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Supply Run

Characters: open to all characters running supplies for Aria
Setting: 22nd, all day
Format: any
Summary: Supplies have to be run up to the 101st floor from the infirmary. With the retrieval units pinned down where they are, it's up to the characters to do the heavy lifting.
Warnings: standard event warnings

[The eerie darkness of the Tower reflects oddly against the snow and metal. Still, maybe the darkness is good for this sort of task, considering all the plague doctors lurking in the halls and around corners to be avoided. The supply station on the 101st floor is easy enough to spot, ringed with a strange, glittering blue barrier, but the plague doctors don't seem to notice the area at all. The supply station and the infirmary are safe--it's moving between the two that's the difficult part.

Good luck.]
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[As much as she would like to give Jason a taste of his own medicine, Zelda knows that in her current, depowered state she will be of more use elsewhere. Stealth is something she is intimately familiar with, and ensuring the completion of the safe haven at the top of the Tower is far too important for the long term. It'll be dangerous, certainly, but what hasn't been for the last nine years of her life?

Besides, cabin fever is starting to set in.

After Aria's request, Zelda can be found packing up food and water to deliver upstairs, and those associated with Pandora may be asked whether they intend to defend the infirmary, make supply runs, or fight Jason.]

Between Floor 2 and Floor 101
[She's been trapped in this place for nearly two full years now. Even in the darkness, she knows the vast majority of it like the back of her hand. She's run up and down these stairs hundreds--thousands--of times, what's a few more?

Her cowl is pulled securely over her nose and mouth as she quietly ascends, not allowing even the warmth of her breath against the wretched chill to give her position away. No doubt she'll be forced off the stairs at some point in order to hide from Jason's minions, but it's not like it's something she's unused to at this point.

Just keep climbing...]
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Outside Floor 10

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[Edgeworth had no intention of killing Jason or any of the plague doctors. However, he was one of the few individuals who could help with the supplies so here he was, climbing up the stairs, trying to keep still and plaster himself against the wall or slip onto one of the floors if he came across any plague doctors.

Besides, the prosecutor was used to using the stairs to get where he wanted to, rather than the elevator.

Upon briefly turning his head and seeing someone with a large hood walk up the staircase behind him, Edgeworth tried to slip onto the tenth floor platform, in case this person was dangerous. No point in risking his life pointlessly before getting to Floor 101.]
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[And said someone will follow after him when she sees him slip out of her direct path. She crouches against the banister, warily looking upwards in an attempt to see if there are any of Jason's minions on the floor above. Her voice is barely a whispered, muffled but feminine.]

Is there one up there?

[Seems there's been a bit of a misunderstanding.]
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[That voice....he's heard it before. Edgeworth turns around and whispers in just as quiet a voice.] Forgive me but may I ask that you confirm your identity? [Sorry, he's being a bit jumpy thanks to the chaos]

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I've no means to defend anymore...

*He'd given his now-useless Arch to Lucifel - he'd be able to still use it, at least, as long as he had glamoured powers. But for now? He was just some guy in jeans. He had to hope it would work. That he would have real armor that could protect him even from those below.

But until then... he starts helping Zelda gather the supplies to take.*
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[It is... disconcerting, being unable to feel the magic running through her veins, the connection with Ruler, the presence of Wisdom on the back of her hand. But she doesn't allow herself to dwell on it. Not now, when there's so much at stake.

They could suppress her magic, but all those years of training are untouchable.]

It is rather frustrating, not even being able to land a hit on those things.

[So she keeps her voice light, directing the conversation more towards the odd abilities the plague doctors have rather than the ones they themselves are lacking.]
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It is. I wonder what they could possibly be.

*He starts putting any excess into the pillowcase he'd once used to carry nutrition bars - those were all distributed now, except a few that were part of this supply run.*

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[Quark doesn't feel right just sitting around while everything is getting scary; he knows he's not strong, and not really good for much in most categories at all, but when he sees Zelda preparing to leave, he swallows his nerves, puts on as brave a face as he can manage, and makes his way up to her.

It's with the boldness of a child that he reaches out and taps gently on Zelda's arm for her attention.]

You're going out there to deliver some supplies, right?
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[... Why does she have an absolutely terrible feeling this child is going to ask if he can help. She pauses in her packing to look down at Quark, not bothering to hide the seriousness from her expression.]

I am, yes.

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floor 8

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[Assassin darts out of the corners of the maze, every bit as silent as Zelda, Wrapped in a black cloak, she should be a familiar figure to Zelda.]

[...But Zelda is far from familiar to her.]

...You! Who are you?
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[She hisses automatically in response, quietly darting behind cover and scanning the area for any plague doctors that might have been alerted. When none make an immediate appearance, she answers the question.]

Zelda. I am making a supply run for Aria.

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[Taiki was a little lost without his Shirei, like he always was, jumping at shadows, very much aware that he couldn't escape without his powers. His bloodsickness was getting worse, with every person the plague doctors claimed.

He smiled at Zelda though, his cloak wrapped around him, shivering slightly]
I can help move supplies... um... I don't have my powers at the moment... so I can help...
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[Zelda doesn't seem so sure as she looks down to Taiki, brows furrowed with concern.]

Are you feeling well enough? We may not have the luxury of stopping to rest along the way.

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anywhere between floors 2-101

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[Ever impulsive, Gilles was quick to volunteer to receive the new fluid, as soon as he heard of it. He has no power now. He's aware of the lack, but if he must bear this burden, then so be it. He does not fear for himself.

He has no idea what he's doing. But that hasn't stopped him from donning his armor and his sword (genuine armor and a genuine sword, taken from the monsters he's slaughtered) and heading out to gather supplies.

He does this with the same senseless determination with which he does most things. He's going to prove to Jeanne that he has reformed, no matter what happens! Even though these terrible urges still plague him. He may not be as noticeable to the plague doctors, but as a seven foot tall man in black armor, he stands out nonetheless. He sings to himself as he goes (off-key and discordantly):

Vo parler, vo regarder,
Vo maintenir, font fuir et enhair et despiter
Tout vice et tout bien cherir et desirer
Foy porter . . .

[*Your speech, your looks,
Your bearing, make one flee and hate and detest
all vice and cherish and desire all that is good.
I want to stay faithful. . .
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Romeo had also agreed to help move supplies from the upper floors to the infirmary. He heard the singing and paused to listen, holding the things he was carrying close to him. "That's a nice song sir!"
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Gilles turned. At the sight of Romeo, he paused, regarding him thoughtfully. His song stopped. For a moment, he did nothing at all. Then, as if he had come to some conclusion, he smiled. "Do you think so? It is a popular song, in my country! Recently, I have taken up music. It was not a thing I had time for, before." He didn't mention the reason he'd taken up music. He was trying to invest himself in other forms of artwork.

He was not sure, yet, if it was working.

"I see you too are hard at work! May I assist you? For you see, I can carry a great deal!"

If he'd had the forethought to bring some kind of backpack or something of the kind, someone of his natural size and strength could have carried a lot more. But Gilles had no forethought.

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between floors 2 and 101

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[In retrospect, maybe getting the new collar fluid hadn't been the best idea. Not that his attacks had been making any difference to begin with — but at least before, he'd been able to use the Corridors.

[To put it mildly, Axel doesn't like being helpless. He likes being powerless even less. It's in an effort to combat that loss of power that he winds up agreeing to move supplies. It's anything but ideal, but it's better than sitting around doing nothing while being completely helpless.

[With his hood up — obscuring hair, face, and violet collar alike — Axel begins the long climb to the top.]
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[Suzaku was avoiding people, with the tower so dangerous it was best he stayed away from people that his Geass could cause him to hurt.

So he was avoiding everyone, and letting his Geass do the running from the masked doctors.]
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Edgeworth and Franziska, closed.

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[So far, Edgeworth made it up to the staircase of the fiftieth floor, having hidden on one of the floors or plastered himself against the wall every time he spotted a plague doctor. If they spotted him, he would have to defend himself but he would make sure that he wouldn't kill them.

He can be seen coming off the 50th floor and onto the staircase. Bother him, Franziska?]
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Edgeworth and Franziska, closed.

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[Franziska had found a nearby hiding place on the fiftieth floor; it was taking every bit of self restraint that she had to not directly attack the plague doctors.]

[But, she does relax the tiniest bit when she sees Edgeworth; given how dangerous the Tower's been the last few days, she had been worried for her foster-brother's safety. Only the tiniest bit. Not that she's letting it show, of course.]

Really, brother? I had thought even you wouldn't be this foolish.

[A supply run by yourself? With no means to defend yourself. Really? :|]
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[He turns his head, spotting Franziska and breathing a small sigh of relief since he's less tsun than Franziska is. Still tsun but less so. Anyway, he chuckles.]

Really, Franziska, you should know me better than that. [And he holds his spear up for her to see. Then he becomes more serious.] I don't suppose that whip is real, is it?

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Running supplies

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Shion has thrown himself into this job as best he can. He has improved a lot about himself thanks to Reno and his fitness is one of them.

So he has been running supplies all day, darting from shadow to shadow avoiding the plague doctors. If he sees anyone who might need help though, he will go over and try to assist.
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Supply Station

[Dani's just finished her first run of supplies from the 2nd floor to the 101st. And it's currently left her wiped. She sits, slumped, with her back to a wall.]

Whew... Walking... is so much harder...

[Let people think she's talking about the elevator.]


[Okay, she's not sure how much she can handle that. That was awful and exhausting and she doesn't want to do it more than once.

Instead, on the way down, she keeps an eye out for others going up. And if anybody seems to be having a spot of trouble with the whole "stealth" thing, well... she'll give them a helping hand, waving at the plague doctor (or doctors) chasing them.]

Hey, losers! Over here!
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supply station

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Are you alright there miss? [Have a small person looking down at you in concern.] Those monsters didn't get you did they?
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Capell knew that he would be no use on supply runs, though he was a little confused. Apparantly the only people the monsters did not attack were those with orange collars, those who were without powers.

But Capell was an unblessed, he had no power at all and yet his collar was green. Still he stayed in the infirmary, helping to organise the supplies as they came in. Leaving the injuries to people who knew better than him to deal with.