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Event catch-all post!

Characters: Either Colette or Edgeworth (take your pick - just tell me which character you want in the heading!) Open to all. 
Setting: Around tower, cafeteria, dorm hallways or cathedral floor, depending on who you pick! Around 17th-24th March!
Format: Starts with action but I'll suit you!
Summary: Colette and Edgeworth both have a crappy time in the weather. Because being a resident of Animus is suffering.
Warnings: None that I can think of but will keep you updated if something else happens!

Spring – Colette. Anywhere in the tower.

[Colette can be found anywhere in the tower. You might find her wandering around, sometimes flying, in the area, looking for places that might be flooded and people who could be trapped or drowning. Depending on the area, she may have her wings out and be floating in the air, just so she can have a better view of the area and find people who are trapped (okay, the flooding isn't that bad but she's still worried). Talk to her?]

Summer – Edgeworth. In the cafeteria

[The good news was that the rain had finally stopped. The bad news....? Everything is hot and completely dry. 

Have an Edgeworth who is in the kitchen, trying to turn any taps on, just so that he can have a mere drink of water. And gritting his teeth and muttering. Not to mention that the weather is getting to him – he has even taken his jacket, waistcoat and cravat off (although no matter what the weather, he’s still got his shirt and trousers on because HELLO DECENCY. I HAS IT. 

Bother him?]

Autumn – Edgeworth. In the dormitory hallways

[Because of the wind, Edgeworth has lost his cravat. Or rather it can be seen being carried by the wind and whirling down the dormitory hallways, with a bad-tempered prosecutor trying to chase after it (and getting pelted by brown leaves on the way). Help him out? Mock him?]

Winter – Colette. Floor Thirteen

[Were you trying to have some quiet time on the cathedral, away from everyone? Or are you just meeting someone there? Or are you exploring it? Or just trying to find somewhere to get away from the snow?

Because a blond girl has just slipped on the icy floor.

And is now skidding RIGHT TOWARDS YOU!]
L-look out!

[Dodge out of the way? Or collide with her?]


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Summer, Edgeworth.

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[The heat did not bother chaos. Technically, he didn't need to drink or eat, so the drought didn't hurt him. However, when he spotted Edgeworth trying to get some water from the taps-and failing-he knew that he had to help. Quickly, he opened up a drawer and pulled out a cup before closing the drawer again. He then summoned a ball of ice and, focusing his power, melted it over the cup.

The end result was a warm cup of water. But it was better than nothing.]

Here you are. It is warm, but it is better than dying of drought.
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Summer, Edgeworth.

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...Oh...[Edgeworth was a little taken aback at first when he saw chaos conjuring up the ice and melting it. Then again, the boy had teleportation powers. Who knows what other creepy powers he could do?

Regardless, Edgeworth accepts the cup.]
Um......thank you. [God, it's really humiliating relying on help from this kid.]

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Summer, Edgeworth.

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[chaos smiled as Edgeworth took it. He knew the person was a bit nervous around him, but that didn't meant that they had to constantly be on bad or odd terms.]

You are welcome. I imagine that this drought shall end soon, so you shall not have to bear this heat for long.
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Re: Summer, Edgeworth.

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Hmph. I hope not. [Just gulps it down because god, he's so hot and thirsty.]
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Summer, Edgeworth.

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I am sure you will not..but winter will be coming soon. You should start preparing, or I am sure that you shall freeze.
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Re: Summer, Edgeworth.

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Winter? I assume that the extreme versions autumn and winter are going to appear at some point in the next few days? [What the hell is it with this tower and the fact that it doesn't make sense?]
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Summer, Edgeworth.

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That would make sense, seeing as spring and summer have already fallen on us. It is just the four seasons..but more extreme than usual, which is why people do need to prepare.
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Colette, Winter!

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[ Mithos, as a fully-evolved angel, isn't really bothered by the cold beyond a mild discomfort. He was trying to find a warm place, or at least something he can ignite with his magic. ]


[ That voice... oh, seriously? Yeah, he's going to tele- ]


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I-Idiot human! [ He'd get up, but she's kind of... on top of him. He attempts to shove her off, but as another angel, she's not as easy to just push away as a normal human. ]

G-Get off me!
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What was that for!? [ He gets to his feet relatively easily, and despite him getting the worst of it, he didn't appear injured at all. It'd take more than slipping to hurt a Seraph. ]

You really are clumsy.
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Y-Yeah, whatever. [ Mithos turns away from Colette. He's not really in the mood for a fight right now, either. But just as he was about to walk away, he pauses. No... he shouldn't waste this opportunity. ]

... just how much do you remember from our world?
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[ Gnome... he remembered losing that pact, thought it was invalidated a long time ago. Mithos frowns. ]

That's it? [ He asked condescendingly. It was before they ever met. Well... met in this form, anyway. ] Why did I even bother talking to you, then?
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Winter, Collete

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[Kanji's plan to get away from the sno--ACHO! or at least find a place where he wasn't sliding was not bearing great results.

In fact it was more like throwing girls right into his face.]


[Too late. COLLISION.]