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May the odds...

Characters: Minglelog for anyone not involved in the event
Setting: During the first part of the event, in the media room or near any terminal
Format: Whatever!
Summary: As Ruana's chosen dogs set out to hunt and/or run, the rest of the tower watches.
Warnings: very possibly mentions of violence and character death? Will update as needed!

[Sometimes in the morning, strange events start to be broadcasted to the screens of the media room and the terminal, showing familiar faces, though some maybe in not quite so familiar get-ups. Looks like Ruana's game is just about to start!]
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17th media room

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[Sam didn't usually use the network but the amount of people watching had drawn him to it, and he had been shocked by what he saw. Worse, he knew a few of those who were being hunted. Zelda for one and miss Tetra, who was brave and resilient and deserved a lot better than this.] Is there naught we can do? [Asking the room in general]
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Been tryin' to think of somethin'.

[Have one bitter superhero glancing over your shoulder at the terminal and glowering at the screen.]

We got any idea where dey're bein' held?
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Hi mind if I jump in?

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*Enoch's attempt earlier was thwarted by concerned friends and family - but why shouldn't he help perfectly able-bodied people succeed where he can't even try? He speaks up when he hears the discussion.*

Somewhere down below. It's all I know. Attempts to disrupt games and experiments held below have ended poorly in the past, but...I don't know that's reason to not try.
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I don't mind at all!

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Down below. [Sam frowned, even if it ended poorly they had to try right?] Do you know how to get down there? [He had heard of people trying, going down the elevators. He wasn't sure how well that would work]
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None they haven't since caught on to. Except... *He gets up and heads to sit closer to Sam and David, and lowers his voice.* ...there is a door in the garden below our dormitories. My friend tells me Riki revealed it to the people who attempted to free us from the rooms that became our prisons.
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[David had turned back to look at Enoch when he spoke up. But it's not until Enoch reveals that door in the garden that he speaks up, looking sharply over to the warrior-scribe as he does so.]

Can it take us down dere?

[He keeps his voice similarly muted, almost like a growl.]
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[Sam leaned closer, sensing Enoch's wish for privacy. A secret door and Sam remembered, he had been one of those attempting to free the others. He nodded, adding to David's question]
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It might. I don't know with any certainty, I only heard of it from someone I know who was down there. I was...I was in one of the rooms, myself. It's the only thing I can think of which they might not realize we can use yet.
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Well, dat's da best lead we got.

[David glances between Enoch and Sam.]

We're gonna hafta get a team goin', 'specially anybody dat does stealth.
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Well I'm sure if we ask around we will find people [There were enough people who looked worried or angry at what they were seeing after all.]
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I'm sure you will. My friends would sooner tie me to a chair than see me go with you, so I'm afraid my ability to help is limited.

*Unless he can manage to escape their watch completely.*
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Dat's arright—but you wouldn't happen to know anybody we could ask right off da bat, wouldja?
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Your friends should know not to stop you. [He understood trying to keep people safe, but stopping them from doing what they knew was right didn't sit well with Sam. He waited though, to hear the answer to David's question.]
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Anyone in this room is a start. We all have people we want to rescue. Other than that, our powerful friend is a good option.

*He hopes they realize he means Aria. He assumes Ruana is watching everyone watch the "game", so he avoids mentioning her too specifically.*