20 May 2012 @ 08:50 pm
Characters: Gamzee and you!
Setting: First-floor hallway, a few days post-Labyrinth.
Format: Action.
Summary: Gamzee has been a bad, bad alien. In the wake of his murder spree and after being revenge-fed to a gigantic spider, he's pretty whacked out. Time for some angst and nerves and possibly drugs. Oh, and Faygo Play-Doh. COME PLAY!
Warnings: Angst, talk of murder, drugs, Gamzee's mouth. And Play-Doh because I like saying Play-Doh.

20 April 2012 @ 12:28 am
Characters: Gamzee and YOU!
Setting: Floors 11 and 22, but he's wandering, so anywhere!
Format: Action is preferred but I'll match.
Summary: OH LOOK AT THE DATE TODAY GUESS WHO'S HAVING A BIG OL' CELEBRATION!? Of course, he knows not why the date is so relevant, but Gamzee has always been fond of those three little numbers. There is pie, and lots of it and whoever happens to interact with him is getting their celebratory zone on, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Warning: STONED CLOWNS AND STONED ANYONE WHO COMES NEAR HIM! And if you don't want your character high as a kite and seeing the most pimpest of motherfucking miracles, that's okay, too. I GUESS!!! Also, Gamzee's vulgar language always.

Let's do this thing. )
18 April 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Characters: Zero and anyone and everyone
Setting: His room (204), floors 3, 6, and 10, if you want any floors under 10 I didn't specify, I'm game, too.
Format: Prose to start, then I'll match commentors'.
Summary: Zero is new as well and wandering about!
Warnings: None for now I suppose.

Zero had woken up in a bed he didn't recognize... )
12 April 2012 @ 01:05 am
Characters: Yori and you!
Setting: Room 3-02, the cafeteria and then...everywhere else really.
Format: Action tags
Summary: In which another newbie wakes up and proceeds to be confused and mildly worried.
Warnings: Mindreading shenanigans! But otherwise none.

What do you mean his world is gone )

((OOC: Yori has a mindreading permissions posts over here, and he'll be reading the surface thoughts of anyone he's speaking to if he can!))