Characters: Sayaka Miki and any who encounter her.
Setting: Floor 31.
Format: Prose or action, I like either~!
Summary:  Sayaka needs a copy of Meditation for Dummies. You can bug her earlier or later on in her failed crusade of calm.
Warnings: Hinting at PMMM spoilers, also it's just kinda angsty whoops...

Previously, on Floor 31 - )This week's episode of Floor 31: the series. )
Characters: Mukuro and anyone!
Setting: Room 2-06, then wandering around the Dorm floors.
Format: Post is action, I'm comfortable with both prose and action
Summary: New arrival - and one particularly not happy with this.
Warnings: mixed signals, Mukuro being confusing and annoyed, warped internal monologue, boy gets kind of morbid easily, and he might word-game bat at people.

Room 2-06 )

And off exploring. )
Characters: Selene and you!
Setting: Room 1-03, then various locations in the Tower. Your choice.
Format: Action, but I will follow whatever it is you wish to do.
Summary: Selene is new to the Tower, so come and say hello!
Warnings: Language, possible gore, definitely a chance of blood. Anything else will be edited in.

Room 1-03 )

Anywhere and Everywhere )