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leave all your love and your longing behind

Characters: Madoka Kaname and you
Setting: Wandering the halls, starting at floor one (pls specify where you'd like to see her)
Format: Prose for prompt, but tags in action
Summary: Madoka wakes up and tries to come to terms with where she's been sent
Warnings: References to death and violence. Also Madoka Magica spoilers.

She was dead. She died. She kicked the bucket. She went to Davy Jones's locker. She took the big dirt nap. She bought the farm. She was pushing daisies. She popped her clogs. SHE WAS ON THE ROOF AND NO ONE COULD GET HER DO--

Even in a peril-filled situation like this, her subconscious couldn't help itself. The stress had to go. So she thought of the most ridiculous metaphors she knew. But she was beyond surprised to see Amy there with her. Amy, the cat she'd saved with her wish. Amy, the trigger for her whole mess of bad luck and misfortune. She should have disliked the cat. Some part of her did. But she couldn't bring herself to. Amy was an innocent animal, unaware of the pain she'd inadvertently caused by getting killed that fateful day.

She had to wonder, though, did anyone else manage to get out? And if she was dead and was here, did that mean Sayaka and Kyouko and Mami could be here, too? She tried to brace herself for the possibility. What would it be like, seeing Sayaka again? Seeing Mami again?

...and what happened to Homura? A sinking feeling slipped into her gut, and as the implications of her situation fell upon her, she rushed to the bathroom to give back her earlier bowl of standard oatmeal. Knees shaking, she wobbled back to her bed, placing Amy on her lap, petting the cat for comfort. Amy was independent and moody. Yet she was quiet and sticking to Madoka like glue. That only reinforced the seriousness of it all.  But she felt she couldn't stay in the dorm room forever. She couldn't always avoid the network like the plague. She had to get up and do something.

So she did.

With a surprisingly placid Amy in her arms, Madoka walks. She figures the least she can do to help herself is know the layout.

You can find her virtually anywhere.

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Floor Four, Block One

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[As Madoka ascends the staircases, she may hear a series of thumping sounds. Thump, thump, thump. It doesn't seem to really end. The sounds increase in volume the further she goes and once she reaches the fourth floor, she'll notice the back of an odd, little bear holding a baseball bat. Half of the bear was colored white while the other half was colored black. It was hitting the glass wall with the baseball bat over and over again relentlessly.]
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That's Monobear to you, little girl. Mr. Monobear.

[Such a polite girl. Regardless of a polite girl being in his presence, he'll just keep hitting the glass wall.]
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[Monobear raises his bat higher into the air this time and swings it down again... only for the rebound to release his hold on the bat. It flies high into the air and shatters a few lamps.]

... I was trying to make a big crack, but all I got out of it was a smash. This glass sure is tough, isn't it?
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[He looks interested.]

Hey, little girl. Can you use magic?
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Like this!?

[Leaping into the air, the bear vanishes in a cloud of smoke. As it clears up, Madoka will find that there's no trace of him in front of her. ... However, should she look behind her, she'll find about four Monobears standing.]

Upupupupuu! That was just one of Monobear's Seven Secret Arts! ... No, I'm joking. All I'm doing is running around really fast to make four images of myself.
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When it comes to creativity, I'm second to none, no holds bearred! Was that the kind of magic you were talking about?
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She can't stand her own dreams anymore, but it feels like there's nothing left for her to do but sink into some sort of coma - normally, she'd scour the tower for monsters to stab, but her powers have been disabled. So Sayaka's been holed up in the media room today, knees up to her chest while mindlessly watching more the flashing of the screen than what's happening on it.
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Oh, no.

At first, she freezes. Then Sayaka shifts - to put her hands on her ears, and shake her head vigorously.

"No way. ..I'm not going to fall for that, okay..?"

Madoka's definitely not here, after all. She's imagining that voice, right...?
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[personal profile] beknightedheroine 2012-05-08 04:42 am (UTC)(link)

Curiosity gets the best of her. After a minute, Sayaka lets her hands drop, and turns around to actually look at the speaker.

"There's a lot to fall for, and I've fallen for a lot of it already. ..Madoka."
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She blinks at the cat, only just noticing it at all as it starts circling about. Proof of her current level of observance, really.

"The cat is new," she comments, like an aside. "..I don't think I'd dream you up with a cat. That's pretty strange..."
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She stands up, with effort, and carefully steps forward to get a closer look at Madoka, starting to frown.

"..I'm going to have a lot to apologize for in that case, right...? ..From here, you look really real. Ah..."

Sayaka falters.

"..s, so..."
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[Dormitory halls?]

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[Eridan is not having a good day. Week. Month. Life.

He slinks along the dormitory hallways, looking for a terminal to check the network and hate himself and hate everyone and oh god, why is everyone dying. He's getting cranky, thanks to the nightmares, and his posture is slouched more than usual.

Except he's not really paying attention to much of anything, though, because he's sleep deprived and tired and every time he closes his eyes he sees horror and the world is starting to blur a little around the edges.

That would probably explain how he can be in direct collision course with Madoka and not notice. Whoops.]
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[He startles at the voice, missing his step a little but not enough to fall. He blinks repeatedly behind the sunglasses, a small mercy since she probably can't see it in the first place, and shakes his head.]

Fuck, I'm sorry. I--fuck.

[But of course, Eridan is still Eridan and he rubs his face under his sunglasses, looking terminally apologetic about the whole affair.]

Sorry, you okay?
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You sure?

[Give him a moment, give him a moment...]

Oh Jesus, you just got here?

[I mean, he's never seen you around, you don't look broken by utter misery and you are doing the traditional "oh fuck, where am I now?" exploratory walk. He's not an idiot! ...except he totally is. Give him a chance to stick his foot down his throat, please.]
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[The snarled mutter is not for you, neither is the facepalm. I swear. He's just tired and not really filtering that well. But then he does look a little pissed, baring a lot of sharp teeth and pushing the sunglasses up his nose.]

...can I put on record that this place has the shittiest fuckin' timin' in all 'a paradox space? Fuckin' hell.

[His shoulders drop a little.]

I'm sorry.

[And it sounds genuine. For a lot more than you can imagine, he feels sorry for anyone who lands here, on principle.]

Did you read the letters?
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Those are the ones.

[He tilted his head to the side.]

What do you think about 'em?
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Floor 28!

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Jun had taken up a small station in the music room, nestled somewhere between a piano and the grand organ. He was focused however on the Keytar he had set before him.

It had taken a moment to put it together and get re-accustomed to the keys again. But after a moment, he was slinging it over his shoulder, and playing out a basic tune on the keys. And hey, he's still pretty good at it!
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Jun stopped in mid-note when he realized that hey, someone was talking to him. He looked away from the keys to look at her nervously. "Oh, um... thank you...! To be honest, I haven't...played in awhile..."
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He gave a sheepish chuckle. "Thanks..." Um. Right, be social!! "Do you play anything...?"
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Floor 11

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She's sitting on the edge of the lake, in a dry spot. Her tea set is set out beside her, and she's holding one of the cups in her hands, sipping quietly.

In a rare moment of frivolity, she's taken off her stockings and her shoes (neatly folded and placed where they won't be dampened by the spray of water), dipping her feet in the lake.

It's peaceful here, and she watches the upside-down flowers sway gently, buffeted here and there by the waterfalls, admiring the rainbows formed from the falling water.
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That's a voice she hadn't entirely expected to hear, but she takes it in stride, carefully setting aside her tea and lifting her legs out of the water. She extracts a towel folded under her stockings, dries her legs off, and proceeds to put on her stockings and shoes before replying (thankfully, this whole process doesn't take long.) She picks up the towel and her tea set, and walks over to Madoka, carefully setting everything down before sitting herself.

She smiles a little at the girl in front of her.

"Hello, Kaname-san. It's nice to see you again.

Would you like some tea?"