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second staff ♞ brb, violin sonatas

Characters:  Sayaka & you.
Setting: On the way to/in the media room.
Format: I use prose at default but I love action too :|b
Summary: The perfect time to go use an electronic is when the power is flickering. Logic!
Warnings: can't see need for any as is

There's no time to take a slow, deliberate walk as when the fussy power is making the lights flicker like they've got something in their metaphorical eyes. Sayaka has a mission. She is going to the media room, and she is going to listen to some music, and it's the perfect time for it, right? Most music players hold charges, so it doesn't matter if the power's flickering, and there won't be many people there because it's flickering! Hah!

As she's promised to herself, Sayaka has carried one of her CDs up to the media room, and now there's strains of violin playing throughout, because who needs headphones when she has presumed privacy.

This is the part where you shatter her silly notions of privacy.

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[Eleanor is out exploring the tower. Like usual. She hasn't met a lot of people despite being in the tower for weeks now, but the people she's met seem to not be all that bothered about the diving-suit-cum-armor. In a corner of her mind, he's slightly horrified to notice she's getting used to it. But then, as she takes the stairs down, the string of music gives her pause.

She enters the media room quietly, in an effort to not disrupt the music, and waits until one piece is over to finally speak, unintentionally looming over her.]

That's beautiful music.

[Don't mind the diving suit or the harpoon or the giant needle strapped to her arm. Or the fact you can't see her face behind the eerily green-glowing porthole, okay?]
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[Eleanor tilts her head, as per habit, in a vaguely unnatural angle, as if to listen better to the melody. Somewhere in the back of her mind, the memories stir, but she ignores them. She doesn't care to know who wrote that, or when, or whose favorite song it was. All she cares for is that it's beautiful, and for someone like her, trapped in a place like this... that's enough.]
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[After a moment, Eleanor turns to look at Sayaka.]

You have very good taste.
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[Eleanor watches her move curiously, as this floor contains plenty of technology that is unfamiliar to her.]

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I'm sorry, I am unfamiliar with the term.

[Eleanor shrugs lightly, watching her mess around with the player. To be perfectly honest, it's the first time she's ever seen a CD.]
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[Violins, huh? It's not the type of music Riku usually listens to, but it is pretty nice.

So, he'll just be moseying around, and when he spots Sayaka, he'll cautiously approach.]

You pick this music out?

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Nothing wrong with that. It's... kind of relaxing.

[Which is always nice in such a messed up place.]
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You and me both.

[He smirks. Yeah, the tower is a bit daunting, and he's been around long enough that it's starting to sink in that he's really a sitting duck.]

I'm surprised I haven't gone stir crazy yet.
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[Ah, so it's mood music! Riku might've caught onto the irony, but he's not gonna say anything about it at the moment.]

The monsters are good punching bags, but that's about as far as it goes. I just wish we could get fresh air-- anything besides being cooped up in this tower.

[And the open floors totally don't count.]
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When Taiki passed by the media room and heard the music he thought someone was playing an instrument again, he peaked his head in to see who it was.

It was a CD, but there was a girl there and Taiki smiled at her. "Hello."
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Taiki smiled and nodded, "It is pretty... not too loud I don't think... erm... sorry..." He didn't want her to think he was criticising him. He smiled even as he shuffled his feet awkwardly, not wanting to annoy her if she wanted to enjoy the music alone.
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Taiki nodded with a smile, he liked music it made him happy. He sat down awkwardly leaning on one of the beanbags. He smiled as he listened to the music.
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Taiki smiled at her nervously. "I... don't really know any titles sorry..." He knew very little about music, but he liked listening to it.