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[01] || [The Awakening] || [Open]

Characters: Gandalf and anyone
Setting: Room 2-10 // Floor Twelve // Art Gallery // Library // Everywhere Else
Format: Starting with prose, but I’ll match you
Summary: Gandalf wakes up, goes off to explore the tower, then settles in the library. He will be more than happy to speak with new people and learn about other worlds. He will also be very curious about the tower, and about the ways people try to pierce its mysteries and go back home.
Warning: None. Unless you’re evil…

Room 2-10 (Dormitories)
Clothed in his white robes, the wizard wasn’t sure what to think about the letters he had read a couple minutes ago. He had opened the trunk with the faint hope to find answers, but all he found were his belongings. His clothes were there, of course, but there was also his faithful sword, Glamdring. No doubt it could be useful in a hostile environment. There was his Staff- It was in a disassembled state to fit the truck, but it didn’t matter. He just had to put the parts back together- A light then surrounded the Staff for a second and it was whole once more.

They even had thought to give him his pipe and the weed to go with it! All that was left in the truck was a ring- His ring. Narya, Ring of Fire. Whoever brought him here gave him everything he possessed, everything he needed. It was easy, too easy. Maybe this was the will of Ilúvatar. But most likely, it was the will of whoever brought him here. It was suspicious, and only an exploration of the tower could help him to learn more about his mysterious benefactor.

After looking around the room for a minute, the old man headed out, with the intent to explore his surroundings and the tower.

Floor Twelve
You’ll find Gandalf on the Twelfth Floor, standing and looking at the scenery around him. There he was smoking his pipe, yet it didn’t look as though he took any pleasure doing so. His face was stern and he appeared to be lost in his thoughts. The scene that repeated around him was terrific. There was a planet- A beautiful, radiant planet, inhabited by countless lifeform. A treasure, so to say.

But then, death- The once blue planet turned grey, its atmosphere burned off, killing every lifeform in the process, the stars died- Everything died, life was drained out. And once everything in this universe was dead, the projection switched to another universe and the process repeated. And so on, never ending.

It didn’t take long for the wizard to understand this was only a projection. A spell or a technology of some kind probably projected those images on the wall. What he didn’t know though, was whether or not those images were real. Whatever the answer was, they were no less terrific. And if they were real- It meant the situation was worse than anything he had imagined.

Art Gallery (22nd Floor)
The first painting he spotted was featuring The Shire. It was surprising that whoever saved him bothered to save paintings, yet not another living being from his homeworld. Next painting was The Pillar of the Kings. Alas, the paintings he saw next were not as enjoyable to watch, and certainly didn’t bring back happy memories.

On a wall was a painting of Isengard, while on the opposite wall was a painting presenting the dark tower, Barad-dûr . There were many more paintings, many portraits, some relating to the exploits of the people of Middle-Earth such as the encounter between Éowyn and the Witch-king of Angmar, and even some relating his personal history, such as his battle against the Balrog of Morgoth.

But the most disturbing painting was probably that of the Dark Lord Sauron. Next to his painting was a smaller one featuring the One Ring. Gandalf was thankful there weren’t any paintings featuring Morgoth- But were those really paintings? Sauron looked awfully real; the Evil could be felt emanating from the piece of art.

Whatever, he was probably going to look at paintings from other worlds now, if he could.

Library (19th Floor)
That’s where Gandalf is going to spend the remainder of the day. And probably the next couple days for that matter. You’ll find him sitting at a table, reading a book with many more books piled next to him. From time to time, he will stand up, to go pick another book before going back to his chair. He appears to be very absorbed by what he does, very serious.

And most of those books appear to be the kind most people would never want to approach, unless they’re purposefully seeking to have a headache.

Everywhere else
Before settling in the library, Gandalf is going to explore the tower a bit, to find out more about it, about those who built it and about the people now inhabiting it. You may find him on any floor; he’ll be looking with interest at the design of the tower, at the different kind of technologies.
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Art Gallery

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Sayaka had avoided this place, for the most part. It isn't that she dislikes art, per se - it's just most of what she's seen of it is the right tinge of unsettling and surreal to remind her of walking through Labyrinths.

It's on the way to other places, though, and sometimes she can't help but stare.

Her eye had been caught by a deeply upsetting (but she wasn't sure why) rendition of a mermaid, top half clad in armor rather than the usual fare of a pretty maiden. And that's where Gandalf will find her, once he's moved on from the pieces that had captured his attention initially.
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That 'no' was rather vehement, too. Sayaka tears her eyes from the painting, and blinks up at Gandalf. Out of the people she's met in the tower, none were ever really.. that old, to be honest, and she'd never known her grandparents that well and.. initiate awkwardness.

"--Um. It does remind me of the monsters there, though. Like a Witch. But, uh, maybe that's just because it's a painting..."
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With it being the subject of the conversation, Sayaka's attention can't help but slide back to the painting. That ribbon it has... is really familiar...

Unconsciously, she tugs at the ribbon - tied in the same place and style - that's part of her outfit.

"That's what they're called, yeah. They hide in these warped places and make people do really terrible things...and they don't look right. It'd be like this picture just started moving around, and that's how they look."
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..Well, that's a good point. She hadn't noticed it before, but it felt like there was a chill in her, and the gallery's atmosphere itself wasn't the blame.

She closes her eyes forcibly, and gives her head a good shake.

"..yeah, I usually stay out of here. I should head back to the dorms or something."
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"The future, huh?"

Well, since it's the tower, Sayaka wouldn't put it past the place to do something relevant, or to have just made the painting as some kind of bait.

"I have to walk through here if I'm going places, anyway. Maybe sometime.."

Looking more at the floor than where she's going, Sayaka makes for the stairs.