14 June 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Characters: Yotsuba Koiwai and you!
Setting: The nineteenth floor on June 19th.
Format: I'm starting in prose, but I'll match you!
Summary: After getting a note from Enoch, Yotsuba decides to search the library for more treasure: information about 'romeance'.
Warnings: None so far!

Hard Words )
10 May 2013 @ 11:09 pm
Characters: Xellos and Open to All!
Setting: Room 4-18, darting around the dormitory area and checking out the cafeteria!
Format: Start with Prose, end with whatever!
Summary: Xellos arrives. He is at best confused and at worst annoyed. This isn't funny you guys.
Warnings: Xellos.

Why not cause some trouble. )
Characters: Avenger and OPEN to all.
Setting: Dormitory levels, and then the first floor, the tenth floor, and the hundred and one floor.
Format: Preference for action spam.
Summary: Backdated aftermath from last month's event along with an open log for this month.
Warnings: There... is... Angra Mainyu in this post? Fair warning?

and dress them in warm clothes again )
how it was late, and no one could sleep )
it's not like a tree where the roots have to end somewhere )
the days were bright red )

every time we kissed there was another apple to slice into pieces )
Characters: Sokka and you!
Setting: Dorm 04-12 & hallways, second library (floor 19), workshop (floor 15).
Format: Starting with action, but can do prose.
Summary: Sokka wakes up in the tower.
Warnings: None right now.

Dorms 04-12 + hallways )

Floor nineteen | Second Library )

Floor fifteen | Work shop )
21 February 2013 @ 12:09 am
Characters: characters participating in the bath game
Setting: a shower room
Format: any
Summary: bath time for the tower
Warnings: general horror/creepiness warnings



Washroom Description )
03 December 2012 @ 11:06 am
Characters: Madoka Kaname and YOU!
Setting: Room 3-03, Floor Five, Cafeteria and Floor Twenty-Five.
Format: Starting with action, but I'll match you.
Summary: Madoka arrives in the tower and finds herself less alone than expected.
Warnings: Some angsty stuff and possible spoilers for the end of Madoka Magica in the comments.

Room 3-03 )

Floor Five )

Cafeteria )

Floor Twenty-Five )
Characters: Madoka Kaname and you
Setting: Wandering the halls, starting at floor one (pls specify where you'd like to see her)
Format: Prose for prompt, but tags in action
Summary: Madoka wakes up and tries to come to terms with where she's been sent
Warnings: References to death and violence. Also Madoka Magica spoilers.

you can't carry it with you if you want to survive )