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01 // Open

Characters: Luke fon Fabre and *YOU*!
Setting: Cafeteria
Format: Whichever
Summary: That first meal is always the hardest...

Like so many people, Luke woke up confused as all hell, not to mentioned panicked at not being on the road to Akzeriuth anymore. The notes left for him made no sense, other than the fact that he was kidnapped -- AGAIN! -- and had no way back home. Once he stopped grumbling about that long enough, another grumble issued from somewhere: his stomach.

So, naturally, he made his way to the cafeteria. Naturally, he plopped himself down, expecting to be fed like a king.

...naturally, he was disappointed.

"What the hell is this?!" he demanded as soon as the oatmeal was set down before him. He took up a spoonful, tilting it, and watching it plop sickly back into the bowl. Said bowl got pushed away from him really fast at that. "No way am I eating that! Bring me some real food! Now! Right now!"

Clearly, help needs to be provided here... but will you help the brat, or the poor person he's yelling at?
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"Hey, could use your spoon to shape the oatmeal into shapes sorta like real food."

About a table over from Luke, Sayaka's twirling her unused spoon in the air and watching him throw a fit - she'd been considering eating something, and gotten about halfway to dipping out a spoonful of oatmeal before her appetite ditched again. Sure, the mush will get no more palatable cold, but maybe she'll find the will to eat it after waiting a bit...?
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"It'll look a cuter kind of horrible, though~!"

Why don't you understand, making something into an adorable shape instantly makes it more delicious.
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"Oh, c'mon. You've never heard of something being 'ugly-cute?' Like cats or dogs with squashed-looking faces."

As she talks, Sayaka starts taking her own advice, and uses her spoon to make her own oatmeal into the shape of a bunny's head.

"Something horrible being kinda cute is just.. the other side of the squashed-face dog scale!"
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"Well~. Lemme tell ya a secret."

She flicks her bowl out of way, and leans over her table towards him conspiratorially.

"You don't have to eat it every day. Just once! Doesn't your future seem brighter already?"
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"Yup! Unless you somehow later develop some strange, spooky hunger for mushy oats."

After saying that, Sayaka's gonna meaningfully take a bite of her own oatmeal.
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"Hey, that's how it is! I'm gonna say it's only a fifty fifty chance, though~! It's decent odds."

Oh god she is having way too much fun trolling talking to you, Luke.