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Characters: Brunwulf and YOU
Setting: February 9th
Format: Starting action, can match
Summary: Brunwulf goes a wandering within the Tower
Warning: Possible angst

Floor Ninety

The lagoon greets the Nord's surprised eyes with relish. Water. Something Brunwulf missed since being within the tower. He misses swimming deep beneath the cold waters of Skyrim. Feeling the sharp, icy prick of water all around his warm skin, when entering the frozen lakes. Can the water feel the same here? The Nord sits on the edge of the lagoon and dangles his feet in. The water feels inviting.

Yet, there is always something at the back of his mind. Is the water safe? What creatures lurk beneath the calm waves? He had known never to trust the tower and it's surprises. This was no calm haven, but a world full of death and despair. Brunwulf decides to test his doubts. He let out a loud Dragon shout and wonders if anyone else will hear the shout. If so, he has his sword and strength to face any evil, if any evil decides to face him. For now, he is complacent to let his feet soak in the cool waters.]

Floor Seventy Six

The greenhouse always greets Brunwulf with a blast of hot air within it's stuffy interior. He was never one for flora and fauna much, but always appreciated nature and respected it. He moves to pluck a few plant leaves and place them in a leather pouch at his waist. He is collecting herbs to make healing potions. Something, he had spoken to Reno a few weeks before about, when he spotted the red head sitting within the greenhouse. The Nord wonders how many others use the greenhouse for gathering herbs and berries. Others must do surely?

How else can someone heal wounds when attacked by grotesque monsters? There is no help to be found within the tower. None at all. They want everyone to die painfully. This is what Brunwulf believes anyway.]

Floor Eighty-Eight

[Brunwulf steps into the new room and discovers that it looks like some sort of drinking area. A different version of an Inn. There are stools and a bar top of some sort. The room is also filled with stale, acrid smoke. How many people visit this room and do they have a drink? The Nord finds himself wandering close to a strangely shaped object with balls sitting on the top of it. Of course, Brunwulf has no idea that this is, in fact, a pool table. Something alien to the Nord. He pushes one of the balls with his finger and watches it fall into a white net at the corner of the table.

How odd. He moves to sit at the bar top and wonders if there is anyone serving any ale or mead. He could use a drink.]

Service! [He slams a strong palm onto the bar top and awaits a response.]
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Floor Eighty-Eight (I had to put on Skyrim tavern music just for this.)

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[Volunteering to help juice up the tower's systems didn't turn out to go as badly as it could have, or so David wants to think, but the consequences of donating ... whatever it was he donated have been a real monkey on his back.]

[He'd come here looking to see if there was any place in the tower that stocked something like energy drinks. A bar might not be the best place to look for something like that, but hey, Pocket D had them in stock alongside all kinds of booze back on Primal Earth, so it was worth a shot.]

[Only, he never got to check out the bar before fatigue claimed him. David wound up dozing off while seated on a bar stool, slumped over on the countertop in a slovenly fashion.]

[Brunwulf slamming down on the counter, though? That was effective as any alarm clock. With a snort and a shout of surprise, David sits upright with a jerk—and winds up tipping backward on the bar stool, dismounting it and stumbling away from the bar as it falls over.]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wha—?!
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[David glances over to the bar for a second, as if to verify what this dude's saying, before responding. His brain is still "finishing its boot sequence," as it were.]

I'unno, actually. First time I checked da place out myself, and uh—didn't see anyone workin' da bar.

[With his suit's systems mostly offlined and prone to going haywire when they try to reboot from—whatever volunteering to donate did to him—he can't hover in the air to meet the guy eye-to-eye. So now that he's not slumped over on the bar stool, David's shortness is much more readily apparent.]

[David looks more directly at the man, noting he looks a lot like a Viking ought. ... Wait, did he call this place an inn just now? He—did, didn't he?]

... An' I don't think dis is an actual inn, 'cause I seen dat one floor dat's all done up like a hotel just upstairs.
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Sorry about the delay!

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Dis floor? S'just a bar.

[David pauses, thinking how best to put this. Didn't Vikings have something like bars and watering holes back then? They didn't all function as inns, did they?]

Sorta like a pub. You know of dose, right? Or—what did dey call 'em—mead halls? Just a place to party an' get drunk.

[He pauses for a beat, considering the man's other question. Oh, if only his suit actually functioned properly at the moment ...]

As for me—I'm a hero.

[David gives the man a lopsided, if tired-looking, grin.]

But I ain't much to look at right now, I'll grant ya.
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Yeah, don't blame ya. I don't see how anybody could call dis place home, what with how many of da admins are downright punks.

[David rolls one of his shoulders in an attempt to work out a sore muscle, holding onto the shoulder plate with a hand as he does so. This month has really tested his patience and endurance. It's not been the first time he's had to deal with the suit's systems being utterly disabled, leaving him to bear the weight of its armor without any motor assistance—but having to deal with it for an entire month, that's new.]

Anyways, dey call my type a superhero back home. Us types, we go out fightin' crime, stoppin' evildoers, savin' da world. Dat kinda stuff.
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[Ah, the magic of the Rhode Island accent.]


[David gives the viking another grin.]

An' yeah, guess you could say I'm a warrior. I'm da "Blaster" archetype, specifically.
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Archetypes're a way of describin' how a superhero uses dier powers. Like—

[David snaps his fingers a few times, looking off beyond the viking's shoulder in thought.]

—okay, like dis. Picture a guy who's got fire powers. If he uses 'em to fight up close, like punchin' stuff with burnin' hands, or makin' a sword outta fire, he's a Scrapper. But if he's good at slingin' fireballs an' fightin' at range, he's a Blaster.

[He readjusts the cigar in his mouth for a moment.]

Dere's more archetypes, too, but dem's da basics. Me, I got a rifle—[Here he glances down at the Vanguard "Redding" rifle mounted on his thigh before looking back up to the viking—]—uh, guess you wouldn't be familiar with dat. Let's just say I fight with a fancy ranged weapon.

[And gadgets. Lots of gadgets.]

As for my armor—it's a lil' bit of dis, lil' bit of dat. Da core stuff is Crey Crisis Unit powered armor, but I've done lotsa tinkerin' with it over da years, so it ain't really da same.

Put another way, da armor gives me most of my superpowers.
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[Oh yeah. Fur, leather, steel—that pretty much confirms this guy's from the viking ages, or at least ... some sort of dimension that's analogous to it. There's heroes like him in Paragon City, after all—in fact, the viking's somewhat archaic-sounding manner of speech sort of reminds him of one hero from that Shining Stars supergroup.]

[Just. As a human, and as a viking.]

Uh—yeah, I guess dat's a good way of lookin' at it. Started out closer dat way, actually. I mean—I wasn't actually usin' fur an' leather an' what not, but patchin' things up usin' old Army surplus gear. Not as good as da Crisis Unit stuff, yanno? Made of different stuff, didn't have any fancy high-tech systems built in.
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[The viking's question of whether the Crisis Unit was David's tribe or not gets David to actually laugh. Man, how is he going to explain that one? Though he doesn't speak up until he hears of what the viking thinks of his powered armor.]

Da armor prolly could do dat. I dunno if I'd live through it—though. Thing about Crey is, deir armor's really tough stuff, but the, uh ... inner layers, dey can't take a beating like da outside stuff can. So usually Crey armor outlasts da guy wearin' it.

[He adds, with a wry grin:]

An' I got mine "second-hand," so you can guess how dat goes.