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Cordially Cuckoo

Characters: Samus and anyone who happens into her path.
Setting: All through the tower - specify a floor if you want something other than a generic area.
Format: Starting prose, will match.
Summary: Samus had a Cherry Cordial, and is on the hunt.
Warnings: Imminent sadism and violence.

So. No one warned Samus about those candies around the tower.

She only had one - and afterwards, she felt like she really ought to get some practice in. Practice in hunting targets. Practice in letting them know they were being hunted.

So now she's wandering about in her armor, slowly, finding someone to make a target.
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Dated after Sheik's network post.

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[An insane demon, a stalker child, and now a bounty hunter. Truly, this one is skillful in collecting pursuers.

But it's not entirely a new concept, either. Sheik had spent seven years on the run from the King of Evil. He knows how to hide, how to escape, how to move undetected. And it's those skills he's falling back on now that the tower's gone mad.

He moves very quickly and quietly, but there are occasions when he stops - to peer around a corner, to see if he's being followed, to listen for those heavy, metallic footfalls of a certain woman in armor...]
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[Clank, clank, clank--

Samus is getting closer, and it makes Sheik's heart race in primal fear like nothing else. He doesn't have much time; she'll be upon him soon, and given that armor, he doesn't stand a chance of beating her in combat. He needs to get away - the stairs are just around this bend, aren't they? If he can just make it there, then...

Cautiously, he peeks out, only to see the bounty hunter herself stalking down the hall.

Well, crap.

Sheik quickly retreats back behind cover and starts dashing in the opposite direction. Please lose her, please lose her, please lose her...]
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[... She's playing with him--

Sheik curses under his breath, and though he flinches at the sound of each shot, he doesn't stop running. Dammit, some deku nuts would be really handy right about now...

The hall opens up into a room with couches and heavy armchairs, and Sheik quickly dives behind one for cover.]
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[Sheik's ears prick at the change of sound, confused and wary. What in the world--

... And then there's an explosion and a flying chair, and he practically jumps out of his skin. Samus' technology is beyond his comprehension and honestly, it would probably freak him out even if he wasn't being actively hunted.]

What are you doing?!

[There's no way she doesn't know where he is; why is she playing games?]
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Fashionably late, of course.

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[Sheik, of course, only has enough time to question the sudden absence of his cover before it is forcibly given back to him.

It hits, and Sheik cries out in pain. Damn, damn, damn--]
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Bahaha, s'all good, bro.

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[Getting hit with a piece of heavy furniture does not exactly lend itself to moving quickly after the fact, and though he attempts to scramble away, there's too much pain coursing through his body to attempt standing.

A narrowed blood red eye regards Samus coldly, stubbornly.]

About what? The Princess you seek? Even if I knew where she was, I would not tell.
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[Okay, so. He doesn't know what the droning sound means exactly, and the energy charge is unfamiliar to say the least, but he has a feeling that it is not good for his continued well being.]

A bargaining chip? For whom? I am but a shadow, transient and fleeting. You will find no one that would hold my life over that of royalty.

[Stalling... stalling...]