25 September 2012 @ 06:07 pm
Characters: Kanji and anyone who runs into him.
Setting: Around the rooms
Format: Any way you like, I will follow
Summary: Hey it's someone's birthday again! Mysterious phantom Kanji strikes again.
Warnings: Nyanscarfs

[Kanji was a man of simple things. While he didn't touch computers much, he did have a phone and considering he came from 2012, he had collected his own share of utterly adorable things. Like cats with rainbows traveling across the sky...

He knew Yu was mostly a quiet guy when it came to birthdays. Hell, had Senpai even told others in the tower? Well, better make sure no one spotted him! Ahh yes, Kanji, clearly a candidate for 'least obvious guy walking around' award.

Especially with what he'd been carrying.

A present to melt his Senpai's face off!

...figuratively, of course. And so, much like he had done with Naoto a while ago, Kanji had snuck into Yu's room (as much as he could anyway), and hidden away the present he had been working on for the past month, interrupted by soul swaps and shadow takeovers.

Happy birthday, Senpai.

The faster he got rid of the stuffing in his chest, the better.]
24 September 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Characters: Nicolas Brown and you!
Setting: Around the dorms and cafeteria
Format: Any way you like
Summary: In which Nic is finally up and grumps pokes around.
Warnings: Some colorful language abound

Dorms )


Cafeteria )