16 December 2013 @ 07:32 pm
Characters: You. Yes, you!
Setting: December 16th through 21st, all the places!
Format: Any!
Summary: Plague doctor panic shenanigans for the Into An Abyss event, day two and onwards until the pesky creatures stop annoying everyone. Or in the case of non-orange-collared people, maiming them.
Warnings: Monsters! Battles! Death! Orange collar badassery! The Tower! Too much to handle!!

[After a day of putting things into the strange portal on floor twenty-three, something finally comes out. Many somethings. And it seems they are not satisfied with only the stray finger to nibble on...]

OOC stuff )
25 November 2013 @ 02:34 am
Characters: Anyone coming to Zo's carnival
Setting: Cafeteria; please specify the date and location in the carnival in your subject header!
Format: Anything
Summary: Zo has set up a carnival for the residents, but it's not meant to last. Anyone wandering after the bombs go off might see things they never wanted to see...
Warnings: Psychological and body horror
Note: Characters entering the carnival from the 27th to the 30th will experience visions! Please refer to the info post for details and reply to this thread if your character enters the carnival during these days.

1369 )
Characters: Caster/Gilles de Rais and YOU
Setting: Throughout the Tower
Format: Action, but will match
Summary: Gilles arrives in the Tower and goes exploring.
Warnings: Blood, gore, monster death. Mentions of murder, Gilles' crimes. Also, Gilles is an unpleasant person and his permissions post is here. (Although at his current canon point, Gilles is somewhat altered, having had a revelatory experience.) Let me know if there are subjects I should avoid, or if you'd prefer to avoid tagging with Gilles altogether. It's cool! I'm also reusing a couple prompts from my test drive thread. If anyone wants to continue anything we started there, let me know.

And everything that goes away will be returned somehow. )
05 November 2013 @ 03:32 pm
Characters: Zett and you!
Setting: Floor 61, then the dormitory floors
Format: Starting actionspam, will change to match!
Summary: Zett gathers and eats mushrooms for science. He's also willing to share.
Warnings: Hallucinogenic drugs!

of a fever dream )
29 October 2013 @ 12:09 am
Characters: Kariya & OPEN
Setting: Various floors, throughout the end of the month and maybe into the next.
Format: Action, but will match prose
Summary: Kariya wanders away from Lancelot at various times and has misadventures.
Warnings: Death is quite possible! Also body horror, blood, insects.
Notes: Kariya finds himself in a series of dangerous situations. Will he die? Will he be saved? (Or will someone hasten his death?) Feel free to rescue him from (almost) certain death or disaster! Or give him further problems to deal with. I also don't mind different people replying to the same prompts; Kariya can just have extra misfortune.

If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have no luck at all. )
10 October 2013 @ 08:07 am
Characters: Veronica and whoever
Setting: Room 1-17, anywhere else
Format: action brackets, will follow
Summary: Veronica discovers her first regain
Warnings: Usual tower warnings

The problem is she's dead )
09 October 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Characters: Avenger and OPEN to all.
Setting: Wildcard wanderings, the thirteenth floor, the seventy-seventh floor, the seventy-fourth floor and the hundred-and-one floor.
Format: Preference for action spam.
Summary: Aftermath regarding the regains from last month's event along with an open log for this month.
Warnings: lol Angra Mainyu (also nudity in one of the prompts)

rock and no water and the sandy road )
07 October 2013 @ 04:51 pm
Characters: Zett and you!
Setting: Floors 1, 2, 30, and 74 in the day, and the rest of the tower at night
Format: Starting actionspam, will change to match!
Summary: Zett is searching for monster weapons. This means doing a lot of killing, which he also enjoys.
Warnings: Zett is mildly off his rocker and, while he isn't likely to attack people unless provoked, is certainly willing to talk abut creepy things.

and chop them off at the wrists )
14 September 2013 @ 03:43 pm
Characters: karna & you. yeah, you.
Setting: room 1-12, then wherever you wanna run into him, idc.
Format: again, i write in action spam because i'm lazy, but feel free to respond in either.
Summary: this is probably gonna be terrible.
Warnings: none yet, unless you count the traumatized hindu deity.

i will kill the queen of death herself )
03 September 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Characters: Enoch never intended it but, everyone who's up for drinking!
Setting: Cafeteria, throughout the day (sorry team indigo)
Format: Party, do what you want!
Summary: With Riki being generous with the food again, Enoch decides to see, first, if he can still get drunk at all, and second, if being drunk will help keep his new headmate quiet. A (not-so-) surprising amount of people are likely to be interested in drinking with him.
Warnings: Drunken shenanigans. Possible angst because he might actually talk about Eleven under the influence. Might also talk about gory details of the meeting with Ruana. Did I say drunken shenanigans? I think I need to say that again.

Who in the tower doesn't need a drink at this point? )

((ooc: Of course you can approach Enoch like any other log, but due to interest expressed this is actually more of a mingle! Start games and contests if you'd like or just hang out and have your characters get drunk or bodyguard or spectate. Please identify new games and contests in the header to make it clearer to people scrolling through! Naturally there can be several threads of the same game, considering this isn't organized at all.

Have fun, and do keep an eye out for monsters...))
02 September 2013 @ 04:35 pm
Characters: Waver and open
Setting: Floor 27, cafeteria, dorm floors
Format: Either
Summary: Tea, science, and sleep are Waver's priorities. In that order.
Warnings: None yet.

i've experiments to run )

there is research to be done )

on the people who are still alive )
Characters: Avenger, 'Shirou' and OPEN to all.
Setting: The meadow, the lounge and the cafeteria and the media room, set throughout the week.
Format: Action spam.
Summary: Avenger, still a little annoyed by the package he'd received on Monday, deals with the shadow children following him around. 'Shirou' meanwhile is slowly being convinced he'd being haunted by a severed arm that wouldn't go away no matter how often he throws it out.
Warnings: Typical fare for the Tower of Animus.

and you are not saved. )
17 July 2013 @ 04:50 pm
Characters: open to all
Setting: infirmary; around the Tower in general
Format: party-style all week; please note the date your post is taking place in the subject line
Summary: The results of the collar boycott slowly become clear...
Warnings: standard Tower warnings
Note: You may NPC your own retrieval units.

The results don't begin to become clear until Tuesday--Monday passes more or less without incident, except for the number of orange-collared residents who miss their checks. And on Tuesday, the retrieval units are out to search for them. It doesn't seem like they were meant to recover so many, though: a clever resident will be able to avoid their retrieval unit entirely. And so, some oranges continue to have escaped their collar checkup today.

It's worse on Wednesday. Retrieval units are out and about again, but this time to try and search for the yellow-collared residents who skipped the day before. No orange-collared residents are searched out at all, and even then there seems to be enough confusion in the programming of the retrieval units any boycotting yellows can run off and hide if they're careful about it.

By the time Thursday arrives, there's a general, obvious level of confusion in the retrieval units' retrieval programming. They were obviously not programmed to be searching for so many colors at once. Some residents may find themselves being dragged in for a second collar check this week, even if they went to theirs, and the infirmary seems to be working at double time. No one even bothers to search for the two wayward greens.

By Friday the retrieval units are out in a number that seems more fitting for a small militia than anything else. Still, they seem more intent on tracking down the greens--their programming still telling them to retrieve those who were missed the day before--but they don't seem to know which greens they're looking for. Anyone with a green collar may be dragged in for a collar check, possibly multiple times today.

Saturday is chaos in the infirmary. The retrieval units seem to have entirely lost sight of who they're actually searching for, and anyone brought into the checkup room will be able to see how messy and confused it looks, with no real time to clean it and orange through violet collar fluid all lined up at once where normally only the color of the day and of the day before would be out at all. Again people may be brought in for multiple checks while those intent on evading capture can remain elusive.

But Sunday--on Sunday the entire process breaks down. There's too much volume for the retrieval units to handle, and they scatter about in a strange catch and release program, dragging anyone they catch to random places around the Tower before letting them go. They don't seem to be entirely certain of what they're supposed to be doing.

Something else happens on Sunday, as well...
17 July 2013 @ 12:39 am
Characters: Nue Houjuu and OPEN
Setting: NIGHTTIME. Any floor. Every floor.
Format: Brackets preferred.
Summary: Nighttime is for monsters, and Nue fancies herself a fearsome one.
Warnings: Might be some violence and/or death in here!
Notes: The tl;dr version of this is that Nue is using her Seeds of Unknown Form to frighten people. Given the nature of this post, I am absolutely okay with other characters attacking and even killing her! However, there's only so many times Nue would allow herself to be hurt or killed playing the same game, so if you would like to have your character do so, please contact me by PM/Plurk/AIM first. Thanks!

This post is also open for non-violent stalking of characters Nue thinks are ~interesting~. You probably know who you are.

Read more... )
Characters: Avenger, 'Shirou' and OPEN to all.
Setting: The graveyard on the forty-eighth floor and the hundredth floor.
Format: The exact opposite of Kotomine Kirei's lovingly composed monologues.
Summary: 'Shirou,' on his way down to the cafeteria to do his regular job, comes across the evidence of Rin's departure, and also Archer's disappearance as well. He's not happy.
Warnings: Typical fare for the Tower of Animus such as mentions of death, the destruction of worlds, and sadness.

and we sure as hell have nothing now )
Characters: Vergil & open
Setting: Floors 100 and 73 (day) and 3 (night)
Format: Starting out with action brackets
Summary: Getting out around the tower a little more and being a solitary jackass at night
Warnings: Personally I am a fan of getting my characters killed outside of events for something less traumatic and more just 'yo wtf' so that's sort of the route of the floor 3 option but it can go any way so just let me know what you prefer u_u Otherwise, none, really

Read more... )
Characters: A newly-arrived Dio and whatever poor saps are unfortunate enough to meet him!
Setting: Room 04-14, Floor Five, and Floor Fourteen
Format: Action brackets to start with, but I'll switch to prose if you want!
Summary: Dio wakes up and discovers that he's moved from one horrific environment to another. Oh, well. Could be worse. Maybe he'll find more shit to sabotage here.
Warnings: Spoilers for VLR may come up while interacting with Dio; let me know if you'd like me to avoid them. Also, he's a huge jerk. If he treats your character rudely, it's not because I dislike you, it's because he's just that kind of person.

so let's get this party started )
05 July 2013 @ 03:31 pm
Characters: Lancer, the people he invited to the party, and everyone else who wants to stumble in
Setting: Floor 25, July 5, afternoon
Format: Open
Summary: Lancer throws a party for midsummer, since the Tower obviously needs a breather.
Warnings: None so far.

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04 July 2013 @ 06:33 pm
Characters: [AU1] Rei and you!
Setting: cafeteria, July 4
Format: anything goes
Summary: Rei hosts a hotdog eating competition
Warnings: none yet except for descriptions of Rei's eating.

make sure you don't choke )
Characters: Patchouli Knowledge and the Touhou cast (or as many as possible)
Setting: Floor 19, the morning of June 16th
Format: starting in prose, action is fine in comments
Summary: Patchouli had a theory. Her theory was wrong, and it's time to 'fess up and regroup.
Warnings: Event talk will likely happen, so PG-13 rating for that, plus Ruana talk, which is a warning of its own. Also, I'll probably be a tiny bit slow on tags with this, just as a warning.

silent space, the culprit, the catalyst )