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ORE, FAILURE (AKA Ryotaro Intro or silly numbering scheme what have you)

Characters: Ryotaro and You!
Setting: Dormitory Floor 1-3, Floor 1 and Floor 32
Time: Morning
Summary: A certain person woke up and decided to. Well, explore. Safe to say it totally didn't go well at all.
Format: Action log, but I'll follow after you!

[Dormitory Floor 1-3]
[...That was a lie, right?

He thought to himself in a daze, as he walked through the dormitory rooms, trying to just find a way somewhere not his room, not the trunk, and definitely away from the letter that bluntly told him of the fate of his world. Of course, he had no way in believing his kidnappers, but right now there's not much information, really.

So he's just wandering around, and probably tripping over anything, and by anything, I really mean everything including the air that's there.

Feel free to either: A) See him walking around or B) Tripping all over the place.]

[Floor 1]
[...So, you might have been having a nice bowl of whatever you're eating right now.


Not anymore, because there might be someone tripping and well, accidentally, so to speak, spilled his oatmeal on you.

Yes this prompt is short and repeatable because he's that clumsy okay.]

[Floor 32]
[And this time, he actually managed to reach the higher floors without running into monsters or tripping on the stairs at all, it's a miracle hallelu-


Why is there a guy hanging upside down from a tree?

And why is he gesturing at you?]

Um- Excuse me-

[If you look up, you're going to be greeted with a sheepish.]

Do you think you can help me get down from here, please?
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floor 1

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Sayaka can definitely say she'd never thought, before this moment, that she'd be thankful that the newbie oatmeal was lukewarm at best.

But here she was. Lukewarm oatmeal across her shoulder and back, and her being thankful that at least it wasn't scalding oatmeal.

It's the little things in life, apparently. Nearly nonchalantly, she wipes away what little of the goop had managed to get on her skin rather than just her clothes, because that just felt gross. She's yet to even turn to whoever it was the dumped it on her, and she begins talking in a conversational tone, whether they're still there or not-]

You know. Before, I always thought it was gross just eating that oatmeal. I was wrong. It's way way way grosser wearing it.
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[Sayaka stands up at the same time Ryotaro falls down, turning to loom over him with a dissonant smile.]

Are you reeeeeally sorry? Like, super duper special limited box edition sorry?
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You can stand up now.

[Is that going to be all she does...?]