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Chocolate hearts (Attn Leon)

Characters: Shion and Leon
Setting: Hallways I guess
Format: prose or action brackets
Summary: Shion and Leon meet, unfortunately Leon has just eaten a caramel chocolate.
Warnings: Violence, blood, death, creepiness, horror.

Shion had gotten the box of chocolates with the note but he hadn't eaten any yet. He was trying not to think about what had happened in the Midnight Game and so the teddy bear had spent most it's time in Shion's trunk.

He saw a boy about the same age as him and smiled at him as he passed by, even if he spent most of his time here afraid it did not mean he couldn't be polite and friendly to others..
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Leon paused in his stride when he saw Shion, despite that he normally would have passed without more than a cursory glance. It was just something about his smile that he couldn't shake.

He nodded his head in his direction, and moved to approach him.

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"I'm fine. You?"

Leon wasn't much for small talk, but he was just so incredibly intrigued by this individual and he couldn't pinpoint why. His pulse quickened as he regarded him curiously.
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"Yes, I arrived a few days ago. Have you been here long?"

For some reason, it just felt like formality to ask that. He wasn't particularly interested, his mind was elsewhere - like tracing Shion's features. He looked him over once, maybe twice, before his gaze settled on his chest. He had this overwhelming urge to take the man's heart for his own. It should be his, right?
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"That won't be necessary. I've done some reconnaissance already."

Leon's hand slid to his sword, and he casually pulled it from the sheath. His eyes flicked down to the blade as he tested the sharpness against his finger before glancing back up to the target of his affections. Not yet, but soon. Soon he'd have that heart he wanted beating in his grasp.

"What can you tell me about this place?"