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Some of us /aren't/ gonna party rock...

Characters: Jay the Unseen and whoever isn't at the dance.
Setting: The dorm floors.
Format: Whatever, no curr.
Summary: With so many people at the dance, Jay is taking the time to do a little...snooping in people's trunks. He won't steal anything, but he will be rummaging. Especially through Jin's stuff. Feel free to spot him!
Warnings: If you tag in to this and haven't posted to his permission post, you might want to.

Jay had been waiting forever for this, it felt. Sayaka's request had been the focal point of many of his actions as of late, but this was the best time to get some proper information on his target. She wanted him to help this Jin guy forget? Well, he was going to need to know a little more about the guy. It wasn't like he wasn't excited at the prospect of getting free reign to snoop and gather information on people. After all, there were so many rooms on his way to finding Jin's~ But he was at least being careful enough; his hair was down, and he was wearing his more simple, not-bell-laden clothing. With any luck, he wouldn't run in to many people...but he was cocky enough to believe he could talk his way out of any incidents he got himself in to.

Feel free to catch sight of him in the halls, ducking in to someone's room, or even worse- going through your things, for those not attending the party (or, even if you're coming back to fetch something, or just haven't headed off yet). Anything goes!
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Shoutarou's Trunk!

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Once Jay pops open Shou's trunk, the first thing he'll notice is a quartet of mechanical animals - bat, spider, frog, and snail. They spring to life once they realize that the person looking at them is not their owner: the bat takes flight around Jay's head, the spider crawls up the lid, the frog announces "INTRUDER! INTRUDER!", and the snail...makes that obnoxious klaxon-y noise it makes. (Seriously, the hell is that noise, Denden Sensor?)
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Unfortunately, Jin wasn't in at the moment-- but he was returning. He'd opened the door to his room (and slammed it shut behind him) just in time to find Jay snooping around in his trunk. When he saw the stranger, he was immediately on edge, and almost taking a step backwards towards the door and glaring at him through clearly exhausted eyes.

"Who are you? What are you doing?"
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oh boy oh boy

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His gaze just becomes more wary at the introductions. "The kid from the network?" Except talking way different now. He didn't like it, and it showed in the way his glare became more pointed.

"I don't care. Get out."

He stepped to the side a bit so that Jay could actually have access to the door, but that was about as much help as the kid was getting.
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Sayaka's Belongings

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Sayaka's trunk contains a few curiosities besides the predictable (clothes, namely) - there's a small collection of cases of CDs, a baseball bat, schoolbooks...

Most notably is what's on the topmost layer of stuff, though: a broken contraption spread in a few blood-smudged pieces, and an intricate little black trinket that was standing up, impossibly, on a needle-thin point.

(But the real prizes of information he won't find in the trunk proper - hidden somewhere about the bed is a pair of journals, one written in just yesterday.)