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And so, the king was put in check; OPEN

Who: [personal profile] doublechecks Lelouch, his Shadow and you!
What: Confrontation of Own's Shadow
When: 12th of September
Where: Dormitory Floors
Format: Starts off with prose, goes into action spam!
Warning: Standard Shadow Warning applies!

"You are self-centered. Everything you did was never for her sake."

The words stung, but the apparition disappeared the moment it said it, just as sudden as it appeared. To Lelouch, who had been a firm believer in facts before baseless guessing; The apparition was the very one that was mentioned in the post Yu made; which, if his words were to be believed.

"Wasn't it? Then tell me the answer-"

He spoke to thin air, just as the apparition appeared once more, his figure being a mockery of the chess piece Zero was based off.

"You, of all people should know better, about how I feel about her."

All the accusation did, unfortunately, was to cause the masked figure to shudder, before letting loose a surreal laugh, lacking any manner of sanity.

"Her? She's just something you used for a reason to take over the world! Hell, all you wanted was to let everyone feel the pain of being dethroned from their rightful position!"

To those wandering around the area, you might see the two of them arguing over their past actions.
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[Lancer stares at the arguing boys.]

Okay, quick question--is one of you a shadow, or are you just twins who can't get along?
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