01 June 2012 @ 09:08 pm
Characters: Ratchet, Sora (OU) - BACKDATED to the 18th and the 28th of May.
Setting: Staircase near Floor 38; later, in the Infirmary.
Format: Action
Summary: A newcomer bites off more than he can chew; luckily, there's someone around to lend a hand. Later, they talk! CR building get.
Warnings: Blood and serious injuries on the part of Ratchet. Otherwise just...friendship?

On the Importance of Caution in a Horrortower )
Characters: OU!Ratchet, open!
Setting: room 1-18, into the hallway if anyone's wandering by
Format: Initial post is prose, but action is preferred for the rest.
Summary: After facing a near-death experience back in his home universe, Ratchet's waking up for the first time. And he's none too happy.
Warnings: Aaangst, trauma, and a Lombax in shock.

You could cut ties with all the lies you'd been living in. )