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Some are born great, some achieve greatness...

Characters: Princess Zelda and England
Setting: Room 1-20, set just after this thread.
Format: Action?
Summary: Gandalf wants Zelda to create and lead the Fellowship of Animus. Zelda is kind of really unsure about the whole thing, and decides to seek guidance from the one person she knows has experience with royalty.
Warnings: None!

["Your team will need a leader, and I believe if anyone is capable that it would be you."

Goddesses above, what is she getting herself into.

"You're a leader, right? I think you know what I mean."

She's inexperienced! Untested! She's made awful mistakes in the past! She hardly even knows how to be a princess anymore, much less one that can lead competently. And yet...

"I can think of no better candidate to unite the free people of this tower."

Even people she has barely met believe her to be a leader.

These are the thoughts that war within the Princess of Hyrule's head as she makes her way out of the library on the nineteenth floor and through the tower. She doesn't know if she should wish Impa were here, considering the tower's dangers, but she could really use her attendant's guidance right now...

... Maybe she knows someone who will do just as well.

There's a moment of hesitance as she stands before Room 1-20, fist raised to knock but frozen in air, but she eventually swallows her pride and drums upon the door.]

Arthur? Are you there? It is Zelda.
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[England doesn't exactly have a lot of visitor. Perhaps in part because he's not a social creature, and perhaps in part because of his line-up of roommates, which are an...intimidating assortment. Willow visited him the one time, but she's-- well, Willow, that's all.

He doesn't have time to stow away all the bundles of thread, needles, and embroidery hoop that are scattered on his bed, so he just gently pushes them aside before he goes to answer the door. Upon seeing Zelda, he gives a good-humoured smile.]

'Ello. And to what do I owe the pleasure, your highness?
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[Seeking counsel from him? He wonders, with the utmost respect, if the princess had recently suffered some head trauma. People don't really come to him with problems.

But, far be it from him to turn her away, especially when she looks so troubled.]
It's no trouble at all. Do come in, and I hope you'll excuse the untidiness. You may take a seat, if you'd like.

[He steps aside and gestures her in with a sweep of his arm. Such a gentleman, he is.]
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[He really may not be the best person to seek advice from about revolutions.

He shuts the door behind her and seats himself primly next to Zelda, smoothing out the covers a little before he does so.]
Well, there aren't many ways to announce a visit with the communication here.

What ails you?
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[Thankfully, though revolutions aren't really his thing, England has had a great many leaders, both brilliant and terrible ones. So he's kind of familiar with what works and what doesn't.]

Well, here's your time to test it. Experience doesn't appear from thin air.

If you truly think that it's beyond your limitations, I would suggest respectfully declining, for the good of everyone. However, if you think that with more polishing that it would be possible, perhaps begin taking up small tasks that involve directing groups. Teach something, maybe, or lead an exploration of some sort. See how comfortable you are giving direction and having people look to you for guidance. And, most importantly, see if you are comfortable with people placing trust in you to keep them as safe as you can. It's a large weight to carry on one's shoulders -- a leader needs to be able to bear that weight with dignity, for the good of their followers.

But I can say for sure that it's hard to say definitively if you'll be a good leader unless you are put into a situation where you can try. [Centuries of politics have taught him that much.]
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[He gives her an almost confident quirk of the lips -- not a smirk, exactly, but it has a visible undercurrent of pride.] Good. You're accepting responsibility. A wonderful first step.

[That said, he leans forward to prop his elbow on one of his legs and rest his face in his hand.]

Let's start this way, then. What are your skills? And don't omit anything out of modesty. A leader needs to be confident and aware of their own abilities.
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All good things to know. More than some leaders can say. As for the magic, it depends on the type and the belief of the student, I've found. [It's pretty hard to teach magic of any kind to someone who doesn't believe in it.]

And what of your social skills? Are you good at making friends, instilling fear, mediating arguments, or reassuring people? Anything along those lines.

[He almost added "manipulation", but he doesn't think Zelda is the type of person to go down that route.]