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03: Failed Sanity Check

Who: Lelouch and You!
What: He had awoken only to find himself back in the Tower.
When: July 3rd!
Format: Action-log, but I'll adapt!
Warning: Suicidal Thoughts, Frayed Sanity


He is awake.

Death, loneliness, failure, nightmare, Nunnally, Nunnally, Nunnally, Nunnally....!

Echoes of his own voice resonated within him as he woke up with a scream, only to find himself staring at a ceiling.

This place...

Was it all a dream? Was it all a nightmare? Was the desolate world he walked through these month? weeks? years? He's not sure, everything blurs together when he was stuck in emptiness. Lelouch Lamperouge's mind is frayed, the length of time he spent there was just relative to the pain he felt.

But he now know. His plan... His plan to create a world where Nunnally could be happy.

Ah, that was just wishful thinking wasn't it? He wanted to scream at the tower, to just do anything to get away from the revelation that his own world is dead NO IT IS NOT DEAD IT WAS JUST A LIE, A LIE, A LIE...!

The sudden movement caused him to fall onto the floor, before he stumbled out of his room without even giving a glance to who exactly is there, he needed to get away get away get away from everything, everyone, ANYONE. So blinded by despair was he that he doesn't even turn to look at anyone he sees or hears, he continued to run, to run to run to run to run towards ANYWHERE NOT THIS TOWER.

Thus, Lelouch Lamperouge could be found throughout the Tower with a haunted look as well as just walking past you without a care in the world.]
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[She'd forgotten just how big the tower proper was, after a month stuck in enclosed quarters. Sayaka had gotten to the lounge and felt dizzily agoraphobic, for a split moment.

She's in the midst of a long lap around the length of the floor, feeling out the real size of the space - when she spots Lelouch. She feels cold, a moment. That kind of look is something she'd seen on a lot of faces lately.]

--Hey, wait up a second over there!
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[The back of her neck prickles hearing that laugh, but doesn't do anything to deter her from approaching. ..really, it's just more motivation that she ought to butt in.]

Woo, okay, you waited up, awesome! Just stick there a couple more seconds! C'mon, talk to me, alright?

...and I'm not counting laughing as words.

[She knows this guy, mostly just through snarky chatter - all they really had on each other was words, from banter - so that's what she latches onto.]

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[To make matters worse, there was one of his roommates in the bed next to Lelouch, still asleep. Somehow he slept deeply enough in the Tower so the least little thing didn't wake him up, so he was missing out on Lelouch's waking up trauma. That wasn't what was important, however.]

[It was silly to value a little piece of folded paper so much, but Yu had given it to him, so that was why Luke was carefully curled around it in his sleep. The paper crane sat there, undisturbed...]

[...staring at Lelouch.]
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[Luke shifted in his sleep, cracking an eye open. Hunh... one of his roommates was back? What was his name... Lu-something? Lulu? Ah, like hell he could remember; he vaguely remembered seeing the guy when he first arrived, and totally forgot whatever they might have said to each other.]

[Still, he looked like he was seriously freaking out... like worse than he had been when he killed someone for the first time. Luke pushed himself up, still not disturbing the paper crane, blinking in concern.]

Oy, you all right?

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[Lelouch not being here had just been one more thing to add to the stressful month that was June, but Suzaku had checked his room and seen his things were still there. So his was just to be a temporary disappearance. That was good.

Still he was taken by surprised as Lelouch brushed past him, the look on his face was worrying... Suzaku reached out to touch his shoulder.]
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the sanity level of this cast is in negative figures ;;

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[Whatever Suzaku had expected it wasn't this... But he had heard of those that got sent back to their destroyed worlds for a time, even if it had never happened to him. He grabbed Lelouch's shoulders for a moment, but just held them.] I know... I don't know what went wrong... How we failed...

[He supposed not even Lelouch's genius could stop the end of the world; and he realised that he didn't doubt it anymore... the worlds had ended, Jason was right he and Lelouch were from different worlds... this tower with its cruel games and punishments was all that was left...]

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[He'd spoken up when he saw Lelouch walking, but then the guy just kind of... went right past him. Huh. OK.]

Hey-- Is.. something wrong? [He spoke up a little louder, a hand subconsciously reaching out a hand as if to grab him, but not actually meaning or intending to do anything like that. The guy certainly didn't look OK.]
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[Alright so something was definitely wrong. He instinctively took a step back at the whirl and the glare, and grimaced.]

I was just asking what was wrong... If there's anything I can do...

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[She raised an eyebrow at Lelouch, wondering what was going on with him. That feeling inside of her was telling her to run, but she ignored it. He gave no pressure, which meant he wasn't much of a threat. Her funnels gave her the advantage after all.

She walked over to him, funnels floating by her side. Okay, not the best way to strike up a conversation, but that was how she tended to do things.]

What are you doing?
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Well, someone is off their rocker suddenly.

[Those funnels were still trained, and Puru Two couldn't even stare at his face. For whatever reason, her mind screamed to study his feet. A good idea really, as she could try to predict where he would run.]

Just what are you doing exactly?
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Upupupu. I smelled it, you know.

[It's natural that in the state that he's in now, Lelouch wouldn't be too focused. What he wanted was escape no matter what he had to do to achieve it. Desperation disrupted his concentration. Without a single warning, a beast appears in front of him. It puts its paws in front of its smiling, toothy grin, feeding off of Lelouch's panic like honey. It makes two steps closer to Lelouch, absolutely fearless.

This is their second time meeting since the workshop.]
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My little, black nose is honed to smell all sorts of sweets. And despair. I smelled the sweetest despair from around the corner coming from you.

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[the sight of Lelouch really struck close to home. He was in the midst of reacquainting himself with normal geometries when he came across him. Despite the more rational parts of his mind telling him to keep away...]

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... I suppose it would be rather pointless to ask if you're unwell.

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