst in a few prompts? Also the world's shittiest hooks I'm sorry.

Needing to act; not daring to again )
25 March 2014 @ 09:25 am
Characters: any characters who are still within the Tower
Setting: the hidden floor
Format: any
Summary: Zo needs help. What will you do?
Warnings: psychological horror

Aria and the other retrieval units stand guard in the room and regard each person who enters with a little bit of caution. The reason quickly becomes clear: Zo lies unconscious on a bed that appears to have been stolen from a hospital recovery room. With the glamour down, he looks spectral: it's possible to look through his body and to the bed beneath. He's not quite a ghost, though, as he can be interacted with.

If Zo is attacked, the retrieval units will be quick to retaliate. They can't help Zo on their own, though--so maybe there's something you can do...
22 March 2014 @ 09:00 pm
Characters: Open!
Setting: March 12th, secret floor
Format: whatever you want!
Summary: The hacking was apparently successful! After writing out his transcriptions into longhand, Enoch is ready to give everyone their due. A couple of people had a terrible time of things, after all, and he owes it to them.
Warnings: Nothing yet!

To snuff the fires and the liars )

((ooc: From this point on, anyone is free to handwave knowing any of this information. Also this is the last time I use hideously inappropriate music for my titles and cut text, I swear!))
02 March 2014 @ 07:50 pm
OOC: Catch all mingle thread for the roommate shuffle. Characters have woken up in a new room (or in the same room with new roommates.)

React, meet your new roommates, argue, draw partitioning lines on the floor!

I figure first person to post from a room put the number in the subject line, I'll add links to this post as they happen for easy organisation!

Mod post is: Here and Room assignments are Here

1-05 (1-07) | 1-06 | 1-11 | 1-12 | 1-13 | 1-16 | 1-18 | 1-20 | 2-02 | 2-04 | 2-06 | 2-08 | 2-12
16 February 2014 @ 11:50 pm
Characters: Lucifel and you!
Setting: 5th February; Room 3-18, Graveyard, Libraries, Infirmary and Cafeteria
Format: Starting with prose, then going with the flow.
Summary: Lucifel returns to the Tower after having been in his dead home world for some time and learns about the latest events.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of dead home world bodies and this month's menu (aka gore)

Room 3-18 )

Graveyard and back to the 3rd  )

Libraries and Infirmary )

Cafeteria )
11 February 2014 @ 06:20 pm
Characters: Enoch and anyone; Enoch and Riki
Setting: Floor 1, Feb 1; men's bathrooms/the void, Feb 9; random place/admin levels, Feb 11, Feb 14, about the tower/void
Format: I'll match you!
Summary: Enoch attempts to outsmart the glamour and fails, then a little over a week later the void decides to be cruel. And then on a positive(maybe?) note, Enoch has a shot at making life for a certain group of hackers easier. Or harder.
Warnings: Suggestion of cannibalism in the first prompt, Valentine's mini-event in the last.

cw: dinner menu )

But the world is out to get me today. )

I just hope something will go my way. )

But everyone just needs to stay away. )
16 December 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Characters: Members of Pandora and those discussed in the plotting plurk
Setting: Floor 81; 15th December
Format: Starting as prose, then going with the flow
Summary: Pandora has to get organized and make a move while they have the chance, so Lucifel picked every member up for doing so.
Warnings: None for the time being

Hope, the only thing that remained )
16 December 2013 @ 07:32 pm
Characters: You. Yes, you!
Setting: December 16th through 21st, all the places!
Format: Any!
Summary: Plague doctor panic shenanigans for the Into An Abyss event, day two and onwards until the pesky creatures stop annoying everyone. Or in the case of non-orange-collared people, maiming them.
Warnings: Monsters! Battles! Death! Orange collar badassery! The Tower! Too much to handle!!

[After a day of putting things into the strange portal on floor twenty-three, something finally comes out. Many somethings. And it seems they are not satisfied with only the stray finger to nibble on...]

OOC stuff )
15 December 2013 @ 05:44 pm
Characters: Enoch and Lucifel, and anyone who would visit his room too. Just let me know! Also, Enoch and Lancer.
Setting: Dorm 3-18 backdated to November 1st, Floor 62 backdated to December 1st
Format: I'll match!
Summary: Enoch has had something very unpleasant happen to him as a punishment for too many failed riddles. That is an understatement. Also, he and Lancer agreed to a sparring match.
Warnings: Talk of being flayed may happen if you press for information. (If this is one of your listed squicks I'll actively avoid it coming up), maybe blood or broken limbs in the sparring match? There is a tangent involving sexual discussion.

The kinds of scars you can't see )
10 December 2013 @ 10:44 pm
Characters: Lucifel, Judas (Library) and open
Setting: 9th December, Floor 81, Library (floor 3) and floor 32
Format: Starting as prose but either is fine
Summary: Lucifel debating over gifts he got, a serious talk with Judas and after 9 months since his arrival he decided that he is fed up with Jason's cafeteria menu for good and tries himself on hunting.
Warnings: No warnings for the time being

A 'choice' is something reserved for humans. )
02 December 2013 @ 07:20 pm
Characters: Zett Takajo and you!
Setting: 58, 29, 13, Wildcard.
Format: Actionspam, will switch to match.
Summary: Zett spends the day in his demonic ([personal profile] belzebul) form. He practices flying, hangs around the hedge maze, sings an irreverent song in the church, and at night goes monster hunting.
Warnings: Violence towards monsters or people possible. Irreverence towards churches.

I give a little to you, I give a little to him, I give a little to her )
12 November 2013 @ 11:15 pm
Characters: Yotsuba Koiwai and you!~
Setting: Dorm room 1-03 and the dorm floors.
Format: Prose, but I'll match you.
Summary: A very shaken Yotsuba returns the the Tower and tries to find the people she knew so that she can 'warn' them and get some answers as to what happened to her.
Warnings: Yotsuba will be crying here. Seeing a dead father that you love dearly will do that. Information as to what she saw can be found on her profile.

Returns )
07 October 2013 @ 03:22 pm
Characters: Judas and open
Setting: hanging gardens
Format: Starting action but I can match
Summary: Reflecting on regains and the last event
Warnings: the canon in which a bunch of religious figures are dorks

Read more... )
Characters: Enoch[personal profile] warriorscribe , Zett[personal profile] scentofmakai and Lucifel[personal profile] brbtalkingtogod
Setting: September 30th,beginning at Room 3-18, eventually getting to the Sauna changing rooms
Format: Starting as prose then going with whichever works out best.
Summary: Zett and Lucifel planned on scolding Enoch once the way to the way to the dormitory is free. But there's a change of plans as soon as they get to him.
Warnings: The usual Tower angst.

I toss away this umbrella that once shielded me from the rain )
03 October 2013 @ 10:44 pm
Characters: Enoch and wide open
Setting: Graveyard, morning, slightly forward-dated to when the drops in question are processed.
Format: I'm starting in prose but it doesn't matter.
Summary: A small handful of names show up in the graveyard, and they prove there just might be a right way to break.
Warnings: Hostility will be met with violence right now.

And the vile shell shatters piece by piece )
03 October 2013 @ 10:39 pm
Characters: Miles Edgeworth and you!
Setting: Media room, afternoon
Format: Action but I'll match.
Summary: Edgeworth regained some Steel Samurai DVDs and is trying (and failing) to watch them in peace.
Warnings: None yet.

Worst disguise ever. )
30 September 2013 @ 09:07 pm
Characters: Any and all!
Setting: Floor 77, sauna
Format: Action-mingle - start your own threads!
Summary: The event is over and everyone who was stuck in the dorms needs a serious bath.
Warnings: Post-event shenanigans? Also baths so p much everyone is at least partially naked.

You all reek, seriously. )
25 September 2013 @ 12:27 pm
Characters: Anyone not stuck in the dorms
Setting: Anywhere but the dorms
Format: Pick your poison/party style
Summary: General mingle log for the rescue team side of things during quarantine. There will be subthreads for each day of the event!
Warnings: General horrortower warnings

[At least it's not a space flying whale trying to bring the Tower down this time around?]
03 September 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Characters: Enoch never intended it but, everyone who's up for drinking!
Setting: Cafeteria, throughout the day (sorry team indigo)
Format: Party, do what you want!
Summary: With Riki being generous with the food again, Enoch decides to see, first, if he can still get drunk at all, and second, if being drunk will help keep his new headmate quiet. A (not-so-) surprising amount of people are likely to be interested in drinking with him.
Warnings: Drunken shenanigans. Possible angst because he might actually talk about Eleven under the influence. Might also talk about gory details of the meeting with Ruana. Did I say drunken shenanigans? I think I need to say that again.

Who in the tower doesn't need a drink at this point? )

((ooc: Of course you can approach Enoch like any other log, but due to interest expressed this is actually more of a mingle! Start games and contests if you'd like or just hang out and have your characters get drunk or bodyguard or spectate. Please identify new games and contests in the header to make it clearer to people scrolling through! Naturally there can be several threads of the same game, considering this isn't organized at all.

Have fun, and do keep an eye out for monsters...))
Characters: Anyone who's willing to work for SCIENCE.
Setting: The Workshop (Floor 15) for the IC questions to the scientists and the mingle thread. Then each group will be positioned on a different floor so as to not alert the administrators with a large group of people gathering at a single place for a long time.
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer.

Summary: This log marks the start of the research on the collar fluid! As was mentioned in the sign-ups post, words was passed around about the need of more people to help and study the collar fluid. Characters signing-up have all been divided into seven teams, which can be found here. ICly, Doc Brown made the team based on what he thinks is the most efficient. You can still sign-up here.

There will be a thread in case your character needs to ask a question or anything to the starter scientists (Doc, Waver, Sertoria or Sephiroth) and in parallel a mingle thread for all the characters during the 'recruitment', even if they end up assigned to different teams. And then obviously, there are the individual threads for each teams so the new teammates can get and know each other if they don't already.

For their first day the teams will be on different floors, but following this nothing prevents two teams from working closeby or on different floors. For reference, there are three set of scientific equipment, each containing a microscope, a small centrifuge, beakers, test tubes, many testing apparatuses, etc. They'll be shared between the seven teams depending on what they need for their researches.

Warnings: Nothing! There will be no NPC tags here, researches shouldn't be dangerous and this log is mostly for the characters to get and know each other, so this should be a relatively harmless log. Well, unless you're in the Violet or Orange team of course. In which case, good luck.

General Mingle Pre-Research || IC Questions to the Scientists

Violet Fluid Team (Floor 56 - Hospital)
Indigo Fluid Team (Floor 18 - Study Room)
Blue Fluid Team (Floor 03 - Library)
Green Fluid Team (Floor 15 - Workshop)
Yellow Fluid Team (Floor 19 - Research Library)
Orange Fluid Team (Floor 26 - Morgue)
Clear Fluid Team (Floor 27 - Laboratory)