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02: Mundane is best

Who: Lelouch and You!
What: Just your daily activities throughout the Tower!
When: Morning -> Afternoon
Where: Floor 1, 3 and 25
Format: Action Tags, but I can follow yours if you like!
Warning: N/A for now!

Floor 1:
[You're going to see a male in a very... uh. Fabulous white outfit cooking up a simple meal of eggs and bacon. For some reason, Lelouch had taken it upon himself to cook breakfast and while he's not a good cook, he can at least make them taste decent, as he's spent most of his time back home cooking for his dearest little sister.

Feel free to approach him, though! And give him a little scare or something.]

Floor 3:
[...Why is he doing this again? Manual labor is certainly not his everyday thing as far as his life is concerned. He should be doing something related to finding more things to know about this place, or just. Walking up the st- no, no that's an even worse idea considering his constitution and the dangers associated with those... inhuman things lurking in the tower.

Giving a sigh, Lelouch is going to just, sort books out in the Library should you desire to approach him with a few questions regarding certain books.]

Floor 25:
[Looking over the meadow, Lelouch is just perched on the grass, thinking about... Well, everything, really. The fact that this Tower can and will inflict suffering to anyone brings a small shiver to him. And here he thought he wasn't going to feel fear ever since he was about to die by his friend's hand.

It was meant to happen.

Lelouch vi Britannia had to die. As of right now, he's just a nameless phantom, a left-over trinket from his homeworld borrowing the name. Ah, truly, he is Zero in the truest sense.]


[But for now, he'll take on that name once again. Not to change the world, not to protect but to exist for clearly, there must be a reason for him to be here.]
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floor 3 - them talking in libraries just keeps happening

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[Sayaka's never really shown much respect at all to the tower's book collection - books were increasingly uncommon in Mitakihara, unwieldy as the things could be, and that one time her friend made a skateboard ramp out of them was one of her more positive experiences here.

That's why she takes a minute to watch and figure out what Lelouch is actually doing with the books as he sorts them - but unable to find any ulterior meaning besides just 'sorting books,' Sayak makes herself known with a comment.]

Back in the library again, huh? Just can't resist the siren call of all this ink-stained wood pulp?
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Re: Y e p

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Part of the fabled ranks of the legendary librarians! Warriors of the pen! ..or would that be worriers..?


You're right, the whole 'stuffy tomb of tomes' thing isn't my deal. I dunno, maybe I just wanted some different scenery that's actually physically possible, you know?
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Gotcha, mister legend sir~., well. That meadow's pretty okay, even if it'd make my old physics teacher cry. Well, maybe it wouldn't make him cry. I'm pretty convinced he was a robot.

[Wear that title with pride, Lelouch.]
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Lost its grip? Heh, more like dropped us like a hot potato and ran screaming the other way.

[That is one of the languages she speaks!]
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[That one nets a genuine giggle.]

Yeah, okay, I can't top that.