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Characters: Open
Setting: His room and exploring the floors
Format: Prose or action or brackets is all okay.
Summary: Lancer arrives, mopes, and then decides he has to kick someone’s ass
Warnings: None for now.

Room 4-16

Lancer grits his teeth as he finishes reading the two letters for the third time. He crumples up the paper and throws it at the wall. He's not in the mood for this shit, especially when they're obviously lying. Even if they weren't, why did they choose him out of all people? He, the idiot who couldn't even save a girl; the failed Servant who couldn’t protect his Master.

Misaya...she had ordered him to kill her when the curse activated. But he had to hesitate. He had to try to save her. And so, she had become a zombie, because of him. In the end, he had released her from that zombie state, but if he had just fought a little harder, or acted a little faster, she wouldn't have needed to suffer like that. The main reasons that he had allowed himself to change his loyalty were to fulfill his final promise to Misaya and, eventually, to ensure Ayaka's safety. Now that his duties to the two girls were done, he should have faded away. But something or someone had "saved" him, kept him existing for longer than he had any right to, and shoved him in some crazy place.

If it really was so strong, why couldn’t it save Misaya? Save Ayaka? Why did it choose him?

He punches the closes object, which happens to be his bed. His fist leaves a hole in the mattress. Dammit, he really needs a drink now. Or a smoke. It wasn't like he could get high off of the substances, but it still helped him calm down.

If the information provided was correct, then he had some things from home in the trunk at the foot of his bed. He all but tears the lid off to see that there is indeed a six-pack of beer. He pulls one out and closes the trunk. He then sits on the trunk, sipping at his beer.

He doesn't intend to leave his room for a good while. Given that he’s a Servant and not driven by hunger, he can probably remain there for a long time. At least, until the beer starts disagreeing with him.

Floor 1

After his initial guilt had subsided somewhat, Lancer has come down to the cafeteria. Apparently, to make everything even worse, it seemed that the tower was messing with his anatomy, so he couldn't even drink beer without vomiting it up(which wasn’t supposed to happen because he was a Servant). So he's only here to see if the cafeteria provides booze that won't turn his stomach.

He glares at everyone around him, wondering if they're the ones who are responsible for this.

Floor 3

Lancer stomps around the library. He's figured that even if he needs to comb the entire tower, from bottom to top, he’s going to find the perpetrators and kick their asses until they sent him home. Or saved Misaya as well. Whichever one worked just fine.

His Noble Phantasm isn't out yet, but he's ready to materialize it at the smallest provocation. Right now, he doesn't trust anyone.
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Floor 1; gueeeeeeeeess whoooooooo

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[Cross is in the cafeteria looking at the wonderful meal of nutrition bars...yeah, definitely not eating these. He's currently trying to throw all the bars in the garbage after hearing the whole 'this food is medical waste.'

But, he soon turns when he see's a much taller man coming in looking very annoyed.]

Uh, hey there?
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[Oookay, creepy.]

Do you need help with something?
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[Oh...oh boy. He's new isn't he?]

Uhhh, well I don't think you can yet. You have to eat this oatmeal they have.
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[He scratches the back of his head for a moment. How does he go about explaining this?]

Okay, so, you've been kidnapped along with a bunch of other people, including myself, by the people who run this tower. And from the introductory computer blog thing someone showed me, you gotta eat the oatmeal before you can have any other food or drink.
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It's here in the cafeteria somewhere. It'll be a bowl with your name on it I think.
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Dealing with fights, a depressing meeting, and even a new Rin and Lancer he did not know of, things were very strange. And tiring too as well, but hey, so long as Yusuke was keeping himself busy, anything was better than being in that state.

That was when he walked into the library, and saw a nearly familiar face. He tilted his head. Maybe that was the original Lancer?

"Yo, Lancer!" Yusuke shouted. "That's you this time, right? And not that Darth Lancer running around or whatever?"
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"You seem a hell of a lot different," said Yusuke, scratching his face. "You supposed to be the original or something? Kinda met your clone in space."

This Lancer seemed way different, as if perhaps more on the intellectual side of things.
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"That space station in space?" Yusuke shrugged a second later, realizing that wasn't helping. "Long story short, some of us are clones. Ya still seem different from that clone Lancer I saw. Heck, your outfit actually looks better than that rubbersuit he had."
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"...You okay?" he asked, blinking at the sudden mood drop. Something has clearly happened, and a touchy subject has been touched. This was not the Lancer he knew.

"...I'm so confused right now, I'm not even sure what the hell to say. That's a first."
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That had to be the absolute best explanation for Yusuke to understand, instantly getting all of it; it helped that he did love playing games. Still, there were a few questions, useless at best maybe.

"So you don't know anything about Rin going dark or anything, or spanking her with a rod or doing other things?" he asked before sighing. "Great, there goes that shot."
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❖ FLOOR 1; Sorry for the delay, on hiatus ;_;

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[ Lancer and pushy women go hand-in-hand. So it's no surprise that he ends up crossing paths with one that looks like she's void of most color; black, white, and red all over. ]

Huh? [ But it seems she's more taken back by his appearance than anything as she steps away from him. ] Lancer..? What happened to you?
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No, you look like you did before... [ Gulping hard. ] Well, you know when!

[ Seems she's not willing to give up the details as to what that incident is. ]
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[ Upon seeing that weapon, her body paralyzes with fear. It's a new feeling, one she hasn't felt for so many years, but still alarming all at the same time. Here she was facing a heroic spirit alone. ]

What... am I? [ That is what gets her to delay her own natural killer instinct as his words sink in. ] An ordinary human magus! That is what I am!
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My smell..? [ She doesn't quite get what he means by that, but staring the weapon down is no good. ] Ugh...

As your Master I command you, Cú Chulainn, to lay down your weapon!

[ Holding up her arm, she's surprised to see the spells not work. Horror begins to set in as she realizes quickly that he's not listening to her, the girl fumbling backwards.

Congratulations on making a fearless entity feel fear once more. ]
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[ This time she's not going to waste her time in getting stabbed. No, instead she's quick to reinforce her legs and leap off to the side into a run. There's no way she can outrun the fastest Servant, but she knows this place well enough. Blowing away door after door, she moves right into the stairwell.

All she has to do is reach another floor. One where she can lose him. ]
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[ Rin's agile, but not enough to outrun the fastest Servant. Easily cut off, she's forced to stumble back down a couple of steps as she looks up at him. ]

Grr... you're really starting to piss me off!
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I won't let you kill me!

[ Her screams resonate through the stairwell as the air thickens, almost as though her own fear was starting to manifest into a physical form around them. ]

I refuse to just lay down and die!
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floor 3

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...uh...hey, you okay? You ain't hurt, are ya?

[Asked by a girl made entirely out of metal. She's wearing a summer school uniform, and a folded axe is fixed to her back like wings. Her every motion came with soft whirring and clicking of tiny intricate mechanisms, and Lancer could probably pick up the scent of oil from her.]

You're lookin' awful upset.
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Whassamatta, then?

[Or, translated from Kansai: 'what on earth is troubling you, good sir?']
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...I ain't gettin' it. It's good you're alive, yeah?