03 November 2012 @ 08:06 pm
Characters: The Illumanonti Jin Shirato, Sayaka Miki, and Jay the Unseen
Setting: Floor Forty, the Storage Room
Format: Prose but if you guys wanna change dat's cool
Summary: The Times New Roman Anons of the Tower are gathering together after the event to share information about what happened when they were morphed by their costumes instead of participating in group therapy like they really should one day. Also a box fort.
Warnings: Box forts.

also curry )
22 October 2012 @ 11:42 pm
Characters: Sayaka Miki, Jin Shirato, and the tower's populace at large.
Setting: October 17th and beyond.
Format: Prose, but we can match you!
Summary: Sayaka and Jin aren't quite feeling like themselves today.
Promised character harm, possible death, uncreative use of zalgo text.

sayaka-centric prompts:

It's so loud. )

Floor 20. )

anywhere. )

jin-centric prompts:

floor 43 )

floor 27. )
13 October 2012 @ 01:05 am
Characters: Jay the Unseen and your candy! ...you can come too I guess.
Setting: Everywhere during the week, after the first day or so of the event; mostly in the night hours just before the day change.
Format: Either or
Summary: Jay, frankly, is too paranoid to simply go hunting for candy. So, he's stealing it, and building up an emergency stockpile. Even if he's caught, he's going to be hard to catch...
Warnings: Well, if you want a way to come back wrong, here you go! He's also open to uh, killing if he has to, so. Also, sixteen year olds dressed like this is bad enough.

Seriously, with that costume, no wonder he doesn't want to be seen )
Characters: Sayaka and your name here.
Setting: You can interrupt her when she's still in room 1-05, some vaguely-located part of the staircase,
Format: Prose is my preference, but I will match you.
Summary: Backdated to the morning of the tenth. Sayaka's back from her destroyed world, woke up in costume - and is pretty much sick of the tower's bullshit.
Warnings: Angry teenagers trying to ignore recent traumatic experiences. Also, she's currently dressed up like a spitting image of Ruana in her red-and-black outfit from week 3 from infighting, so that's fun/might lead to a flinch-worthy moment or two.

sup guys im back )

Characters: Hidetoshi, 03-02 roomies, and people who want to interact with this here dude.
Setting: Room 03-02, and then various tower floors.
Format: Either.
Summary: Hidetoshi comes to what he can only assume is either an elaborate hoax or an insane new reality. Apparently he somehow slept through the apocalypse.
Warnings: NO... THING? At the moment at least, besides possible mentions of death and world destruction? Anything else I'll add as needed.

Scenario A || Dormitory levels: Room 03-02 )

Scenario B || Floor 1: Cafeteria )

Scenario C || Floor 38: Lounge )
Who: Lelouch [[personal profile] doublechecks] & Everyone else
What: New Arrivals started waking up; Lelouch hides from the public.
When: 10/4 onwards for current prompts; He will be in costume from 10/10 onwards, and will be wearing them around these areas as well.
Where: Everywhere
Warning: General Ledouchery, EMOOOO, why do I have a sister again, why are there even more people in this place. and of course, Massive #YOLO warning.

He doesn't care about other's problems, right now, he only has one thing to ascertain. )
06 October 2012 @ 02:54 pm
Characters: Hibiki-kun and you!
Setting: everywhere and anywhere hallways in the late afternoon
Format: Up to you, good sir or madam, and I'll follow your lead!
Summary: Hibiki's still a little new here, and what better way to familiarize yourself with a new location than to wander around aimlessly? Who knows, maybe he'll make a new friend!
Warnings: n/a

are you lost? )
13 July 2012 @ 02:55 pm
Characters: Jay the Unseen and whoever isn't at the dance.
Setting: The dorm floors.
Format: Whatever, no curr.
Summary: With so many people at the dance, Jay is taking the time to do a little...snooping in people's trunks. He won't steal anything, but he will be rummaging. Especially through Jin's stuff. Feel free to spot him!
Warnings: If you tag in to this and haven't posted to his permission post, you might want to.

Least of all 'till the day comes up'. )
09 July 2012 @ 04:08 pm
Characters: Momotaros, Jay the Unseen, Kohaku
Setting: Jay's Dorm Room, Night
Format: Prose
Summary: When life gives you Imagin, you go "good grief, what the hell life".
Warnings: Door-smashing, obstinate Momotaros swearing.

07 July 2012 @ 03:12 am
Characters: Jun Kurosu and anyone!
Setting: Floor 32, during the Day, and Floor 11 at Night.
Format: Starting in prose, but I can do whatever.
Summary: It's around the time of the Tanabata Festival, and come rain or shine, Jun would find some way to celebrate.
Warnings: Probably spoilers for Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and gratuitous paper burning.

make a wish )

mundane utility )
Characters: Thor, Loki and YOU.
Setting: Dorm 2-04, and can probably be heard the next floor down because Thor.
Format: Whichever you're more comfy with~
Summary: Thor and Loki have a rather loud wake up. You should come tell them to shut up.
Warnings: None that come to mind~

No more running from the hangman )
12 June 2012 @ 06:37 pm
Characters: Kohaku, Jay, and the other poor schmucks left in the main tower.
Setting: Pick a number, any number!
Format: I love prose to bits, but I can action to match you if you're more comfortable so.
Summary: General encounters thread for Kohaku and Jay, seeing as they're buddying up for this month - they're trying to go incognito as they can, but that's not always going to work - you can bug Kohaku alone if you'd prefer not to encounter them both.
Warnings: It's danger month in the tower. So let's get dangerous.

This part is dated early this month. )

Also pretty much any time in the month! )

This part is any time. )
03 June 2012 @ 01:07 am
Characters: Kohaku & Jay. And you, somewhat!
Setting: Dorm room 2-07, then Floor 1. Both at night, backdated to the 28th!
Format: hell yeah prose!!
Summary: Open for dormmates/people out around the dorms at night in the first half, closed in the second. Kohaku's been slipping off to the infirmary to yoink things, and tonight she's pushed her luck too far.
Warnings: NANA, NANANA, NANA (freakin' miniblins)

28 May 2012 @ 07:37 am
Characters: Xigbar and Master Xehanort to start, then YOU!
Setting: All over the tower.
Format: Action log!
Summary: Xigbar has arrived and decides to explore his new home. Tag yourselves in and label the subject line with whichever floor you want to meet Xigbar on!
Warnings: Xigbar being...himself? Also, copious amounts of DARKNESS WORDS.

and darkness breeds )
Characters: Fi, Gandalf, Xion, Zelda and everyone in the tower who want things to change
Setting: Any floor, any day from the 18 to the 26 (except the 21)
Format: Prose or action, whichever you prefer

Summary: Recruitment for the Council of the Sages (Fellowship of Animus). The four recruiters will walk throughout the tower in order to find and speak with the people they think could help. Anyone is welcome. There's no real setting, those four are just gonna go and bother people during their daily Animus life. So feel free to pick a day and location of your choice, otherwise it’ll be randomized. OOC Post is here if you want more information. Happens after this reunion.

Warnings: None. The recruiters will do this together, but feel free to put in the subject line if you’d rather want someone in particular to do it. The others recruiters may threadjack at any moment.

One doesn't simply recruit into Animus )
19 May 2012 @ 01:16 am
Characters: [AU] Ventus and YOU
Setting: Various, see cut-text
Format: Action
Summary: Ventus finally stops being a hermit.
Warnings: Will update as needed, but mentions of death.

Room 2-20 - Ventus returns after bolting from over a week ago.  )

Floor 8 - Mazes )

Floor 25 - the Meadow )

Floor 1 - FOOD )

Everywhere else: A catchall thing )
16 May 2012 @ 05:24 pm
Characters: Kohaku, Urotsuki, and prospective measuring sticks you.
Setting: Anywhere not obviously dangerous.
Format: Starting action, either's cool.
Summary: After deciding to enter into a 'settling in' competition, they need to find people to compare so that they'll know what being accustomed to the tower is and isn't. Any volunteers~?
Warnings: t-two threads in a row combo?!

Good.. I'm guessing it's evening! Would you mind telling me how long you've been in this place?

[Variations on that question will be flung at anyone Kohaku can capture the attention of, in a serial string of interviews across the tower - she has an accomplice ([personal profile] chainsawn ), as well, the circumstances behind their team-up as mysterious as what the purpose of their question might be.]
15 May 2012 @ 02:15 am
Characters: Ciel and ALL OF YOU.
Setting: room 3-16 and ANYWHERE.
Format: whatever you'd like.
Summary: after waking up, Ciel has a look around.
Warnings: brief references to past abuse.

arriving. )
15 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
Who: Lelouch and You!
What: Just your daily activities throughout the Tower!
When: Morning -> Afternoon
Where: Floor 1, 3 and 25
Format: Action Tags, but I can follow yours if you like!
Warning: N/A for now!

And he sought solace in mundane activities )