24 April 2014 @ 12:23 am
Characters: [OU] Xion, Excalibur, and whoever comes
Setting: Floor 101
Format: Whatever floats your boat
Summary: It's the night before the infiltration. People are plotting, discussing, and Xion has brought a Dream Eater so those who want to try to get a good night's sleep have a marginally higher chance of doing so. So in short it's a Tower-flavored sleepover. Bring your own pillows.
Warnings: Nothing in the top level. Will try to edit if anything changes but if something comes up in one of your threads make sure to add a warning in the subject line


[Standard mingle post procedure. Make your top levels. Tag around. Have fun. Or not, this is Animus after all.

Notes will have been passed out and quiet discussion gone around by word of mouth, just saying that several people were spending the night in the hidden floor. Anybody who spoke to Xion would have been told that she's trying to figure out a way everybody can get a good night's sleep. You'll need to supply your own blankets and pillows but... hey, at least if you have trouble sleeping, you'll have company?

Note that any characters who sleep on the Hidden Floor, if they normally suffer from nightmares will likely have notably lessened or absent nightmares (up to your discretion) owing to the Dream Eater that Xion has brought with.]
05 April 2014 @ 07:08 pm
Characters: Gandalf and You.
Setting: Dormitory Floors, Hidden Floor, Cafeteria and Meadow.
Format: Action or Prose, I will follow.
Summary: The white wizard comes back with counsel in this dark hour. Essentially, after nearly a year spent on his dead homeworld, Gandalf is back and looking for informations regarding the state of things.
Warnings: Nothing. Will update if something comes up.

Dormitory Floors )Hidden Floor )Cafeteria )Meadow )
02 April 2014 @ 08:45 pm
Characters: Tetra an OPEN
Setting: multiple locations
Format: action spam
Summary: Tetra's spent a couple of week on the remnants of her world and now she's back.
Warnings: None yet, will update if this changes

Dorm Room 01-09 )

Floor 33 )

Floor 25 - closed to Zelda )

Floor 14 )
25 March 2014 @ 09:25 am
Characters: any characters who are still within the Tower
Setting: the hidden floor
Format: any
Summary: Zo needs help. What will you do?
Warnings: psychological horror

Aria and the other retrieval units stand guard in the room and regard each person who enters with a little bit of caution. The reason quickly becomes clear: Zo lies unconscious on a bed that appears to have been stolen from a hospital recovery room. With the glamour down, he looks spectral: it's possible to look through his body and to the bed beneath. He's not quite a ghost, though, as he can be interacted with.

If Zo is attacked, the retrieval units will be quick to retaliate. They can't help Zo on their own, though--so maybe there's something you can do...
13 March 2014 @ 01:52 pm
Characters: Princess Hilda and you.
Setting: Dormitories, Art Gallery, Library, the Meadow and the Observatory.
Format: Prose or action, I will follow.
Summary: Hilda wakes up in the tower, promptly chooses to deny that her world is dead and goes off to explore. The prompts include the princess (unsuccessfully) trying to get a terminal to work and encountering a shadow child, amongst other happy things.
Warning: Nothing; will edit if something comes up. The post obviously contains spoilers for A Link Between Worlds.

Awakening (Room 1-03 and Dormitory Floor) )
Art Gallery (Floor 22) )Terminals (Floor 03) )Meadow (Floor 25) )Shadow Children (Floor 45) )
22 February 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Characters: Anyone. Everyone.
Setting: The few days after the event, throughout the Tower as you will.
Format: Mingle! Assign your own dates/locations/etc, tag yourself, do as you do.
Summary: Jason's dead. So are a lot of other people. Fallout and picking up the pieces.
Warnings: Discussion of death and cannibalism inevitable.

[Catch-all for events following the Event. Discuss Jason's death and its consequences, come back from the dead, party?, quiver in fear?, take a long, hot bath. Whatever it is you do, do it here.]
23 February 2014 @ 01:06 am
Characters: Ruana
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: prose
Summary: Ruana finally appears.
Warnings: graphic description of cannibalism, gore, horror

'cause she's liable to grow up mean )
Characters: Jason, open to characters who are in the labyrinth
Setting: the labyrinth
Format: party-style
Summary: Fighting Jason and other fun labyrinth activities.
Warnings: violence, gore, disturbing content, Animus event
Note: Most of this thread will be used for fighting Jason. Doing things in the labyrinth that are not fighting Jason is perfectly fine, just use the subthread here!

I have taken control )
11 January 2014 @ 09:52 am
Characters: Link + open!
Setting: Dorm floor 1 and various other floors
Format: starting in prose, feel free to switch to brackets
Summary: Link arrives in the Tower and does a little exploring
Warnings: none so far

First thing's first. Have a look around. )
25 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
Characters: Aphrodi and whoever he bumps into!
Setting: Room 1-18 for most of the morning, everywhere else in the afternoon
Format: Action, but I can match!
Summary: enter obligatory confused!introduction! And perhaps a little bit of sulking around since he doesn't want to be here.
Warnings: teeny reference to death, possibly language and um, that's it for now. Will update if needed!

Room 1-18 )

Everywhere else )
20 April 2012 @ 12:28 am
Characters: Gamzee and YOU!
Setting: Floors 11 and 22, but he's wandering, so anywhere!
Format: Action is preferred but I'll match.
Summary: OH LOOK AT THE DATE TODAY GUESS WHO'S HAVING A BIG OL' CELEBRATION!? Of course, he knows not why the date is so relevant, but Gamzee has always been fond of those three little numbers. There is pie, and lots of it and whoever happens to interact with him is getting their celebratory zone on, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Warning: STONED CLOWNS AND STONED ANYONE WHO COMES NEAR HIM! And if you don't want your character high as a kite and seeing the most pimpest of motherfucking miracles, that's okay, too. I GUESS!!! Also, Gamzee's vulgar language always.

Let's do this thing. )
19 April 2012 @ 12:01 am
Characters: Link (WW), Linebeck, and Gamzee
Setting: Cafeteria
Format: Action because I'm lazy.
Summary: Link has friends and he wants his friends to meet his friends SO THEY CAN ALL BE FRIENDS c8
Warning: Gamzee, probably lots of cussing, also drugs. AKA pies and whiskey. This kid has some bad friends.

idk what's witty enough to put here )
Characters: OU!Ratchet, open!
Setting: room 1-18, into the hallway if anyone's wandering by
Format: Initial post is prose, but action is preferred for the rest.
Summary: After facing a near-death experience back in his home universe, Ratchet's waking up for the first time. And he's none too happy.
Warnings: Aaangst, trauma, and a Lombax in shock.

You could cut ties with all the lies you'd been living in. )
01 April 2012 @ 09:15 am
Characters: Link (WW) and you!!!
Setting: The showers first, but he's probably going to be wherever water is.
Format: Action because I'm lazy.
Summary: The showers decided to rain multicolored water on the Hero of Winds and he is not pleased.
Warning: RAINBOW CHILDREN. Otherwise there shouldn't be anything too bad.

it's not easy being green. or other colors, really. )
27 March 2012 @ 03:26 pm
Characters: LOTS OF PEOPLE just look at the tags, gosh. Start your own threads, hop into others, and generally be free with your tagging decisions.
Setting: Floor 4, the one with the big glass windows and lots of couches.
Format: Action tags!
Summary: Clearly what the tower needs right now is a party, and Willow and Aradia have thrown one.
Warnings: Nada. Good clean fun.

[It's never exactly a clear day around this floor of the tower, but the billowing clouds outside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows are maybe a bit lighter and fluffier. There's a positive atmosphere spread across the whole level, mostly from the colorful lights sprinkled here and there, magical in nature and of all different colors. They glow like small fairies.

But the biggest pieces in the room are the couches and armchairs, strategically laid out in different circles, with tables in the center. Snacks and drinks stolen from the kitchen are on the tables, so nothing too spectacular-- but there are several batches of baked goods that Willow's made, cookies and brownies and so on. There's also some board games and decks of cards placed here and there, the obvious Earth ones included and some not so obvious other ones that she hadn't recognized.

Anyone who wants to is welcome to show up, whether invited or not, whether they know Willow or Aradia or not. Fun is going to be had, darn it. However, everyone on the floor, just for today, is privy to an anti-violence ward that will prevent any motions toward violence from completing. A punch won't land, psychic powers mysteriously won't do anything if they try to cause harm, and so on. As the tower is not fond of being affected in any way, this is an effect the characters have put on them from crossing the threshold from the stairwell, and it will be automatically removed when they leave. It is not noticeable unless they try something or are particularly sensitive to magic.

It also won't last forever, so if you really want to get into a fight, do it while the party's winding down. Willow's wards are good but they aren't up to altering-the-tower-without-major-consequences level, and she's made them mild enough to wear off on their own after several hours.

You're really here to have fun, though, right? You knew where to go because of the network post.]
27 March 2012 @ 09:53 am
Characters: Link (WW) And Tetra (closed)
Setting: Her room to start with, then... wherever it goes.
Format: Action because I'm lazy.
Summary: Link needs to apologize for dying not too long ago.
Warning: ... Kids being adorable?

Cuteness is totally a legit warning. )
17 March 2012 @ 12:09 am
Characters: Links and Zeldas. ALL OF THE LINKS AND ZELDAS.
Setting: An unoccupied dorm room, forward-dated to after collar shenanigans
Format: Action
Summary: The Zelda protags decide to have a sleepover. Hilarity ensues.
Warnings: Not Ghirahim. Sleepover shenanigans. Teenagers being teenagers and kids being kids.

Clearly this is an excellent idea. )
09 March 2012 @ 12:38 pm
Characters: The Hero of Winds and all of you!!!
Setting: All about the tower.
Format: Action preferably?;
Summary: Link is suddenly the Incredibly Windy Hulk every now and again due to his collar being swapped.
Warnings: Collar event shenanigans, so - GALES. TORNADOES. MINI HULKS!!!

He gave up his sail, and yet still needs an anchor. )
05 March 2012 @ 09:59 pm
Characters: Ganondorf and anyone
Setting: Room 2-16 // Dining Hall // Viewing Stations // Everywhere else
Format: Starting with prose, but I’ll match you
Summary: Ganondorf wakes up and goes off to explore the tower. Room 2-16 and Viewing Station will mostly be serious business, but the Dining Hall part is open to more light-hearted content. Everywhere else is your pick.
Warning: None really unless your name is Link. In that case Ganondorf may try to kill you and to steal your Triforce (no worries, he’ll fail to steal it). Albeit lesser, the risk also exists for the people named Zelda.

He didn't wake up in his bed )Room 2-16 )Dining Hall )Viewing Stations )Everywhere else )
02 March 2012 @ 06:36 am
Characters: OoT!Zelda and passers-by
Setting: Room 1-09
Format: Starting in brackets
Summary: The Princess of Hyrule is resurrected and almost wishes she wasn't.
Warnings: More angst than you can shake a stick at.

February was the worst month ever, guys, no joke. )