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001 ♑ [first honk]

Characters: OU Gamzee and you!
Setting: Room 1-02, the cafeteria, and anywhere in between!
Format: Either are entirely welcome.
Summary: A doped-up, alien clown awakens in the strangest of places - and decides that he's hungry. Seems like he's got a good handle on priorities. Oh, chocolate shenanigans are good, too, although he hasn't eaten any!
Warnings: None that I can think of, except for Gamzee's filthy mouth.

Room 1-02:
[Sometimes a body just doesn't want to get its motherfuckin' move on. That's cool, though. Whatever it feels like doing, or not doing, is all chill with him. It's not like he wouldn't be laying here motionless anyway. This sure was an uncomfortable way to wake up. The immobility didn't bother him as much as the hard, flat surface he'd been placed upon. It certainly wasn't a recuperacoon - a conclusion he'd only come to because of the depressing lack of sopor slime. It also wasn't his horn pile, which he'd become accustomed to sleeping in while in the Veil. Oh, well! Better not to dwell on such trivial things, and get back at enjoying this wicked nothingness. The crazy feel of paralysis was gone, however, and Gamzee Makara regained his motor skills.

After lamenting the loss of that dope not-moving shit, he rolled not-so-gracefully off of the bed, smacking his large horns on the nightstand and landing with a "thud" on the floor. He'd managed to knock some sheets of paper off of the nightstand on his way down.

Oh. They were letters.

Well, he'd already known Alternia had been destroyed, but he was thankful for whoever wrote the letter to have saved him! And everyone being happy sounded like a fucking awesome time! He wanted to meet the author of this letter - they sounded pretty motherfucking chill.

What wasn't chill was this super-tight jumpsuit he'd been placed in. Who even gets up in a brother's bubble like that? Not that it was a huge deal. He was pretty okay with sharing his personal space, really. He crawled over to the trunk the letter had mentioned, and beamed excitedly when he saw what was inside. Among his usual clothes, which he quickly donned, he proceeded to overturn the chest, spilling bike horns, juggling clubs, and slime all over the floor. This was starting to feel more familiar already!

Eating the slime was not something he probably should have done, but who in their right mind would take an oatmeal-only rule seriously? Better yet, who not in their right mind would even notice that there was an oatmeal-only rule?

Uh-oh. The ol' nutrition sack wasn't feeling too well. In a fit of desperation, he scrambled out of the room and down the hallway.]

[After getting situated in his room and having had quite the terrible feeling in his stomach, Gamzee had somehow found his way to the cafeteria. It had taken a while, and he'd ended up going in circles, going into other people's rooms, going back into his own room, and generally unintentionally avoiding the place he'd been searching for.

He didn't really notice the bowl of oatmeal before him, and didn't remember how it got there, for that matter. What was this stuff? It was runny, sloppy, and slid over the edges of its bowl when he wobbled it from side to side (which he was doing quite enthusiastically). It reminded him of a discolored sopor pie... kind of. Hopefully it wouldn't make his digestive sack feel like a bag of angry bees like the pie had, however. He frowned at the thought, momentarily pausing his bowl-spinning game to dip and swirl a few fingers around in the stuff cautiously. The table was full of oatmeal, as were his fingers, now. He was generally making a mess, all while wearing a stupid grin.]
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[Sayaka's not got much of an appetite nowadays, since it just doesn't seem to matter as much if her body will get repaired by magic no matter what she does with it. But hunger pains eventually get to her, so there she was, in the cafeteria for maybe the third or so time since getting here.

She's.. losing what appetite she did have watching this guy, though. ...man, these gray folks are weird.]
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[Okay, yeah, she's officially done eating. Which is probably a good thing, what if Sayaka just narrowly dodged a ninja-chocolate, huh? Gamzee, your disgusting oatmeal party could have just saved her from V-day plots.]


[If she gets too close she'll probably get oatmeal everywhere, sort of like glitter.]

Ahaha~. I'm okay over here! I think I might have accidentally found the single comfy chair in the whole cafeteria.
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[..ohhhhh boy. Here he comes. She scoots a little from the direction he's headed for, preemptively, even if he just ends up sitting on the floor.]

Oh, well, just invite yourself on over, then...
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[Well, that works. Sayaka leans back over the table, propping up her elbows because who needs table manners when talking to an extremely messy gray clown alien in a bitchtits magical dreamland.]

Hm. Of that sort. It's a tower. For a while I thought it was a labyrinth. Then I was sort of hoping it was a dream...
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..Like that foreign story about a red king, a guy dreaming up a whole world.. labyrinths are like that. But if this was a labyrinth we'd be in more trouble.

[sayaka you're just encouraging him]