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Escape attempt take one.

Characters: Suzaku Kururugi and Link
Setting: Floor eleven, might move to floor 20, just after ( this conversation.
Format: Prose? Though if you want to do action I can switch
Summary: Suzkau and Link decided it would be a smart idea to scale the tower. Because they are idiots and it is adorable.
Warnings: Very high chance of death.

Suzaku turned off the computer and made his way to the fourteenth floor. He stopped in his room only to take off his cloak, which would hinder him whilst climbing. He wished that a weapon had been in his trunk, even his sword but he had none. He looked at Arthur who was curled up on his bed and hoped that Signless would feed him if Suzaku did manage to escape (of course there was no doubt in his mind that once if they found a way out they'd come back for the others) or if it all went horribly wrong.

Sighing at the lack of equiptment Suzaku went to the eleventh floor to meet the boy he had spoken to on the computer.

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Link had been fortunate,his trunk had been packed with his weapons and just as he had done on his many adventures, he was packed in weapons he figured he might use. It was clear he wouldn't escape, he just wanted to find an exit. Princess Zelda was here and it was his duty to protect her.

He hadn't been expecting the eleventh floor to be quite like this. He had made himself up there and was now standing quite surprised at the landing. It was a nice change to have some air but there was something about it. It was different. Not like Hyrule.

It wasn't hard to miss this other guy who he still didn't know his name, they were the only two on the landing. He walked over to him looking very much serious. He eyed the edge.

"This is it?"

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Link took a look himself, getting near the edge and kneeling down to feel at the tower's wall. It seemed sturdy. Unbreakable. His clawshots would be useless in this situation.

"You're right." He responded standing up and turning to look at the guy. He shrugged.

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Rope was a sound suggestion and he was more than ready to approve. He began to move towards the stairs.

"Everyone has chests. They can have rope." Because chests always have something useful.

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Link didn't know of what inner turmoil was bothering his new partner in crime but he knew enough: chests had things in them and if a rope was in there, they could just use it and give it back. Right? Sure, he never gave back what he found but if someone asked for it, there was no point in keeping it.

He beckoned the guy to follow, going towards the following floor looking for a door to open.

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Knock on doors? And waste some precious time? No chance. Link wasn't planning on asking anyone for anything. It wasn't that the hero didn't respect others, chest's were just objects where useful things were stored. Now, if they were locked and he couldn't get into the chests, he'd normally would leave them alone- the beauty about it all is that no chest was ever locked.

The first door they saw, he turned the nob and peered it. No one. Good. He opened the door and walked in, stepping close to the chest, putting his shield on his back, and kicking it open.

"Nothing useful." He shrugged.

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Link was thinking the same thing, this was going to be time consuming. He let the lid of the chest he had now opened fall back down with a loud thunk after taking a few things for himself. They were wasting time with no actual promise of what they were looking for. He huffed in frustration and turned to look at Suzaku.

"We need something else." Blue eyes darted around the room, eventually falling on the bed and pulling away at the sheets. "Rope."

Bless who over this sheet belonged to, Link was taking it.

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At his partners enthusiasm, Link grinned. Perfect. He helped with some of the sheets and sent off dragging them behind them. He motioned for them to go to the next room.

"Eleven floors is a lot." Was his response to his question. They just needed a lot of sheets.

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Link followed Suzaku's example, hopping up a few flight of stairs and taking the sheets they would be needing before returning back down with a lump far too big too hold and too dangerous to drag. He was grinning when he set them all on the floor.

"Should be enough." And there was a little bit of pride in his voice. "Should we take them downstairs again?"

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This could actually work, Link found himself thinking with a grin on his face. If they made a make-shift rope out of these sheets that was long enough, he had no doubt they wouldn't be able to get to the floor. He would come back and tell Princess Zelda. She will be proud...

When they returned to that eleventh floor landing, he began to tie the ends up, taking a seat on the stairs as he dropped the sheets beside him getting to work. He looked at the other guy, it had just struck him he was plotting an escape with a nameless person. How rude of himself to not offer his name.

"I'm Link."

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"Kururugi..." He repeated slowly. That was quite a name. "Kururugi Suzaku." Link had never heard such weird names before but he merely shrugged and offered him a smile.

He was doing quick work of the sheets before moving himself over beside him to start connecting his sheets to.

"I'll go."

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He noted the name and nodded as he continued to wrap sheets together when he heard his demand. Go? With him? Into potential danger? Link wasn't used to this much, normally he was doing the fighting by himself. It was a little strange but it felt nice. He shook his head.

"Too dangerous." He tugged at the sheets.

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Link would have protested and he was very much about to, but he figured Suzaku wouldn't let him. The guy seemed a little like him: they wouldn't take no as an answer when it came to helping people. It was a little refreshing.

His sheet finished, he looked around for a place to tie them, the stairs seemed about the only good place.

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Link nodded, the same preoccupations going through his head. He wouldn't give up his sheets to make Suzaku's longer, the other would have to give up his sheets if they realized their make-shift rope wasn't long enough.

He followed in his partner's footsteps, tying his rope to the stairs and beginning to move towards the edge. He leaned over, it did look a little menacing so he made it a point to wrap the other end of the rope around his waist. He stood at the end of the sheet, rolling the rest around him. He'd have to propel himself lower slowly lest he fall.

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Link watched Suzaku find a method for the trail down the sleek tower and he followed suit, it made good sense. He moved over to the edge and settled himself before taking a step down, using his own strength to feed on the sheet. He was walking slowly.

"Eleven floors." We can do this...

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Better than twenty, Link chuckled.

The closer they got to the fog, the harder it was to keep any grip they could possibly get from the wall. He could feel the precipitation of the fog on the wall and he frowned.

"Be careful."

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The closer they got to the fog, the more confused and cautious Link got. He had a similar notion, the fog could be on the bottom floor but, it made no sense. What was down there? Was this really the bottom floor?

Once the sheets went no further, he settled and prepared himself, looking around with a frown on his face. They were going to have to jump down. That was the only way.

"I'll go."

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Link hadn't noticed the difference in length of their sheets. He tried pulling on his sheet but it was pointless, the thing wasn't budging.

"Ah-Ah!" He tried again, but failed. Suzaku couldn't go alone, what if he got in trouble? He'd have to act quickly, there was no choice. His logic made sense.

"Go." But I'll be right behind you if you need help.

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Link waited expecting the thump from a landing but it never came. The rushing of wind didn't even make its way to his ears and as much as he tried to squint through the fog, he saw nothing. Where was he?

Seconds turned into minutes and finally, the minutes started piling up. There wasn't so much as a sound and Link was beginning to panic.

"Suzaku? Suzaku?"


Fists began to ball up. He should jump, he should follow, but something told him if he did he'd meet the same fate and there was a princess he couldn't leave. He couldn't jeapordize himself just yet.

"I-I'm sorry." Feeling disgraced, he began to climb back up. He would tell the princess before looking for him. That's what he'll do.