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I have failed everyone.....

Characters: Colette Brunel and YOU!
Setting: Meadow, Cafeteria and library! Various backdated prompts because I fail. LMAO.
Format: Action tag but I will match!
Warnings: Angst, being Colette is suffering. Also first two prompts backdated waaaaaaay back! Still technically on hiatus. Ulp.

January 13th - Meadow. Animus residents only!

[Colette has spent three years in the tower by now. While plenty of horrible things have happened during her stay, some good things have happened as well and, in a way, she does not at all regret the time she has spent or the friendships she has formed in the Tower. Thanks to help from her friends, she is more self-confident and open about herself. Sure, she still apologizes a lot and has her moments of self-doubt but she no longer blames herself for her world’s possible destruction...

You can find her in the meadow today, brushing with her hair and making plaiting it. In the past few years, she has become quite good at doing hairstyles. Approach her? Want her to brush or do your hair for you?]

10th February - Cafeteria. Open to all!

[Today, Colette is in the cafeteria kitchen, making mini-fruit for everyone. She has several reasons for this. First, there was the influx of all the new guests in the tower and, knowing that the tower is a horrible place; she wants them to have some cheer during their stay here. Second, she wishes to cheer up the residents who have been here a good while. Who knows how long everyone will be trapped in Animus? While Colette will do whatever she can to find a way to free everyone, this does not necessarily mean that she cannot try and bring some joy into their lives during their stay here.

If you come and have a look, two trays of ready-baked tarts are already out on the side, while Colette is placing a third batch in the oven. Take a tart? Talk to her? Offer to help her out?]

February 25th, Library - during the event - Open to All

[It has now been a few hours since that scream. Colette can be found in the library, on her knees, shaking, her fists clenched, her eyes staring at the floor.

In her mind, she can see what lots of deserted ruins that were once Meltokio among a barren wasteland. The sky is completely grey, there is no wind and the grass hardly grows....

Standing in front of her (or what she thinks are standing in front of her) are her family and friends – her father, her grandmother, Lloyd, Genis, Professor Sage, Presea, Sheena, Regal and Zelos....

All of them, blaming her for Tethe’alla’s destruction.

“This is all your fault!”

“None of this would have happened if you had done your duty and sacrificed yourself!”

“What a worthless Chosen, one who could not save Tethe’alla!”

“I should have assassinated you when I had the chance!

“Geez, my cute little angel. Maybe you should have left all that saving-the-world stuff to me. I mean, why did they pick you as my counterpart, anyway?”

All Colette can do is stand there, her eyes still fixed on the ground, her body shaking....]

I’m sorry, Father, Grandmother, Lloyd.....everyone....

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February 25th, Library

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Tohko knew full well that the libraries weren't safe. However, that didn't mean she didn't stop going hungry or that people needed to be saved and pulled to the cafeteria. So, after quickly eating a few short stories, Tohko ran as fast as she could around the library, ignoring any voices she might have heard in her head.

And that was when she heard someone around the corner apologize. Tohko, recognizing the voice, turned, and found that it was the girl who got sick in December. Sighing, she tried to pat the girl on the head.

"Don't worry. You have nothing to apologize about. It isn't your fault. Now, we have to get out of here, or the mist is going to make us sick."
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February 25th, Library

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Tohko sighed again and shook her head. She didn't know who Lloyd was, but she knew what was going on.

"No..I'm not Lloyd. I'm Tohko Amano, the book girl. Now, we have to get out of here."
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February 25th, Library

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Tohko sighed again and pointed out of the library.

"I'm not Lloyd. The mist is affecting you psychologically so that you see me as Lloyd. Please, you have to get out of here and rest, or else you'll get hurt!"
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February 25th, Library

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At that, Tohko sighed and nodded.

"Yes. It's just the mist. I know that you must have seen and heard some pretty horrible things, but it's all just a byproduct of the mist. We have to get you out of here, or you'll get hurt. Please."
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Feb. 25th

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[Mr. Walker kneels before the form of Ms. Brunel, Timcanpy flitting down to the ground just where she has her apparent attention to. With its attention lacking eyes, it looks back up at her.]

...Colette, can you hear me?

[He was hearing voices himself. They were silhouettes of people he knows way better than what he's seeing, telling him things he already tells himself every day.]
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[It sounded vaguely familiar. Was it a Biblical term? Oh, that's right, it, is she referring to a person named Zelos?]


Uh, no, it's Allen...can you stand alright? This really isn't the place to take a nap, you know? [He shows his friendliest smile, like it was no big deal.]
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Right the second time. Good as any. Heh.

[His clothes tug.]

It's a start. Try to focus!
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February 25th

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[She knows that she shouldn't be exploring the tower right now, but even with the mist she can't stay put for very long. She can hear the voices in her ear, laughing about the destruction of her world. Laughing at how everything she had striven to prevent had been for nothing, but she was trying her hardest to ignore them.

It wasn't working very well. But there's still an urge to try and drag people out of the mist, even in her own failing sanity.]

We need to get out of here. Can you stand?
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[Ocelot is a bit too hesitant to touch the girl. What if she attacks? What if she moves suddenly and Ocelot attacks her.]

Don't listen to them!

[But the shout is half to herself, just having heard a mocking line from a person from her own world.]
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[She's not even sure if Colette is hearing her voice at this point, but it's not going to stop her from trying.]

No, but I am here to help you. Take my hand.