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Characters: OU!Riku and OPEN
Setting: All the floors, Night time
Format: Gonna go with action; but if you are more comfortable with prose, go for it!
Summary: Riku decided to go out at night and take on a private fact-finding mission. Someone has to start taking notes on the different monsters after all, right?
Warnings: Some violence, will update as needed

[Ever since the Tower had folded itself together into one room and almost overwhelmed its residents/prisoners with that army of monsters, the floors have become far more unsafe... at least, as far as Riku had noticed.

He is used to the constant threat of being attack, has gotten used to it long before he had been drawn into the tower, but the constellation of creatures it has thrown at him so far... is interesting to say at least. Some of them he knows of course, but there are many, far too many, he thinks, that he knows nothing of, that don't feel like Heartless or Nobodies or anything else he's ever encountered and he's pretty sure that only some of them are creatures of the tower.

Tonight he has assigned himself a fact-finding mission in that regard - to find out just which Heartless have made it to this place, just how many other creatures aside of them, to get an idea how to fight those he doesn't know.

He is wandering the floors in silence, head slightly bowed, his hand gripping tight around Soul Eater as he stretches his sense the best he can - he prefers not to be surprised if he can help it. While he won't ask or even accept help if offered aloud, he most likely won't stop anyone from helping out either, if he happens to be in the middle of a fight. He won't hesitate to come help out, should anyone find themselves in trouble either.

Help/bother/distract/talk to him?]

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[Going out at night was a habit from her witch-hunting more than anything, one that Sayaka hadn't gotten cause to break yet. Oh, monsters? She could handle those. That was all she COULD handle.

The imps that had beset her were strange and reminded her too much of familiars, all mismatched features done up in an unsettling way. She had transformed, started to fight - and utterly neglected to notice any signs of someone approaching.]
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[The imps are easy enough foes. They don't flee and they don't hit hard enough to down her in a single hit, so she's pretty much safe. Of note would be the intricate little circles of musical notation that appear over where she does get hit, that vanish with a chime and take the wounds with them.

As a wielder of a sword she isn't elegant in the least, and it's clear Sayaka's not really had any sort of training. But while her attacks are brash, they definitely do damage.

She seems startled when the enemies are all dispatched, looking around wildly as if she's sure there's something still there.]
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[Well hi there.

Sayaka takes a step back when he steps forward, and doesn't let down her guard.]

..when did you get here?
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[She takes another look around, but seems to give up on it halfway through - before fixing him with a stare.]

..hey, I know this is gonna sound insulting. Sorry. But you're coming off to me as... some kind of weird.