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Operation: Tear Shit Up

Characters: Princess Zelda and her merry band of rebels
Setting: The staff elevator and the inner tower -- Day 3 of the Labyrinth event
Format: Action is faster?
Summary: Zelda is sick and tired of this BS and has resolved to bust in and save those trapped within the labyrinth.
Warnings: This is a suicide mission, folks. Death, violence, etc is a given.

[She has a plan. She has a group at the ready. Now all that's left is to set everything into motion.

And so, dressed in her Sheikah garb (though the transformation isn't complete - she doesn't want to be completely unrecognizable to those she met on the network, after all), she awaits the rest of her party at the staff elevator.]
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And that's about it. Link is fully equipped and expecting the worst. By Zelda's side, even if their sleep had been far from sound. ]
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[Zelda's not the only one dressed for the occasion - a man in half-and-half colored armor and a silvery scarf walks up. When he speaks, it's the voice of the fedora-wearing man from the network.]

So, what's the plan to get through this thing? [He motions at the elevator with one hand as he says this.]
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[ Gandalf's here as well, with his staff and sword, but since the princess asked him, he's not gonna go down the elevator. It would be a bad idea what with his powers being halved anyway.

He'll provide tactical support though, and will back Zelda's team up if anything bad happen in the tower while they're down. No matter how doomed he thinks this plan is. ]
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[This Zelda approached them finally, decked out with what little she has hidden beneath her all encompassing cloak; she figured that if the Princess was the one leading it all, then there might be others there that may not approve of her, so hiding may be best...
But it's obvious she's here to help, and she gives those who are there already a nod in greeting.]
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[Link was a bit late. He had been on the meadow floor, practicing his skills and before he knew it, it was past time for him to go.

When he arrives, he smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of his head in apology.]
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[Fado had been standing with the Princess once more, playing lightly on his violin to fill the empty air. Not to disrespect the gravity of the situation though-- and he stopped as more people started arriving. While he wasn't very combative, he could certainly be tactical when it was needed!]

Why, break through the barrier, of course. [He waved his bow in the direction of man in strange armor.] With the proper magic power, any non-physical barriers can easily be dispelled by the Princess. After that, it's a matter of forcing the weak point; the point where the doors meet.
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[Truth be told, Xion had a lot of warring emotions right now, as she ran towards the the elevator to meet the others. Sora was still down there. Riku was too. There were monsters that she'd seen. She'd already put in her sponsorships for the day, wanting them to be safe...

Except there was a problem. Her Keyblade wasn't working again. Nor were any of her powers. She isn't sure what she can do at this point to help, but she doesn't want to sit and do nothing again. Not like last time... And yet what was she supposed to do...?

Regardless, she said she'd help, so she's here.]