Characters: [OU] England ([personal profile] keepscalm), the rest of the Hetalia cast, and [OU] Zelda ([personal profile] sageprincess)! CLOSED.
Setting: The hidden floor
Format: Starting action but whatever everyone wants is fine!
Summary: After two and a half years in the Tower, England is finally calling for a meeting of the world. Or what little there is left of it.
Warnings: Idiocy. So much idiocy.

or else of thee this I prognosticate: thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date )
07 November 2013 @ 11:45 am
Characters: Anyone and everyone
Setting: Cafeteria, Noon, Nov 7th
Format: Anything
Summary: A party/discussion mingle after calling a meeting of the residents.
Warnings: tba

The anonymous post on the network was an invitation to gather, discuss and share information. Maybe they would get incredibly lucky and get to the bottom of things, such as who was behind the bombings or the strange things that went on during Quarantine.

Someone has been at work down here in the dining hall, moving the tables around to create a space in the middle in case people felt like dancing. Most of the chairs are around the outside and facing the middle, for everyone to see each other better. There was another space and some chairs for musicians, and a couple of the larger tables were set up with a large buffet of normal cafeteria food (because Zo wasn't likely to poison them) and resident prepared dishes, both clearly marked.

Of course, there was always the oatmeal.

[ooc: Feel free to make your own threads and subthreads!]
04 October 2013 @ 12:27 pm
Characters: Romeo and you
Setting: Meadow, Library, Graveyard
Format: Either
Summary: Romeo gets a very complicated book as a regain, tries to read his book, then discovers some of his friends are gone

I won't let miss Ruana eat your souls! )
03 September 2013 @ 06:45 pm
Characters: Enoch never intended it but, everyone who's up for drinking!
Setting: Cafeteria, throughout the day (sorry team indigo)
Format: Party, do what you want!
Summary: With Riki being generous with the food again, Enoch decides to see, first, if he can still get drunk at all, and second, if being drunk will help keep his new headmate quiet. A (not-so-) surprising amount of people are likely to be interested in drinking with him.
Warnings: Drunken shenanigans. Possible angst because he might actually talk about Eleven under the influence. Might also talk about gory details of the meeting with Ruana. Did I say drunken shenanigans? I think I need to say that again.

Who in the tower doesn't need a drink at this point? )

((ooc: Of course you can approach Enoch like any other log, but due to interest expressed this is actually more of a mingle! Start games and contests if you'd like or just hang out and have your characters get drunk or bodyguard or spectate. Please identify new games and contests in the header to make it clearer to people scrolling through! Naturally there can be several threads of the same game, considering this isn't organized at all.

Have fun, and do keep an eye out for monsters...))
13 August 2013 @ 04:13 pm
Characters: Prussia or Sephiran or Sephira... plus you.
Setting: Varying places
Format: Starting off in prose, but I'll follow you.
Summary: An event catch-all post for my characters! It'd probably be best if you specify who you're interacting with in your subject header.
Warnings: DESPAIR. Other than that, I'm not sure, because I don't think anyone is going to die...? Also, maybe a bit of TL;DR. Sorry.

Prussia- Floor 4 )

Sephiran- Floor 100 )

Sephira- Floor 99 )
09 July 2013 @ 04:56 pm
Characters: Everyone.
Setting: Everywhere, July 11th
Format: Whatever you want - it's a mingle log, after all.
Summary: While Naoya gets the reveal started on the network, Enoch takes care of physical copies.
Warnings: Reveal. Info. Nothing else, inherently.

Ishtar had prophecies. Dax had research. )

((ooc: Mingle log for reactions off the network! Have fun!))
Characters: [OU] England ([personal profile] keepscalm), close CR, and anyone who came from England's network post!
Setting: Room 1-20 and various; put your scenario in the subject line!
Format: Starting action, though I will gladly match! c:
Summary: Zo has given England a gift, and he wants to share it with those who deserve to know.
Warnings: Lots of ugly nation feelings, potentially lots of other ugly feelings too.

and nothing 'gainst Time's scythe can make defence save breed, to brave him when he takes thee hence. )
09 June 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower; please specify the date and location in your subject header!
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for characters to encounter monsters.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary.

01 June 2013 @ 01:09 am
Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A general mingle log for the reaction to the beginning of the Idealism event.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary
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14 April 2013 @ 11:14 pm
Characters: Prussia and YOU!
Setting: The cafeteria for both options.
Format: Starting in prose, but I'll change to whatever you've got.
Summary: Prussia has been caught and droned. You may read the full rundown of his modifications here, but in summary: he's now a ghost from the neck down, and when he malfunctions, he's convinced he needs to kill people for their life essence.
Warnings: Character death and beatings and sword-ings likely. When you post, I'd like you to let me know if you're okay with Prussia attacking and/or killing your character (what this also means is that you should tell me if you're okay with Gilbert changing to malfunctioning in the normal function scenario). I might not actually be able to work out how to kill your characters in all cases, but if you want it, I'll try. Alternately, you can let me know what you'd like me to do here.

Option 1: Cafeteria, Normal Functioning )

17 February 2013 @ 04:28 am
Characters: Cecil Harvey & OPEN
Setting: February 14th–16th; Dorms (she awakens in 3-01), Floor 99, Floor 90, Floor 87, Floor 81.
Format: Prose to start with, but I'll match you!
Summary: Cecil has just arrived in the tower and is finding the whole experience more than a little disorienting. Disheartened by the news that her world has been destroyed, she takes to wandering her apparent new home. I'm really interested in having her affected by one of the tape players, sooo if you're up for tape player shenanigans, put a ♥ in the subject line after your location choice and I'll come hit you up OOC for plotting!
Warnings: None for now!

Intro )

Dorms )

Floor 99 )

Floor 90 )

Floor 87 )

Floor 81 )
Characters: Elena, Reno, and YOU!
Setting: Meadow, Floor 25
Format: ANY
Summary: It’s the Tower’s first ever wedding and most of you are invited to watch! Come and participate in a rare event. Watch out, though, there's rumor that the Admins are attending.
Warnings: …..Ruana. 'Nuff said

Pre-Ceremony Gathering )

The Ceremony )
18 January 2013 @ 11:36 pm
Characters: Prussia and YOU!
Setting: The cafeteria. Backdated to the 18th, which also happens to be Gilbert's birthday!
Format: Starting as prose, but will match!
Summary: It's Gilbert's birthday! It's also his 200th year in the tower. Some woe ensues.
Warnings: Brief mentions of character death and suicide. It's not all bad, though!

I was me, but now he's gone )
03 December 2012 @ 12:15 pm
Characters: Alfred F. Jones, Open
Setting: Room 3-10, Cafeteria, various floors
Format: I'll match you
Summary: The first thing to do when waking up in a strange place is take in your surroundings
Warnings: None yet, except some strong language

Room 3-10 )

Various Floors )

Cafeteria )
12 October 2012 @ 10:38 pm
Characters: Gilbert Beilschmidt/Prussia and YOU! Come on in and greet him!
Setting: Room 3-18, the hallway outside it, and the cafeteria. The morning of the 12th. So Gilbert can go nuts over the pumpkin pancakes.
Format: I'm making the post itself in prose, but I'll happily switch to action brackets for the comments if you want it!
Summary: Gilbert arrives in the Tower. Exploration and mayhem ensues.
Warnings: Possibly PG-13 for potential pottymouthing on Gilbert's part. Also, there may be the messy consequences of consuming something other than oatmeal should you let him eat those pumpkin pancakes. STOP HIM!

Room 3-18 + Dorm Hallways )

Cafeteria )
29 January 2012 @ 04:48 pm
Characters: England and all of the cultured people. Open!
Setting: Floor 25.
Format: Starting action, but will match!
Summary: England is having a teatime picnic. It's long overdue. Threadjacking is okay and welcomed! Join an existing thread and make it a tea party or make a new thread.
Warnings: Probably language since it's England. Also possibly threadjacking, so just say in the subject if you don't want that!

having traffic with thyself alone )

19 November 2011 @ 08:30 am
Characters: AU Eridan, OU Vriska, and Open!!
Setting: Somewhere in the tower, feel free to choose. He's travelling down the stairs for lunch.
Format: Either is fine.
Summary: Eridan is out and about. Meet him! Also Vriska is going to try to feed him to spidermom.
Warnings: Nothing yet. Eridan's foul mouth is certain to be found here.

[Hoarding food can only take you so far. Eridan's still not really talking much to his roommate, mostly because he's a bit resentful that Taiki took a flying leap off the tower with Eridan on his back. Stupid weird paranoid crying kid who claimed to fly but didn't even have wings and stupid Eridan for believing him and stupid tower for existing. He misses Feferi so much his wind tube hurts.

So anyway, he can't ask Taiki to bring him food anymore, so that means he has to go down to the cafeteria. But. He's not scared. Eridan Ampora doesn't get scared. He just doesn't want to have to deal with all this weird glubbing shit.

He is climbing down the stairs, head held high and a very 'come at me bro' look on his face. If anyone wants to give him shit for existing or something, he is so ready]
07 November 2011 @ 11:41 pm
Characters: England and all of you!
Setting: Floor fifteen, the workshop or floor thirteen, the cathedral.
Format: Starting prose. Have action? Will match!
Summary: Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress. England's chief outlets are consumption of tea, and a seam well-sewn.
Warnings: None yet (aside from England having girly hobbies and me writing tl;dr), though as always, most likely language later.

this were to be new made when thou art old )

and see thy blood warm when thou feel'st it cold )
08 September 2011 @ 08:46 pm
Characters: England and all you positively insufferable wonderful people!
Setting: Floor Three
Format: Starting with prose/paragraph/whatever you want to call it, but I'll match.
Summary: Apparently the Shakespeare collections he brought with him aren't enough -- actually finding the library in this godawful place was a small blessing.
Warnings: Language, most likely, gosh England that's so improper (also mild suggestive themes, courtesy of him and fem!France)

of candlemas and crossdressing twins )
05 September 2011 @ 12:16 pm
Characters: Charles Xavier and everyone ever?
Setting: Dorm level 2, around the halls.
Format: Prose, but I'll match brackets as well if anyone prefers it!
Summary: Charles has just woken up not too long ago and is confused and trying to figure things out. Stairs. Stairs defeat him.
Warnings: PG for confused telepath.

Out of all the things in the world, stairs were now his greatest enemy. )