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[o2] ✦ CORPSE PARTY (mingle log) ✧

Characters: Ghirahim ([personal profile] lordoffabulous), Skyward Sword!Link's body ([personal profile] theherourherocouldbelike), and YOU poor people.
Setting: The dormitories (Zelda's room), and floors 25 (meadow), 11 (open air floor; daytime), 4 (glass walls floor), and 1 (cafeteria) during the daytime, backdated to Feb. 7th, after this thread (which has Skyward Sword Spoilers!)
Format: Whatever anyone wants!
Summary: Ghirahim has finally killed Link, and he's making a show of it by leaving his arms and legs around, as well as making a general announcement. Unfortunately, no one will be talking to him directly unless they catch his attention...
Warnings: HORRIBLE gore warnings including dismemberment, blood, and violence. Oh, and Ghirahim is kind of a warning in and of himself. Also there is, as always, the potential for spoilers for the endgame of Skyward Sword.

[ Hello, Tower-goers!

You may have been going about your business as per usual... except for until you heard, or saw, some random person scream.

On four different floors, there is a body part; two legs, two arms, fingers, and so on. Throughout the fourth floor and staircase leading up to the fifth and sixth, however? It's worse. Oh, so much worse. There is a long trail of blood that suddenly just... disappears. The blood trail begins again on the stairs, and those that seek it will find that the blood has made a progression to several different floors.

The remainder of a green tunic can be found, soaked in blood, on the staircase.

Or, perhaps you were eating your lunch when all of a sudden, a leg appeared in the middle of the air along with... quite a bit of human, bright red blood.

And Ghirahim's momento? Why, Link's hand, of course! There is even, in fact, now a hand in the freezer.

It was essentially impossible to miss the horrific 'gifts' left about, to be frank. One would think the Tower's administrators may have been responsible, but they are not. If that wasn't bad enough, though, Ghirahim's voice echos on several floors, though the broadcast of sorts, created via the same magic he is so well known for, can be seen live should someone be on the 11th floor when Ghirahim snaps his fingers and begins speaking.

Every floor possible to be accessed in the Tower will find a singular yellow diamond broadcasting his voice from inside it: ]

To all of you also here, I must say... I find this Tower decidedly lacking in any sort of decent decoration. The walls are just drab! I've taken the liberty of sprucing up the design a bit; red can do SO much for a place, don't you think...?

But paint alone is quite boring~! Why use paint when that of the fated Knight of Hylia's would do the job just as well? I do hope you enjoy my gift, though--you have Link himself to thank for this one, the little scamp, as he has defied me far too much.

Oh, and I do recommend that someone find me a proper paintbrush. It might be fun if we painted the whole place~!

[ With that, Ghirahim will be disappearing from the 11th floor and his voice from everywhere else, along with the diamonds. Feel free to react, overreact, or scream in horror at the soaked with blood limbs, still freshly warm, and the blood on the walls, just now drying. ]

[ (This next part can safely be ignored by anyone who isn't Zelda's roomie or her, herself, by the way.)

The Princess of Hyrule would find a SPECIAL present on her bed in her room in the dormitory floor. The torso was left in Zelda's room on her bed, bleeding and quite dead, head left attached. From his chest it is obvious that his death was caused by punctured lungs and that Ghirahim had taken the time to carve a neat little diamond into Link's flesh around his vital parts, taking careful, almost surgical precision not to kill him when he did it.

In the middle of that, Zelda will find a lovely, handwritten note on a piece of paper in wavey cursive Hylian:

"To the Spirit Maiden:
I've taken the liberty of leaving your little knight for you here.
He's been rather brave; I'm sure he deserves a kiss from his love's descendant! ♥

... Consider him my little gift to you for our conversation earlier.
If you don't tell me what I want to know... I will have to win your heart over with many more gifts of this sort, my dear girl. I MUST know, just as I must have you.
Play nice. No one likes a naughty princess.

[ ooc; TL;DR: there's a bunch of body parts laying around on the specified floors, a hand in the freezer, oh, and of course, blood on the walls and staircases from the fourth to sixth floor in a sort of trail. This is all Ghirahim's doing.

SO WHAT IS THIS? IT'S A MINGLE POST! A CORPSE PARTY GUYS, no really, go NUTS! Ghirahim will not be responding and neither will SS!Link because he's lolded, unless you really do actually ping the former. Threadhop, horrify your characters, HAVE FUN. It's time to put the "horror" in our "horror game". : D ]
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[Shortly after Ghirahim's announcement, those in and around the first dormitory floor will hear the most horrified scream emanating from room 1-09, and, if they are in the hallways, see the princess vacating her room looking as though death itself has taken up residence there.

Yeah, that... is definitely not the best thing to wake up to.]
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[Minami skids to a stop right by Zelda, evoker in hand. She'd heard the scream and, naturally, had come to investigate and see if someone needed saving:]

What's wrong, Miss?
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Li... Link-- he... On the bed, he's--

[Sorry, Minami, she can't really form coherent sentences right now. She does point towards her room, however, covering her mouth with her other hand as if she is going to be sick.]
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[Minami grabs her by the shoulders, seeing how distraught she is.]

Breathe, okay? [How many times has she herself been freaked out and wished someone had told her that?]

I'll be just a second, but focus on deep breaths, okay?

[That said she turns and peeks her head into the door. Upon seeing the mangled corpse laying on the bed she goes pale, even sick to her stomach, and backs away. She tries to be sedate about it, but there's only so much you can do with a dead body right there and she jumps a bit.

When she turns back to Zelda, her smile is strained but there. Stay calm. She needs to stay calm when Zelda is obviously panicking.]
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[Miraculously, Minami's words seem to get through to her, and she nods, taking in deep, unsteady breaths.

As the girl looks into her room, she just watches in shaky silence, the image of Link's torso more than burned into her mind. ... And she can't help thinking is this my fault? Did he do this because I wouldn't tell him about Ganondorf--?

When Minami turns back to Zelda, all she'll get is a pleading look, one looking for answers and assurance.]
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[Minami bites her lip at the pleading look. This woman looks only a little older than her and she has every right to be freaked out. That's her friend in there if she knew his name and--and--

Minami walks up to her and hugs her tight. She needs one just from seeing the body, she can only imagine how this woman must feel.]

It.... It's okay. It'll be okay. We.... do you want to make him comfortable or.... or do you need to get away?
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[She isn't used to physical contact, truth be told, much less from a complete stranger. But... she really does need it right now, and so she returns the hug with shaky arms. It takes her a moment of heavy, frightened breathing, but she does manage to respond eventually.]

I... I do not know. A moment. I-I think I need a moment...
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[Minami isn't used to it, either, but she remembers how much Akihiko looked like he needed a hug when Shinjiro died and Minami has no qualms about hugging another girl. She only nods.]

Okay. Okay. Take all the time you need, Miss. It's.... it's going to be.... well, not okay. But.... but we'll.... [And she goes quiet, realizing she has no idea what to say. So she laughs awkwardly in hopes to relieve the tension running through both of them.] I'm sorry, I'm really bad at this.
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[For a brief moment, the corners of Zelda's lips quirk up into a smile, but there's no mirth or joy behind it. It's merely a response to the other's nervous laughter.]

No, no... I appreciate the effort, truly, thank you, it's just... I...

[Her voice drops to a whisper, and if she were of a better state of mind, she would be kicking herself for sounding so vulnerable.]

I am scared.

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[Willow can't let something like this rest once it's happened, and she especially wants answers about Ghirahim. His motives, what he was capable of, what he was.

So she's looking around the crime scenes, anxious and angry and nearly sick. Zelda can run into her?]
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[Despite putting Link to rest (temporary it may be), despite how distraught and tired she feels, she knows there's more to be done. Link's body... it wasn't whole. And it's entirely likely Ghirahim decided to give others the same sort of sickening "gifts".

She should... find them, at least.

Descending the staircase, she comes across what's left of Link's tunic, and, sucking in a breath, bends to pick it up. Only then does her frazzled mind realize there was someone else looking at it.]

... Oh, my apologies, miss.
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--No, don't apologize. I'm... not sure what to do.

[Willow bites her lip, still shaken by everything she'd seen and almost immobile. Seeing something like this brings home more than ever how much Buffy isn't here.] Are you cleaning up?
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I suppose, yes. Someone needs to.

[She frowns, because honestly the thought makes her sick, but it's something that needs to be done. Forcing it to become something she can categorize as 'duty' makes it easier, somewhat.]

And... I am also at a loss for what to do next.
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[Willow's been thinking about this, and after a moment she suggests hesitantly,] We could burn everything? I know the spell for that.

I don't... think he'd want any of this back.

[Even if she knows by now that it's not the Link that she knows, Willow is inclined to think similarly of him. She's still faintly numb with horror, but not surprise, not at all. She should be used to things like this by now, and she is, a little. But that doesn't stop how hurt and angry she feels, that sense of disbelief of how could someone really do this, how could it exist?

And she hates more than anything else that the way she has to react has to be with violence, herself. Because Willow knows better than to expect that anything else would work.]
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[There's an idle sort of headtilt at that.]

You are versed in magic?

[And you are going to assist her in this? Goodness, she's met some kind people today...]

... No, I do not believe so either. And I cannot think of any better alternative.

[She desperately wishes she knew the customs of... wherever Link was from that was not Hyrule. Perhaps then she would feel less lost going about this grim task. But cremation seems... respectful, at least. Definitely more so than leaving things as they lie currently.]
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Yeah, I'm a witch. [Ordinarily she'd be perkier about that proclamation, be excited to talk about magic, but today there's a heavy quality to her voice that won't leave. All of Willow's latent grief and reservations are rushing back.]

I... have to admit I didn't want to do this alone. [She shivers faintly, and turns reluctant.] I guess we should get started.

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[After Ghirahim's announcement and the blood, and the body Romeo was very pale. He had known his roommate was not a Good Person, but he had not believed that he was truly a Bad Person either. Until now.

In room 1-02 he is packing his bag, easy since he has a spare shirt, a book, a couple of puppets and Piccolo. He's not running away, of course not. He just needs to get better at fighting before he can sleep in here again. Because Ghirahim is really really bad and needs to be taught a lesson.]

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[Did someone say corpse party?

Aradia's making her way downwards when she sees the trail of blood starting from the sixth floor stairwell. Which of course means she has to follow it right up to the limb she finds on the fourth floor. Obviously the logical thing to do as far as she's concerned is to pick up the severed limb and examine it far more closely than should seem reasonable]
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[Willow had immediately started following the trail of blood as well, trained after too many years of Scooby-ing to ignore something like that, or do the sensible thing and go in the other direction. She's cautious, hesitant even, but eventually she comes upon Aradia holding a severed hand.

She swallows at the gore, and comes closer, voice hushed.]
Aradia? Do you know what's going on?

This-- this looks like... [That awful guy with the ugly hair and the diamonds, did he really do this to Link? Was it even her Link?] I heard what he said, but how could he have really done this?

[She knows how. She does know, that villains can do this and worse, no hesitation. But Willow still doesn't want to believe it.]

[personal profile] verymuchalive 2012-02-20 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[Aradia looks up at the sound of Willow's voice, in no rush to drop the hand]

I have no idea. I just saw the blood and followed it here...you know, this wasn't what I would have expected the inside of a hand to look like.

[Give her a moment, still finding this fascinating]

He who?
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[She's standing well back from the hand, not just grossed out but disturbed, slightly nauseous to think that it was Link's-- any Link's.]

Someone I met earlier. He had a cape and a lot of purple and was not human, or troll. He was talking about killing Link, and other people, too, but I... I didn't think he'd do something this fast.

Can we please be fascinated later? [she begs.] I don't want to know what the inside of a hand looks like.

[personal profile] verymuchalive 2012-02-21 05:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, really? How long ago was that?

[At Willow's latter comment she drops the hand, looking suitably chastised]

Sorry. You're right. We should figure out what happened, and if anyone's still in danger of being killed.
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Not too long. Maybe a week?

[She's hugely relieved that the hand is put down now.] Yeah, I... do you think there's any clues we need to look for here, or can we-- on the stairs, with the talking? [Willow can hold herself together if she has to, but she can't pretend it's pleasant.]

[personal profile] verymuchalive 2012-02-21 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
A week? I'd say that's plenty of time for someone to follow up on threatening to kill someone.

[She scans the room at Willow's question, shrugging lightly]

I'm not sure. Terezi would know what to do better than I do. But I guess we should probably leave it for someone who knows what they're doing?
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I'm used to my enemies having plans, and... goals. Things that they want to do that aren't just-- mayhem.

But maybe he does. [Her brow furrows, distracted from being disgusted by the practical thought of demon fighting.] He seems really fixated on Link, even aside from the gruesome murder. --Yeah, let's... get out of here.

[Walking to the stairs, then? Though Willow never expects someone else to come along who knows what they're doing better than she does. Not that she knows what she's doing; it's just that backup doesn't exist, for her. She is the backup.

So she can't help but feel like she needs to deal with this herself, no hesitation, especially after what she'd said to Ghirahim.]

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