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i'm on fire, i feel it everywhere

Characters: Terra and YOU!
Setting: Floor 25 - MEADOW!
Format: Action preferred, but I'll follow you!
Summary: Terra is training to distract himself from his thoughts. BOTHER HIM. Receive big bro. ???? PROFIT!
Warnings: Xehanort will be in this. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED.

[the meadow just might be Terra's favorite place here, so far. it's quiet, peaceful. lots of room to spread out, especially for training. something that, even after all he'd been through, is still usually the first thing on his mind.

it was strange, at first, to figure out how to adjust his usual routine now that he's bereft of his Keyblade. but he adjusted. Terra's not the type to let himself get out of shape (read: not exercise for just one day) just because he's missing the most important component of combat: his weapon.

the many flights of stairs in the Tower are useful, but he still likes to go through the motions of having a Keyblade in his hand, even if it's not anything like actually doing so, for fear he ever forgets the motions. to anyone who didn't know better, he looks like a clumsy fool attempting martial arts without a teacher.

training also enables Terra to lose himself in the physical, which is extremely good at pushing out unwanted thinking. he doesn't want to think about what had happened before he got here, his unknown fate if he was still back in his own universe, friends he'd met here who weren't his friends, rumors of enemies who'd come before him...

okay, so maybe training isn't THAT effective at keeping him from thinking. his movements are getting more erratic, more emotional, more angry.

...well, it's certainly good for stress relief, anyway.]
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[Mitakihara had parks, but never anything like this - plantlife was always carefully tamed and groomed, just like rest of the city's immaculate design. Sayaka had never traveled much, either - so it's interesting to actually growth thick enough to struggle through, or to be able to puzzle over wild patches of wildflowers.

The sharp swishes of something being energetically cut through the air draws her from trying to figure out the identity of so-and-so flower, and towards Terra. After watching him for a bit, she looks down at her own hands, wondering if that's how you're really supposed to swing a sword - or if he's just messing around. Either could be valid.]