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Trapped in Myself, Body my Holding Cell

Characters: Prussia and YOU!
Setting: The cafeteria for both options.
Format: Starting in prose, but I'll change to whatever you've got.
Summary: Prussia has been caught and droned. You may read the full rundown of his modifications here, but in summary: he's now a ghost from the neck down, and when he malfunctions, he's convinced he needs to kill people for their life essence.
Warnings: Character death and beatings and sword-ings likely. When you post, I'd like you to let me know if you're okay with Prussia attacking and/or killing your character (what this also means is that you should tell me if you're okay with Gilbert changing to malfunctioning in the normal function scenario). I might not actually be able to work out how to kill your characters in all cases, but if you want it, I'll try. Alternately, you can let me know what you'd like me to do here.

Cafeteria, Normal Functioning

Death was now all Prussia knew.

Whenever his mind was active, it was filled with thoughts of his oncoming end. He was dying, he was fading, and there was nothing he could do about it. The thoughts of death would be replaced by a brief but piercing horror every once in a while as he realized he was completely out of control, a prisoner in his own body. His will had been officially taken away from him, and he would most likely never be himself again except for those brief moments when the sentiment that everything was fine abated. The being known as Prussia was effectively dead to the world; his will was completely sealed off from the outside world and would not be seen. All that would be seen was the auto-piloted corpse that scuttled to and fro in the cafeteria, alternating between cleaning the place up and heaping piles of nutrition bars onto plates. (Well, at least the sentiment that others should eat well remained, sort of.)

But wait, there wasn't even a corpse to see! Prussia was really more of a ghost than a corpse at this point, thanks to his modifications. Though he could make himself solid enough to pick up objects (like his sword and its belt), he was nearly immaterial from the neck down. His body was translucent. He wasn't even a corpse; he was a phantom. The condition only reinforced the idea that he was fading away, heaping even more horror on the pile. Prussia had run out of second chances and tricks to keep himself alive. This was the end... if the tower would allow him to end, that is.

Cafeteria, Malfunctioning

Ah, wait! There was something he could do about this fading away! Life essence. He needed others' life essence to restore his body and eventually become whole again. Nations, however, did not possess any abilities for extracting life energy from people, so there was only one option: liberating the life essence by force. Translation: killing people. Suddenly, Prussia dropped the tray of nutrition bars he was carrying and pulled out his sword, pointing it at the people in the cafeteria with what would have been a hungry gaze had his condition not rendered him totally expressionless. Now, who would have the most life energy for the taking...?

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Sam was still in a state of shock from everything that had happened, and was looking round the cafeteria in a mixture of fear and anger. That this had happened angered him, and there didn't seem any way to him to make anything right.

After picking up a couple of nutrient bars he began walking to the exit.
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malfunctioing is fine!

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Sam looked back, this wasn't someone he knew but Sam had soon worked out that those with pink collars were people like him, who had been somehow turned into... things.
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Sam wasn't sure what he had done, but the worker was pulling out a sword and heading his way, Sam pulled out his own blade, though he knew that against one of the big folk in a fair fight he didn't stand much chance at all.
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Death is fine- might as well get the first one over with!

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Sam leaped back, bringing his sword up to try and block, stumbling a little at the power of the other blow, but keeping his head together, looking for a way out of this.
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And that time the blow hit, slicing at his shoulders. Sam stumbled and tried to strike back with his sword.