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Time goes on without you...

Characters: Meiling and you!
Setting: Dorm room 1-17 or throughout the halls.
Format: Will match!
Summary: Meiling is back in the tower..and has no idea what to think about it...

[Dorm 1-17]
Some would think after spending so much time on their ruined world that seeing the ceiling of the tower would be somewhat of a relief to one. With Meiling's memory being so fuzzy, She wasn't even sure she was really coming back or had been there the entire time. But either way was not a happy prospect for the gate guard. Her heart was heavy with what she could remember, from both her wanderings and the last things she could remember...none of which helped her state of mind.

With that in mind, she quickly darted to her trunk to grab up her clothing so she could get changed...but the lack of her hat has her paused in is the fact some of her items were just out right GONE. What in the world happened?

[Hallways and Anywhere really.]

Well, once she finally gets dressed back in her outfit, the gatekeeper takes to the hallways, searching for faces she knew or even someone to tell her what has happened. She knows what she should probably do but..Part of her is afraid to even go and find out everything...
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[ someone else also appears to be in the process of waking up, though she's not as frantic. in fact, she seems oddly calm. Or maybe she's still half-asleep.

Either way, she pitter-patters out of bed and looks around the room, confused. ]

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[ She's silent for a moment, stifling a yawn and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. ]

Seems so. This is getting so tiresome. What is this, the sixth time...?
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[...familiar voices. That's a truly welcome relief, even for someone as used to silence as Patchouli tends to be. There's something of a wan smile on her face as she turns the corner and follows the sound.]

...Remi. Meiling.

It has been entirely too long.
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[ Remilia herself just freezes. She hadn't heard that voice in a long, long time. Sometimes she wondered if she'd ever hear it again. But there it was.

Slowly, slowly she turns around. Internally, she's suppressing the urge to duck behind Meiling, as as much as she wants to, it'll do her no good. It probably isn't her own Patchouli. She was just another one of Val's clones, after all. And this one didn't seemed to be scarred.

There's not much she can do, either way. The look on her face pretty much says 'emotionally drained'. ]

Hello, Patchouli.

[ She really hopes Patchouli doesn't ask about the burn scars all over her body, or the huge tear in her wing, but she's mentally prepping herself anyway. She hardly looked the same. ]
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I wonder, too...I can't even tell exactly how long it's been.

[Patchouli can't help but notice those burn scars and the tears in Remilia's wing. Shouldn't Jason have healed those? Unless it's too's a shame now that she doesn't have any proper kind of healing magic. She'd try, if she did.]

It's good to see you, Remi. It's been entirely too long.

[The words 'what happened?' are right there, but she swallows them for now.]
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'Glamour system' failure? I don't think I like the sound of that.

[ hesitating. Oh, well, at least she can hide the topic for a while. She's almost grateful for something else foreboding to latch onto. ]
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It's nothing to like the sound of. The short version is that the ones who brought us here have brought our souls, not our real bodies. These bodies we have are 'glamour' - it's not unlike magic, but there's more Outside World technology involved.

If the system goes down, all that's visible is the outline of a body and the spark of the soul.

[She sighs softly, folding her arms over her chest.]

...but I agree. I was on my way to check the library and the terminals when I heard your voices.
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[ She's silent for a moment after Patchouli's explanation, and then: ]

Oh, of course. Of course there's some kind of catch! We can't just be transported to some kind of horror dimension and subjected to more torture, we have to be bodiless projections, too!

[ Remilia tears her hat off of her head and angrily wrings it between her hands, almost to the point of ripping the fabric. Never has she this quickly gone through a case of mood whiplash. Okay, so she was just a clone. She was learning to live with that. But her body wasn't even real any more? Really? All that made her was a copy of someone's soul.

And for that matter, why the hell did they feel the need to copy all of her injuries onto this body, anyway? If it was just some kind of magic, why wasn't she healed? Was that intentional mockery? ]

Goddammit, why can't I ever catch a fucking break? Why can't we ever catch a fucking break?

[ turning to Meiling ] Go if you want. I don't really care.
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[...what is there to say, after something like that? The recoil from that sudden outburst is palpable, though it really only shows in Patchouli's eyes. They widen for a brief moment and then go back to normal.

She doesn't say anything for a long moment. It's clear that something else has happened, but she doesn't know all of the details. After that moment, reaches out and gently puts a hand on Remilia's shoulder.]

...that, I can't say. I don't -

[She sighs.]

- I don't know. I do know that the most important thing is what's inside, their strange experiments or not.

It feels like there's something I'm missing, though.

[Her eyes flicker upwards to Meiling's, in a quiet request to stay for just a moment longer.]

Remi, I don't remember seeing you the first time I was here. Meiling, do you remember anything before the time I was here that might -

[that might explain why the people that brought you here brought Remi here hurt, she wants to ask.]

- that might explain...?
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[ She flinches at the touch, but doesn't recoil. ]

I haven't seen you in over a year, Patchouli. Two, if you want to count all the time I've spent trekking in a ruined visage of Gensokyo. Last time I went to sleep in this damnable place, it was only me, Meiling, and the little bug. [ pause ] You probably came here after I "left."

Otherwise, it's a long story. And I'm getting kind of tired of telling it.
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[That flinch isn't like Remilia at all.]

...I see. It's another one of those 'alternate worlds' things, then. It's the only explanation for why it's been only a year since I saw you last, and then...

[...and then you didn't look like this.]

Whatever happened, it's in the past now. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not worried about you, Remi, but I won't push the question.
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Like I's a long story. I was somewhere else before I was here. [ sighing ] Are we going to do something? Or just stand around here shuffling our fe--

[ abruptly her words cut off as she sees the silvery glint reflected off the bed's metal edging ]

...where did you get that?
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[She is going to book-chop the hell out of someone. Or just turn danmaku fatal, one of the two.]

...I see.

[She'll raise an eyebrow at that knife, then go back to her usual inscrutable expression. She has a guess, but it's not her place to say.]

It's not uncommon for people to have weapons here, as a means of protecting themselves. I'm going to guess it was a gift from someone.
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[ Remi takes the handle carefully, turning the blade over in her hands. ]

She...what happened to her?

[ She feels as though she's been punched squarely in the gut. ]
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[Patchouli eyes that knife a bit more carefully, and as she does, she can feel the pit of her stomach drop. It's unmistakably one of Sakuya's.]

...I should have been there, whatever it is that happened.

[The tone of those words is sympathetic, almost apologetic.]
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[ She frowns, tucking the knife into one of the folds of her dress. ]

I don't even want to think about the two of them wandering in a broken world.

[ A shaky sigh. Remilia looks as if she's going to start crying, but ultimately she keeps herself composed. ]

You just woke up here, didn't you, Meiling? [ blinking ] If that means what I think it does, all three of us were brought back at the same time...although I didn't see either of you in that pathetic excuse for a Gensokyo.

This all feels rather ominous.
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[Patchouli simply nods at Remilia's first statement.]

I didn't see anyone in that 'dead' Gensokyo. I believe there's a reason for that, though.

We were all brought back at the same time, but brought here from three separate points where the timeline 'split'. It split for you, Remi, when you were taken to that other place, and for Meiling and I when we were brought here the first time.


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