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[Dark World Event] || [Final Preparation] || [Closed] || [1/3]

Characters: Ganondorf, Richtofen and Riku Replica [OU], then Zelda.
Setting: Dated to the 1st March- Cursed Floors.
Format: Prose or Action, will follow.
Summary: Ganondorf is going to show Richtofen his "domain" for the next couple days and use Riku Replica as the vessel for the Dark World Curse. Later on Zelda is gonna come and call out Ganondorf on being an idiot who has no idea what a bad idea the dark world is and a foolish man whose specialty is to ruin her life.
Warning: Nothing too terrible should happen.

• The Dark Forest - 6th Floor [Closed to Richtofen and Repliku]
[ It was very early in the morning of the 1st march and sun had not risen yet-- The Forest was still looking normal, pretty much the same first it had been ever since this tower first received residents. Normal, after all the curse prepared by Ganondorf had not been cast… yet. No, he was waiting for the others to arrive. Riku Replica and Richtofen should both have received the message telling them to come here at this hour, so Ganondorf was waiting for their arrival.

In the meantime, he would be examining the area with caution, thinking to the final details. Carefully avoiding the monsters. Not that he couldn't defeat them with ease, but better leave as much as possible alive for when his grand scheme would begin. ]

• Dark World Floors [Closed to Princess Zelda]
[ Later in the day, most of the floors would be cursed—- as was planned. All tainted with that same evil that had ravaged Hyrule so long ago, covered by those darkness that had been born when the king of evil first laid his hands on the Triforce. Needless to say, Ganondorf was very satisfied. The curse worked even better than he had expected it would. He may not be able to cover the entire tower with these darkness, but this was an encouraging step for future schemes.

So he would roam by the different cursed floors, set the traps and prepare the labyrinths. He would need to keep the future "residents" as busy as was possible for his true plan to succeed. ]
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[Richtofen wasn't in the best of spirits when he arrived. He tried to be optimistic, sure, but the past month had been so chaotic and confusing that it left his head spinning. Visitors without collars, Valentine's Day, everyone in the Tower going crazy for one reason or another (moreso than usual)... It was all just too much to bear. The only good thing to come out of February was that he got to watch Ruana tear that annoying Dax's head open.

So when Richtofen finally stepped out onto floor 6, he didn't look all that excited. His thumbs were hooked in the waistband of his uniform pants, and he wandered over to Ganondorf looking almost bored.]

The doctor is in. [His greeting leaves much to be desired. It's obvious that he wants to get right to the point.] Now, about this infinite power, will I be getting that soon?

[Social conventions? Patience? Who needs those? Certainly not him!]
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[It isn't long either, before another figure approached. Shorter than the others, but every bit as less-than-pleased about the way things were going. Probably a good thing, so someone doesn't start to cause a headache for everyone else involved. Though oddly, it's like the cloaked figure isn't even there to any sense but sight before he lowers the hood.

The tower would rue the day when they gave him that coat.]

Sorry I'm late. Had an issue getting away from a goody-two-shoes.

[He rolls his eyes. Say hello to the replacement, Richtofen.]
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[Hearing what Ganondorf has to say cheers Richtofen up. He lets out a delighted giggle, his demeanor brightening a bit.]

Oh, Reno is gone? How tragic! [Translation: "I hated that bastard, so I'm glad he's gone."]

[He would have gladly gone on a mock-anguished tirade, but Riku's arrival shuts him up. He turns to glance at him, still half-smiling in anticipation, but a look of suspicion flits over his face.]

Ah... Guten tag. [He gives Riku a once-over, then puts a hand up to his mouth and "whispers" none-too-quietly to Ganon.] So this "core of the curse" thingy... It has nothing to do with me, ja? I am still allowed to do whatever I want? Because if I have to protect him or something...

[Wow, Richtofen, rude.]
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[His eyes narrow at that "whisper", a silent warning as he feels Soul Eater in his right hand. Nice, pointy, and appearing in a cloud of darkness as he places it on his shoulder.]

I can handle myself, thanks.

[Meaning, yes... the product of experimental research and having enough of this puppet bullshit can hear you, Nazi creep. If anything, he'd be more worried about when you run out of ammo. The sword vanishes at his command.

Fuck you, Richtofen. He does what he wants. No 'babysitter' needed.]
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[Richtofen jerks his shoulder back, all traces of good humor falling off his face. He wipes his shoulder like it's been dirtied. A visible shudder wracks his body, but it's unclear as to whether it's from Riku's personal space invasion or from the cold wind.]

That's pointless to talk about. [Though he's speaking to Ganondorf, he never stops glaring at Riku.] Because I do not intend to die.
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[Well good, because he doesn't trust people about as far as he can throw them normally. As for the cold wind, he does shiver once, but he's used to darkness. Embraces it, really. Still, the fact that Richtofen seems to be taking things seriously enough was fine for now.]

Got it. [He simply smirks at Richtofen like the three month old that he is.] Good luck with that, not dying. "Heroes" rarely quit while they can.

[He rolls his eyes. "Riku" doesn't think too highly of them (aside from Sora), but he at least knows not to underestimate others.]
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[Richtofen butts in before Repliku has a chance to answer. Being slighted will make a guy a little rude, what can he say?]

Bah. You go have fun on your suicide mission downstairs, Ganon.

[He steps forward, squaring his shoulders in an attempt to look as big as possible (which isn't that big compared to Ganon, but hey, there was an attempt). All in all, though, he actually looks pretty confident.]

I'm ready. I'll show you how to keep people on their toes, ja?
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[The way this is going, he can't exactly say he isn't looking forward to that occurring as well. Who knows, maybe the idiot blinded by the prospect of power will stop a few from reaching him at the end.

With a final eyeroll for the interruption, he nods to Ganondorf.]

Ready. [And, bracing himself and sparing Richtofen one last look--] I'll show you what it means to manipulate the Dark.

[If you survive that long.]