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A Soul for a Soul

Characters: open
Setting: all around the Tower on the 14th
Format: any
Summary: There's something interesting on floor forty-three...
Warnings: Animus horror event warnings
Note: The bear has been found.

The note might be familiar by now: "A bear stole my heart. Will you find it for me?" What's unusual is that this isn't attached to anyone. Instead, it's attached to the inner wall of cell 037 on floor forty-three. A red Valentine's Day heart, painted in blood, is scrawled above the note on the wall.

Will you search for the bear?
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Searching Floor 21

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Enoch has a heart mark of his own, and it's a good thing he won't notice it, because it's the exact shade of red as Lucifel's eyes, and he does not want to be reminded of him right now. That's why he's here in the first place, after all, trying to find a floor the others wouldn't think to find him on. He peers at the note, and then steps back to take another look at the number of the cell. He looks back at the note.

"You too? You deserve that, you man-eating witch," he mutters under his breath as he steps inside the cell again to inspect the color. (Pity is, indeed, its own sort of love don't make me link the prototype trailer with a visual play on "love your enemy" okay.)

But even with his pity turned to disgust (on top of what was already there), he still has his conscience intact. He can't turn away from this. So he remembers it was truly blood, and he turns to descend the stairs to begin his search. Neither of the levels below this one seem places it would be possible to hide a bear, so he takes the elevator down to the closed restaurant instead and begins inspecting it, looking under tables and even going into the kitchens if he can get back there.
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Moving on to Floor 22

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When Enoch is sure it isn't here, he moves up to the next floor and wanders among the paintings, scowling at any portraits of those he cares about and damn near ripping one of Lucifel off the wall. He restrains himself, though, keeping himself focused on his task. He may be angry, but tearing up artwork won't solve anything. He just refuses to look directly at it or any others as he continues wandering the gallery.

Floor 24

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Floor 25

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Floor 26

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Floor 27

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Floor 28

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Floor 29

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starting on floor 44

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Romeo generally looked into floor forty three when he was paroling, to make sure no one had accidentally got locked in the jail, or been locked in there by others. He blinks at the note, he had see heart marks on a few people as he walked around the tower, but the idea that a bear had stolen someone's heart...

He remembered the bears that had killed everyone, it had been a long time ago but it had been very scary. He nodded, decided, because if whoever this was had lost their heart then he would help them find it.

The next floor was a strange one, and made Romeo's head go funny but he made himself jump off the staircase and look around, it was open at least which should make searching quick.
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Floor 56

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[Never did she think she would hold so much contempt for a children's toy.

It's while she's searching for the bears of her friends and loved ones that she finds the strange note on the forty-third floor, and the meaning of its placement is not lost on her. Does Ruana even have a heart with which to play this game, she wonders idly, a more naturally born anger burning within her own as she continues her search.

But the odd note out is not entirely dismissed as she passes the haunted hospital ward, memories of the outsiders that appeared there a year ago and the glimpses they've seen of Ruana's past coming to the forefront of her mind. It would be an appropriately dramatic place for the missing bear, wouldn't it, and Ruana certainly loves her drama.

Dagger in hand, she wanders the halls of the hospital, squinting into the darkness she oh-so-wishes she could banish with her magic right about now.]
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Floor 57

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[She ascends, then; at this point she's closer to the elevator stop on floor sixty-one, and there's only so long her faded energy will hold out. Still, she's searching for more than just Ruana's bear, so even this floor with it's heavy blanket of pink snow will get at least a quick look over.

She still doesn't get what this floor is supposed to be for.]

Floor 58

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Floor 59

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Floor 60

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Floor 101

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Floor 100

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[Diarmuid is getting tired of seeing the note at this point considering how many of his friends and family seem affected, though, what he finds on floor 43 does give him pause. Surely, this is just another trick of hers, another part of the game.

Whose heart did she steal to use as her own, he can't help but wonder. It's a dark thought, but it is Ruana. Nothing is too cruel or sadistic for her.

Without his enhanced speed--Diarmuid's powers still haven't completely returned after changing his fluid out--he has to think about what floors he wants to focus on. The more dangerous ones are out. He's not strong enough, at the moment. As he leaves floor 43, it strikes him that floor 100 might be a good place to hide things, especially since the illusions change for every person and it would be very easy for a bear to hide 'behind' the illusions.

He nods to himself and makes his way to the elevator so he can ride it up to the nearest floor to floor 100. Once on the floor, he takes a moment to focus on the illusion that is so familiar and comforting to him, before making his way out to the outer limits, slowly trying to find the walls so he can work his way along them. The glamour has been glitching on and off, so hopefully, he will get some helpful glitches to make things go a little quicker.

It will take patience, but since it's for his friends, Diarmuid doesn't care.]
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Floor 99

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[There are bittersweet memories on floor 99 and Diarmuid has to force himself not to focus on them or the beautiful crystals too closely as he searches. It won't do for him to be distracted by memories or beauty if he finds what he is looking for.

As he passes through the floor, though, he cannot help but gather a few loose crystals to take back with him. They have their uses, after all, and once this mess is over, there is still a holiday to celebrate.

If anyone feels like celebrating anything that is.]

Floor 96

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Floor 95

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Floor 53

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He has no powers himself. But that doesn't mean he can't help out, right? Doing a favor for Ruana, especially what had happened to him in June, seems like a mistake.

But he can't help but feel like something terrible might happen if they're unsuccessful. He'd already seen so much violence in this place, and the "food" that they've been given this month...

For the people in this tower- for Zelda, for Wriggle, for Rick, he'll do this. He'll do it for for Emma, too.
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Floor 51

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Knowing the dangers of Floor 52, he takes a chance at skipping it. There's no way that Ruana could have put the bear in a room full of playing cards, right? So he heads into the sewing room, looking for anything that appears conspicuous.
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Floor 17

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[After Ion saw the message on the wall on floor 43 while he was working his security job, he decided he might as well lend a hand in looking for the bear that the note was referring to. He, of course, doesn't trust Ruana or her games, but knows well enough at this point there's little point to trying to escape her plans once she's set them.

Considering others have probably already searched the nearby area, Ion decides to go down to the lower floors and start searching there. It's tempting to skip over floor 17, knowing what it holds...but well, he'd rather search it than subject others to the unpleasantness. Ion steels himself, takes a deep breath, and steps off to begin his search in the floor, hoping that he can scour it quickly and move on, get it out of the way.]
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Floor 16

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[And thank goodness. Ion quickly moves on to the next floor. Of course, the floor not actually existing completely, he sticks to searching here he can around the staircase. Perhaps this is a stroke of good fortune, given he's still a bit dizzy and shaken from the noise of the seventeenth floor.]

Floor 15

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Floor 14

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Floor 61

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[While Xion has no particular feelings either way or the other towards whoever placed the note on Floor 43, she's already searching for the bears belonging to her friends and family. Surely adding one more to the list can't hurt, right?

Her first stop is floor 61, straight from the elevator. This isn't a floor she normally visits, and she steps cautiously as she pushes her way through the grass. Doing her best to ignore the staring.

She doesn't search this floor as thoroughly as she could perhaps, only going through the grass in a maybe twenty foot radius around the stairway]
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Floor 62

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[Floor 62 is her next stop predictably. She searches this floor high and low, though she doesn't go into the water further than wading distance.

She'll pick up some shells too while she's at it, purely out of habit, but details.]