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If I'm not mistaken I've murdered you twice before my dear

Characters: any
Setting: all around the Tower; please specify the date and location in your subject header!
Format: any/party-style
Summary: A second general mingle log for characters to encounter monsters.
Warnings: PG-13; please include any more detailed warnings in your threads if necessary.
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June 24th (towards 6am) - Dormitory Hallways

[personal profile] neverbeamemory 2013-06-24 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
[So many nights of lonely patrolling stairwells. So few monsters killed to show for it. Don't talk to him about requirements, he's starting not to care.

Sephiroth comes away early from the Third Block more than a little disappointed that again it's been a fruitless night. His patience is wearing thin. That exhaustion-fired thought about raiding every level in this damn place during the daytime was starting to seem to be more logical than his current all-nightly pursuit.

Instead, for what is left of the night time he'll patrol the Dormitory levels. It makes sense right, that monsters should retreat back here to transform - in empty dormitories that no one dares to sleep in. Sephiroth keeps Masamune tight in his grip and his footsteps as light as possible. He's looking to stalk and follow, rather than outright challenge this time.]

[ooc: I've this open, running and updated until the 26th at which point hopefully he'll get bored come up with an idea of how to track these people more towards the daytime rather than trying to lock them up/killing them. He's not learning requirements this way lol.]
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[Sephiroth has the right idea. In one of his earlier encounters with a laughing monster, it had retreated up to the top of the Tower. And here it is again, scrambling up the stairs towards where the (hopefully, most likely thanks to that strange feeling people were having) empty rooms are.

It skitters to a stop a few feet down the hall and looks at him. It makes a noise - almost like laughter, almost like something else - and starts to back up.

From his spot down the hall, Sephiroth will see a faint orb of light emerge from the monster's chest, then a haze of vapors. And then - nothing. The monster seems to have vanished from sight entirely.

But it's not entirely quiet. If Sephiroth is listening, he'll hear the monster's footsteps as it approaches him at high speed.]
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[personal profile] neverbeamemory 2013-06-25 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
[He freezes, watching the laughing monster intently from what he supposes is a safe distance. Sephiroth straightens a little, not so much at the faint orb of light. But those vapors, he's seen those before - he's seen this whole magic trick before recently.

It's partly that he's holding his breath a little, partly that he's so focused on his surroundings as a result that he hears the monster charging. He doesn't take the chance to try and guage where exactly the monster is though. He swings Masamune in a long arch in the direction he thinks the monster is coming from, pushing outwards with his telekinesis at the same time.

With any luck if the blade doesn't catch the monster, then the after shock will.]
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[The blade catches the monster and then the aftershock does too. It hits the ground hard and then flickers back into view, making a pathetic whining sound that doesn't quite sound like a laugh. There's a gash on the bottom side of each of its front claws; it had been leaping forward to slash when the sword had caught it.

Then the aftershock hits and it gets thrown back a few more feet and slams into a wall.

It's standing in a small puddle of blood as it shakily gets to its feet and bares its teeth, lips curling back in a low, threatening growl. It can't leap or run as easily now - its front paws are damaged. But Ruana's changed the game a little, and there's still something it can do.

It throws its head back with a shriek of laughter as lightning strikes the ground just a foot in front of it. It shrieks again, and lightning strikes a foot in front of where the last bolt had struck - and it continues in a line headed straight for Sephiroth.]
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[Sephiroth brings Masamune around tightly (damn Hallways) and curls the great sword back into a ready position. But it certainly doesn't look like the monster is going to leap back at him so quickly anymore.

He watches the lightning strike the ground, one after another coming towards him. He rolls into the middle of the Hallway to avoid the strike that might have caught him and gets back on his feet. It's his turn to charge for the monster and lunge forward to stab at the monster as soon as it's in range.

He's much too tired currently to be dealing with them any other way.]


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24th night, staircases, going onto floors if she spots anything

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She had been avoiding everyone since her argument with Hidetoshi, since her fight with Sephiroth, since failing Ganondorf. Finding places to rest in the day, stalking the floors at night taking out monsters. She didn't care that they were people, and as they were monsters attacking others she had the perfect excuse. She just wanted to kill.

She had never really felt a need to kill before, she had always done it because it was her job, because she was good at it. She enjoyed it in the way she enjoyed any challenge, but she was not like Richtofen or Wretched Egg.

But there had been an anger rising in her since the day the glamours went off and it had not abated. If she was just a fake construct, her soul the only part of her that was real, and that soul belonged to the dark god then that was all she was, a servant of that god.

And servent's of darkness spread chaos, chaos could bread in anger so she welcomed this new pressure in her head, the need to destroy and tear those she had almost come to care about apart.
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Nesir should be able to hear a noise as she walked the staircases. The sound was a low yet cheerful and gleeful growl that was all too familiar by now for those who hunted the monsters.

The noise found its origin in the meadow below, yet it could be heard clear as crystal from where Nesir stood. The growl was growing louder, as if the monster was heading toward the staircase and moving toward her.
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Nesir grinned when she heard it and drew her daggers. She would not let this one get the better of her, she would be ready. She had only just stepped onto the floor when she threw one of the knifes, trying to injure the creature before it got close.
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The laughing monster walked slowly toward Nesir and the staircase when she threw her knife at it. As the weapon was about to wound the monster, a light surrounded it as it hit an invisible wall right before reaching the creature, the knife falling harmlessly onto the ground.

Within a second of this happening, the creature rushed as it would attempt to leap at her and bite her. It was impossible to tell if the shield was something permanent or only temporary, however the shield would be ineffective against close-range attack.
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Nesir pulled another dagger, bringing it up to try and slash at the monsters face. She knew what happened when these things bit you, and she would fight as hard as she could to prevent it.

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June 20th - 5am-ish | Floor 62

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[Xion is dead. Dead and- well not gone forever; not given the nature of the tower, but still dead and it's just like so, so long ago when he'd been forced to watch Sora fall to Ganondorf's blade over a TV-screen, unable to do anything but watch, grief and rage and what he feels about this place, all that he usually keeps bottled up, now spilling over.

So far he'd taken a very defensive approach to this month's game, had tried to preserve himself rather than to go seek out battle, but he is no longer at a point where he cares, not when...

She will be fine tomorrow, he knows this, she's been here so long, she is unlikely to disappear (but so many others have, Kairi (both of them) has, and unfortunately now Riku is pretty certain that that isn't for the best, now he can only hope that he is right, that they can save them all by restoring everything and there is only one year's time left for that).

Right now it doesn't matter.

He is almost surprised when he suddenly finds himself standing at the shore of the beach floor, the calming sounds of home (it's just an illusion, but it's something to hold onto) all around him, water washing against his boots and pants (non of it is real).

Well. If he is already making something of a stand then this is probably the best place for it anyways. Illusion or not... these are the grounds he has most experience on.

Riku draws back his hood, exhaling as he calls for the silver-dark sparkle that is Way to the Dawn. He is done running.]
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Re: June 20th - 5am-ish | Floor 62

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[He might have noticed he was being followed or perhaps not, but it did not matter once he entered the beach floor, for Shion stepped out into sight anyways, red eyes glinting angrily.] You were meant to protect her.

[He's just as angry with himself as he is with Riku, more so even. At least he had been there. Unlike Shion who had been off doing some other task, and failed completely at protecting his best friend.

He had gotten better at not letting his anger control him, at staying calm. But now he wasn't even trying, he wanted it to take over, wanting to give in to the rage that threatened to overwhelm him.]
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[No, he hasn't notice (and though he should be worried that he hadn't, should probably be berating himself for not noticing, right this second he can't bring himself to care), but the surprise doesn't show when he turns not too long after Shion makes his accusation. What shows instead is steel and tension in his face and overwhelming guilt in his eyes because try as he might, he can't hide the grief he is feeling, not anymore, or the fact that Shion isn't the only one blaming him for this.]

I know.

[He was meant to protect her, he had wanted to, had been determined to make sure that she would have to go through as little as possible, that he would prevent as much as he could, but his intentions and wishes just don't matter at all in the face of his failure. There is absolutely no excuse he can make or that he is planing to make for that matter; excuses are no good and he has never been one for making them anyways. Or one to put blame where it doesn't belong, not anymore.

He doesn't say anymore though and just studies Shion, waiting to see what the other will do... and just hopes that he won't attack him, more for Shion's than for his own sake.]

[ooc: So sorry about the late; I wasn't sure until now if there was any need to retcon this since the barricade thread was still ongoing and it looked for a while like Yu was going to die as well. orz]
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[Shion's words are for himself as much as they are for Riku, and his eyes blazed with anger when Riku doesn't speak anymore, doesn't offer any explanation.

Instead he just lets out a cry of rage and throws himself at Riku, luckily he is unarmed, but that doesn't stop him fighting with fists and feet, needing to hurt someone for what had happened to Xion.]

((OOC: No worries! Hope this is alright))
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[What explanation could he offer - he arrived too late to do anything, but watch as the monsters attacked, he hadn't even seen Xion until after she had fallen... and that's his fault for being too late, for not pushing himself hard enough.

He dodges backwards when Shion comes flying, easily evading the other even as they move into knee-deep waters - he really doesn't want this fight, but as guilty as he feels, he has no intention of letting himself get beat up... at least not by Shion.]

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June 25th, late evening | Forest

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[Legolas knew the chances of one monster, or more, finding him here but he needed to find good quality wood for him to fletch more arrows. Several of them had been damaged by his recent go against a pair of them at the barricade, with Zelda, France and Jeanne. For now though, he had his knives and still had half a quiver of arrows. And he'd managed to at least salvage the heads of his arrows from the barricade fight so half of his work was done already.

He was very quiet at he moved, as elves were wont to be, and he wore his darker clothes and Lorien cloak, meant to hide him from unfriendly eyes.]
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[The rustling of the grass and shifting of twigs in the dirt are not uncommon sounds in the forest; there were a number of animals around, especially of the monster variety.

Most animals' movements are not accompanied by the occasional eerie giggle, though.]
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[The giggle set Legolas nerves on alert, muscles tensing as he slowly set down a piece of wood and drew out his bow. Grabbing onto the limb of the nearest tree, the prince pulled himself up to get a better view of his surroundings. Sharp eyes like the elfs should at least spot something with a good vantage point.

Come out, come out, where ever you are.]
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[The laughing monster stalked through the forest, its golden mask seeming to float in the darkness against its black body. There was the occasional growl or short, echoing laugh as it seemed to sniff around, looking for some sort of prey.

But for the moment, its movements are not outright hostile; it hasn't yet detected anyone nearby.]

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23rd June → Floor 99

[personal profile] wrigurun 2013-06-27 04:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Meiling! Are you here?

[Since talking to a few people over the network, Wriggle has a renewed motivation to fight monsters. Who knows what kind of prize she'd get for beating all of them! It's not a task that can be accomplished alone though]

Let's go! It's almost time for the monsters to come out! If we're lucky we might even see someone change!
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[personal profile] themonsters 2013-06-27 05:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[Well instead of a response from the called for friend, there is a slightly echoing laugh in response.

Is that a shadow crossing some of the crystals?
wrigurun: (Spooked → IotMaIotE)

[personal profile] wrigurun 2013-06-27 05:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Meiling? Is that you?

[Suddenly she's a little more tense. Wriggle hasn't dropped out of the sky yet so as far as she can tell there aren't any monsters around. Still, she summons a few familiars just in case]
themonsters: (laughing monster.)

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[The echoing laugh continues as slowly the monster slinks out from behind some of the crystals. It isn't charging or anything, just laughing as it slowly makes it's way towards Wriggle.

Although something to be slightly worried about it the fact that the hands of the monster are starting to glow. It's too faint to tell what it is doing but it's obviously not a good thing.

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June 22nd || 11 PM || Storage Room (Floor 40)

[personal profile] lartdelaguerre 2013-06-28 07:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Some people hunted the monsters, some avoided them. Big Boss fell in the second category, using his stealth training to stay unnoticed at the best of his abilities. He felt whatsoever no need to hunt for those monsters. However he was no fool and if he were to spot a monster, he would attack it before it had a chance to get at him.

Big Boss was well equipped to deal with monsters. Oh, he had no power and was as "normal" as humans could be, but his strength relied in his equipment and his mastery of weaponry. He was wielding a M16A1 assault riffle in hand, equipped with an optional grenade launcher and had some more useful devices on him. His main weakness was in how limited his equipment was by the need of reloading and limited ammo.

For now Big Boss would be in the storage room, walking with caution close to the walls and trying to catch any hint of enemy's presence. ]
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[personal profile] themonsters 2013-06-30 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
[A box topples over in the distance, and the sound echoes throughout the floor. Underneath that echo, there's another sound. Is that a growl?]