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[ OPEN ]

Characters: Belarus and YOU
Setting: Floor 25
Format: Action
Summary: Newbie curious about whats going on.
Warnings: It's Belarus, there may be some mild cussing.

[ this place was weird, the bright flowers and sunny weather that filled the room. belarus had no idea where she was, it irritated her but at the same time this place was quite peaceful — she found herself enjoying sunflowers that were by a small lake. leaning in to dip and taste some of the fresh water.

it would probably remain at peace until another person showed up in the room... ]

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[Romeo liked this floor, it was one of his favorite places and had been nice to go to when it had been very cold in winter.

He saw the woman sitting in the sunflowers and smiled at her. Bad things had been happening again (though really, there wasn't many times when bad things wern't happening) and it was nice to see someone who didn't look scared.]

Hello miss!
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[At the knife Romeo blinked, he stood still hoping she was just frightened and didn't actually want to hurt him. He had his knife with him, the one that he had made but he didn't draw it.]

I'm Romeo miss! Are you new?
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In a tower miss! It's not a very nice place but the bad people wont let us go home.
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The bad people... we don't know who they are but there's four or five of them and they live somewhere in the tower which we can't get to.
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Preston stared at the young looking woman. Why, exactly, was she drinking directly from the lake? That couldn't be very healthy at all. Especially when one considers just how many people lived here.

"Er..." So just what was he supposed to say to her? Stop drinking that water? Perhaps, then again he didn't really know who she is at all.
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"Why are you drinking water straight from a lake?" He didn't know why, but that was bothering him slightly. Just who does that? And without even purifying the water first.
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"Er...ri-right...I can see that." Of course that wasn't exactly the answer that he was looking for.
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To him it deserved a simple answer. So he was not really put off at her answer at all. "Um...well why are you drinking out of the lake? There should be plenty to drink around the tower." Much better places than drinking directly from a lake anyway.