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 Characters: Colette Brunel, open. 
Setting: Everywhere! December 26th-28th.
Format: Any you like!
Summary: After the event!
Warnings: None! Unless moeness counts?

[Colette remembered Christmas last year. It was such fun! A happy celebration to help distract people from the painful events they suffered. And why not have another Christmas celebration this year for the exact same reason?

Besides, everyone was fighting to get out of the tower and return to their homes. Who knows if they would succeed?
 Colette was sure there was a way to save everyone but any sort of encouragement was good, especially after recent events. So what about a good luck charm for everyone?

So, early December, she had decided to give presents. For a while, she spent time in the workshop. She was not exactly a skilled craftsman but she tried her hardest. By December 26th, Colette had made several wooden carvings of dogs - or at least vaguely-shaped like dogs. Again, Colette isn't a very good craftsman.

For the next few days, she can be found exploring the tower. If you bump into her, Colette will hand a funny wooden figurine thing to you.]

Hey! Here, this is for you. I know it's not much, but it's a good-luck charm! We all need one in this place. 

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December 28 (It's still the 28th somewhere as I write this!)

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[Speaking of guys with their heads in the clouds, this guy was floating his way through the tower by virtue of his suit's flight system, intently looking at the letter he'd recieved just before the kerfluffle with Jason. He'd been trying to figure out who this Romeo guy is and what "room number two on floor one" is. Floor One was the cafeteria, wasn't it? But he thought it was just one big room—]


[He looks up from the letter to see Colette there.]

Oh—hey, thanks.

[He'll free up a hand to take the carving she's offering him.]

Dis a talisman of some kind?
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[That gets a small grin from David.]

Heh—yeah, yer right about dat.

[He glances back down at the wooden figurine for a moment, turning it over in his hand. He's ... not really sure what kind of animal this is supposed to be, but it's got to be one, right? It has four legs!]

You been stuck here long?
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Sorry for the delay! Posted an update at the OOC comm just earlier.

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[David likes solving problems, though! Even if, well, he's most adept at solving problems with that rifle of his.]

Dat's good to hear! I mean, uh, on havin' friends, not—y'know, da year spent here. Heh.

[Well, he sure isn't earning any cool points with that one, is he?]

Been a lil' over half a year for me. Funny timing, too, comin' here right as it seemed stuff was really gettin' outta hand.