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⌐ First Hymn: Waking Up in Strange Beds ¬

Characters: Tear and You!
Setting: Dormitory levels, and then the first floor, third floor and the 101st floor.
Format: Preference for action spam.
Summary: Tear’s arrival to Animus!
Warnings: Um, an unhappy soldier?

Room 1-07 (Closed to Roommates)
[Hello, roommates, have a newbie! Tear’s just waking up… And she’s got some issues. First of all, she's not back in Yulia City. Second of all, WHO CHANGED HER CLOTHES! And third, she's got this collar on. She's not into this kinky stuff. So...

She's going to scramble around until she sees the note. She carefully reads it over a few times.]

Impossible! Auldrant's gone? Who is playing this cruel joke? Where are Anise and Natalia, because if they've put me in this ridiculous outfit for Peony's entertainment, when we've got our trip to Eldrant to take care of...Yulia help me I will smack them both.

First floor cafeteria

[Tear is looking over the menu for this strange place now that she's dressed in her OWN clothes again. On one hand, it reminds her a little of the Oracle Headquarters at the cathedral in Daath, but there is something innately sinister in the entire place's atmosphere.]

Hm, while none of these sound particularly bad, the flower theme's a little daunting [She's not talking to anyone in general. Just out loud.]

Third Floor Library
[Now that Tear has some down time, she's going to curl up with a good book and try to relax. She's currently browsing the historical novels to see what is there. The titles are interesting to her, but it takes a second of staring for the words to translate into the Fonic Alphabet she's been used to.

This entire place is going to take some getting used to for her. No Auldrant. Ripped away from her friends and her grandfather. No idea when or if she can even get out of this place. In reality, if she wasn't trying to still process everything, she might cry.]

What is this Pride and Prejudice? Is it any good?

Floor 101
[Unlike the beautiful meadow on the 25th floor, Tear feels completely alone as she stands in the midst of the hanging gardens. If you come upon her, you will only find her staring out in the vast open sky, not moving, not talking, not singing. Just staring with a blank expression on her face.]

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