Characters: Sheba and... wait for it... YOU! And also closed threads for Asch, Saturos, and Xion.
Setting: The music room and the restaurant for open prompts, and the library, the dorms, and floor 52 for closed prompts!
Format: Brackets because I am too tired to prose at the moment that I'm writing this. But I can switch if you want!
Summary: First, Sheba deals with some fallout regarding a castmate's arrival. Next, she gets distracted by music. Then, she gets hungry and goes on a quest for restaurant food.
Warnings: She's toned down her mind reading by a lot, but may try and peek at your character's thoughts if they say something that makes her curious. It's up to you if she succeeds in finding anything, though! Also, the last prompt may involve character injury or death. c:

better off against worse for the wear )
Characters: Saturos ([personal profile] heatflash) and you!
Setting: His room, the cafeteria, and around the tower in general.
Format: Brackets. I can switch to prose if you prefer, however.
Summary: Another Adept has arrived in the tower and he is not happy.
Warnings: Saturos can be somewhat abrasive, violent, and antagonistic, though of course I will ask you before having him harm your character, should it come to that.

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